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Birthday: August 22, 1977
Location: San Jose, CA

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Total Entries: 456
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Poker Blog for DeDobber

January 2007 Log Entries

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January 30, 2007, 4AM: Played 3 hours, 30 minutes, Lost $120.00 at Bay 101
$100 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (12th out of 83 Players)

Almost got healthy enough to make the final table.  Last two hands, UTG look at A8o -- it holds up against K3h.  Next hand BB look at 55, gets beat by 67s.  Could have probably limped into the money after doubling up with the A8o, but I made the right call.
Again: played well but did not get paid for it.  Hit a nice rush with AA, AJ, and JJ to bust three players.  More interesting were the mistakes:
Early in the tournament I got lucky getting way over-committed to A2o on the button.  I make it 3x BB to go and BB calls me.  Flop is XXX, two spades, so I fire again for 3x BB, turn is not a spade so I fire again for 5x BB.  Now I've only got about 7x BB left.  River is a blank, no spade, and the BB folds to me before I can even shove my chips in.  Thing is: I was pissed at myself for playing that hand that way, and wasn't sure whether to check the river or not.  In the end, I was going to move all-in.  On this hand I showed Jesse what I had and everyone got all pissy about it.  What's the big deal? When is it Ok to show cards.
Later in the tournament, smooth call a raise (2x BB) with AKo, BB also calls.  Flop is 7XX, BB goes all-in for another 3x BB and I call.  He rolls over 77.  Should have known to fold, but I had this voice in my ear telling me he went all-in with AQ two hands earlier.
Next mistake was a big one.  In SB with TT, folds around to me, and I double the BB.  BB calls, flop is XXQ, check, bet, muck.  Should have smooth called the BB and mucked when I missed.  Either that or continuation-bet the flop (preferably after having already made a bigger raise than 2x BB), but I think the conservative play would have been best.

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January 20, 2007, 12AM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Lost $200.00 at Garden City
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

I played well.  I can't think of any hands where I donked off chips.  I think I just lost some hands I was ahead in.  Last three hands I got involved in were:
23d flop a flush, 4th diamond hits river odds
44 flop set, beat by runner-runner gutshot straight odds
AA flop QXX, up against KK and QJ, turn is Q odds
I mean, I'm only *way* ahead in one of those, but I would have liked to drag at least one of them.  I also got chopped twice (two people dealt same two cards).
When I first sat down I felt very good about the table I was at.  Felt like I had a good read on many of the players -- lots of loose-passives, and the only decent players were the two on my right.  Those guys got up pretty quick, though, and the table got a little trickier.  I did not have as good a feel at the end.
I feel like I'm getting better.  Never panicked and got way loose or super-passive (or both) like I have done when down.  Don't feel like I leaked too many chips.  I may have been having trouble playing medium pairs this time.  I need to muck when the overcard hits, or even muck if I have top pair to start, counting on the overcard to hit.  But I'm ahead in that situation...??? Maybe I just got unlucky, or just need to know the other players at the table better.  Also had a hard time with Ace-rag -- laid it down most of the time.  Played a couple A8o...not sure if that is a good idea.
Only disappointing thing is I'd like to be rewarded when I play well, since it happens so rarely.

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January 16, 2007, 12AM: Played 1 hour, 10 minutes, Lost $199.00 at Garden City
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

Played like a donkey from the start.  Started firing away with QJo like three hands in.  So basically I donked off half my rack in the first 7 minutes.
Now, when I sit at the table, I'm a donkey, but when my stack is small, I get even worse (I go from loose and semi-aggressive to loose and super passive).  Was down to the table within a half an hour, but picked up QQ and went all-in to get back to $80.  Donked around with that for another 45 mins until I went out on ATh (vs AK).
Some epic bad plays:
Pick up 89h, flop is 57J, 2 clubs.  I bet out my open-ender, and am called by a loose player who plays any two cards.  Turn is Tc to make my straight and a flush possibility.  I...CHECK.  He bets, I call.  River is a fourth club of course, so I...CHECK.  He bets, I fold, he shows AKh.
Another hand I get AKo and raise.  Flop is 468, I bet, get two callers.  Turn is a 3, I...CHECK, and give everyone a free card.  River is a J, and, of course, someone rolls over QJo.
There were more...I'm surprised I lasted more than an hour.  I did not have a very good read on this table at all.  That, combined with a low stack and starting off so badly (with two bluffs getting called down) made me super tentative and unsure of myself.

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January 6, 2007, 2AM: Played 2 hours, Made $347.00 at Garden City
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

Yes, that's right: a win.  Took a page out of DeiYuo's book.  That is: figured I'd grab dinner at Garden City on the way home.  While I'm at it, sit at 6/12 table (no list at 11:30pm on Friday night, I was shocked -- except that 3/6 and 2/4 were like 20 deep).
Lots of calling stations at the table, so I fit right in.  Why did I win? Don't know.  Wasn't playing quality cards (K2h, J2h, 22, Q6h were some of my winners).  Wasn't sucking out, but all the pots were nice and juicy, and maybe I did not leak all that much.  Every time I win, I chalk it up to "getting cards".  I need to figure out why I win sometimes.  I *do* think I had a good read on many of the players at the table.  5 would play ATC and then get aggressive on turn.  One played quality hands very passively, so you generally knew what you were up against.  The rest? Whatever.
Was having all the ATC players on my left a good thing?
Do good-looking dealers get less tips?

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