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Birthday: November 18, 1984
Location: New York

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Total Entries: 9
Total Won/Lost: -$1,774.20
Total Hours: 42
Earnings/Hour: -$42.24
Biggest Win: $375.00
Biggest Loss: -$1,900.00


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January 6, 2008, 6PM: at Stars, Full Tilt, Absolute, Cake, etc.
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

Warning: Long Post (comments welcome)
Well after a very long time not posting, I figured I would throw out an update. It is really a brag, so take it as that. After graduation and getting married - money was pressed. I had busted my UB account, but luckily I had a shitty rakeback deal that was paying me about 3 weeks late each month. I think I had something like $50 bucks in there, so I decided to do something completely out of character and play .05/.10NL. I played around 15K hands at that limit at UB running around 10ptbb/100.
A lot of times you hear people say that lower limits are unbeatable. I totally disagree. Both $10NL and $25NL were very easy. It was a grind and not very fun - but it wasn't difficult or impossible. Winning at those stakes involves playing a lot of hands in position. Cutting down on raising marginal hands and learning to value bet without bluffing hardly ever will easily allow a decent player to win at these levels.
After I reached a bit over $500 I began to take some shots at $50NL. I won a few buy-ins almost immediately and decided to take a couple buy-in shot up at $100NL. Fortunately for me, this shot went very well. I almost immediately went on a 10BI upswing when I took the shot and the level just stuck. In fact, I don't think I ever had any sort of substantial (3-4 buyins) downswing at $100NL.
Once I started taking shots at 1/2NL though, things were not as smooth. I remember my first shot was a 6.5 buying downswing. That hurt and it took a long while to break out of that. Then finally, last month I made the move up to $200NL permanently and have been taking shots at the higher games if I see a really soft spot.
Right now, I have a booked a couple 4 figure days in a row and the BR is looking pretty healthy. Right now, I decided to take a little change of pace and enter the Sunday Million on Poker Stars. My wife is not currently able to be stationed with me at the same spot - so I have had a lot of time to play poker when I am not working. I will try to post some graphs when I get a chance.
As for right now and what I am focusing on in my game - there is so much. It seems like no matter how much I play, I keep learning more and more. Mostly, I get a lot better feeling for the types of plays people make and for the first time in a long time, I have actually begun to be able to make some very carefully planned moves and bluffs. One thing that I have really enjoyed is the deep stacked 200bb games on Absolute Poker. It is really a totally different game. Plus, I don't think the regs there are nearly as strong as the ones on PStars.
Anyways, that is probably enough right now. Hopefully this motivates somebody to do better than they are right now. Trust me, if I can go from playing high stakes live cash games to .05/.1 NL micro stakes, anyone can do it.

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June 8, 2007, 11AM: Made $375.00 at Back Home in Indiana
$0.25 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Well, I am sure if anyone was following this blog to begin with, they stopped some time ago when I quit updating. The updates stopped for a few reasons. Sometime, when I have more time, I plan to write out the whole story. The cliff notes version is: I just graduated from West Point and there was a recent large gambling investigation and subsequent crackdown on poker in all forms in the barracks that I was involved with (as well as approximately 50 other cadets) that convinced me it was a good idea to put poker on hold for a couple months if I wanted to graduate. If I write the story out, I am sure it will be amusing to read for at least a few people. One funny result of the gambling investigation is that I literally told my parents not to send out graduation announcements until I knew I was in the clear 100%. They sent them out on May 26th, the day I graduated. Thats how unsure I was.
Anyway, after graduation I came home to find about $75 in my Ultimate Bet account from rakeback. Sick and tired of losing money in a game I knew I could beat, I told myself I would play .1/.25 until I had at least $500 in the account. Right now I am sitting somewhere between 450-500. I have ran pretty well at around 12 ptbb/100 over around five thousand hands. I am avoiding heads up play (with a few breakdowns) and sticking to the limits I am rolled for (at least partially).
In case none of this excites you, why don't you check out Brian Townsend's recent entries. He just took out almost $2 million from one of the biggest cash games to be played yesterday. Blinds were 1k/2k/4k (4k straddle).

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April 12, 2007, 8AM:

Well, I spoke too soon last night. I lost about $100 playing $.5/1nl and another $100 in tourneys (won 1/5 - bubbled twice after being chip leader). Also, I did some sorting on poker tracker to see if I could gather any lessons learned from this disaster. Interesting results here:
Well fuck me then, I guess I will just have to hold on on depositing any more money for a while. I should be getting about $150 back next month from Rakeback. Not sure if I should even waste my time with it or just cash it out until I can really fund my account.  I realized that it was tough for me at times to play so low. Although at 6-max I was making a profit, I think my biggest leaks were calling down light too often and bluffing in some wrong spots. I know a lot of my bluffs would likely work in a tougher game, but not so much at the lower levels.
In other words, I learned 3 lessons from this attempt.
1) Don't play HU - you suck at it.
2) Don't bluff against someone - especially not if you don't have a history with the person.
3) Wait until you can pour some meaningful money into poker again and then go about it with 100% seriousness and effort.

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April 11, 2007, 12PM:
Still here... just a little beat down.

Well, I needed a good week or so off poker. Of course, it didn't hurt that I was so sick I couldn't even walk last week. Went back home for Easter, got to see the Fiance and parents, was really nice. +50 Rakeback +100 donking around, still got some life left. Nowhere near my original deposit of $600 though. I also have another $100 in rakeback for this month so far. I guess I will just donk a lil today/tonight and then eventually get back to multi-tabling. I am going to bump down from 6 to 4 tables and work it at $50nl. More later...

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April 4, 2007, 5PM: Played 3 hours, Lost $300.00 at Ultimate Bet
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I am getting so freaking sick and tired or this. I have been playing a solid game and just taking rediculous beats over the past week. I feel like shit today and have been puking my brains out... It doesn't help that I lose a rediculous amount of money either. The worst beat of the day was AA vs 10-7 all-in preflop for a $300 pot... Two 10's hit the board and I laugh. Same guy a couple orbits later (he has been doing this all evening) calls my 4 bet with KK for most of his stack... Flop comes 9 high, I push, he calls and shows 99.
I am back down to like $200 of the $600 I started with. I am so confused as to why I can't catch a break lately. I dunno what to do now. Part of me wants to throw the 200 at a 1/2 table with the hopes of running well for a change. And the other part of me wants to drop back to .1/.25 and do what I told myself I would. It just isn't easy at all.
I have lost 4 stacks today on flush-draws on the flop. My W$SD must be around 5%... its so frustrating.

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April 3, 2007, 2PM: at Ultimate Bet
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

God damn - my session was going really fucking well this afternoon until literally these 3 hands happened almost simulaneously across 3 tables... Someone needs to get a hand converter together for this forum or allow html to be posted...
RebelMisclick is at seat 0 with $97.
All-in-Ohio is at seat 1 with $18.80.
granum3 is at seat 2 with $45.55.
wondlof is at seat 3 with $50.
oscarlee is at seat 4 with $151.90.
MYDAYJOB is at seat 5 with $72.10.
The button is at seat 5.
RebelMisclick posts the small blind of $.25.
All-in-Ohio posts the big blind of $.50.
RebelMisclick: Ks Ad
All-in-Ohio: -- --
granum3: -- --
wondlof: -- --
oscarlee: -- --
granum3 calls.  wondlof folds.  oscarlee raises to
$2.25.  MYDAYJOB folds.  RebelMisclick re-raises to
$7.75.  All-in-Ohio folds.  granum3 folds.  oscarlee
Flop (board: 9d Jh As):
RebelMisclick bets $10.  oscarlee raises to $46.50.
RebelMisclick goes all-in for $89.25.  oscarlee calls.
Turn (board: 9d Jh As Ts):
(no action in this round)
River (board: 9d Jh As Ts 7c):
(no action in this round)
RebelMisclick shows Ks Ad.
RebelMisclick has Ks Ad Jh As Ts: a pair of aces.
oscarlee shows 8s Js.
oscarlee has 8s Js 9d Ts 7c: straight, jack high.
Hand #40567964-35062 Summary:
$3 is raked from a pot of $195.
oscarlee wins $192 with straight, jack high.
Hand #40567982-28285 at Berwyn (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 03/Apr/07 17:27:23
Tpmiggs12 is at seat 0 with $24.40.
Ace 0f Spades is at seat 1 with $52.50.
dyne31 is at seat 2 with $54.10.
TheScioto is at seat 3 with $64.55.
LOCK_STOCK is at seat 4 with $63.10.
RebelMisclick is at seat 5 with $94.80.
The button is at seat 3.
LOCK_STOCK posts the small blind of $.25.
RebelMisclick posts the big blind of $.50.
Tpmiggs12: -- --
Ace 0f Spades: -- --
dyne31: -- --
TheScioto: -- --
RebelMisclick: 9s As
Tpmiggs12 raises to $1.  Ace 0f Spades folds.  dyne31
calls.  TheScioto folds.  LOCK_STOCK calls.
RebelMisclick calls.
Flop (board: 6s 2s 8s):
LOCK_STOCK bets $1.  RebelMisclick calls.  Tpmiggs12
calls.  dyne31 folds.
Turn (board: 6s 2s 8s Qd):
LOCK_STOCK bets $4.  RebelMisclick calls.  Tpmiggs12
River (board: 6s 2s 8s Qd 8h):
LOCK_STOCK bets $10.  RebelMisclick raises to $25.
Tpmiggs12 folds.  LOCK_STOCK goes all-in for $57.10.
RebelMisclick calls.
LOCK_STOCK shows 8c Qs.
LOCK_STOCK has 8c Qs 8s Qd 8h: full house, eights full of queens.
RebelMisclick mucks cards.
(RebelMisclick has 9s As.)
Hand #40567982-28285 Summary:
$3 is raked from a pot of $133.20.
LOCK_STOCK wins $130.20 with full house, eights full of queens.
Less money involved in this one... but it was the fucking icing on the cake...
Hand #40568006-28512 at Mattoon (No Limit Hold'em)
Started at 03/Apr/07 17:28:25
mrIncident is at seat 0 with $23.70.
420Mental is at seat 1 with $72.95 (sitting out).
neaker is at seat 2 with $65.55.
RebelMisclick is at seat 3 with $88.65.
gironella is at seat 4 with $76.60.
Foxy_Lady_UB is at seat 5 with $54.20.
The button is at seat 0.
neaker posts the small blind of $.25.
RebelMisclick posts the big blind of $.50.
mrIncident: -- --
neaker: -- --
RebelMisclick: Ks Ah
gironella: -- --
Foxy_Lady_UB: -- --
gironella folds.  Foxy_Lady_UB folds.  mrIncident
raises to $1.75.  neaker folds.  RebelMisclick
re-raises to $5.50.  mrIncident goes all-in for
$23.70.  RebelMisclick calls.
Flop (board: 3d Tc Qc):
(no action in this round)
Turn (board: 3d Tc Qc 6s):
(no action in this round)
River (board: 3d Tc Qc 6s 7c):
(no action in this round)
mrIncident shows 7d Ad.
mrIncident has 7d Ad Tc Qc 7c: a pair of sevens.
RebelMisclick mucks cards.
(RebelMisclick has Ks Ah.)
Hand #40568006-28512 Summary:
$2 is raked from a pot of $47.65.
mrIncident wins $45.65 with a pair of sevens.
Here is the graph from this afternoon:

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April 2, 2007, 11AM: Played 2 hours, Made $200.00 at Ultimate Bet
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Finally, back in the green. I don't know for sure if my poker tracker is getting all of my hands. I don't think it is because it is still saying I am down $94, but I know for a fact my account is UP $34 from my deposit. The only way that poker tracker isn't messing up is if I got $150 in rakeback over this weekend. I think I would have noticed that during any given session and when I went on a huge heater last night after my last post, I don't think it graphed all of my buy-ins.
Deiyuo or anyone else - do you know if on my Ultimate Bet account under transaction history if it would list my rakeback payment? There is nothing on it about such a payment - so I am going to lean towards a malfuction in Poker Tracker and hope that I have another $150 coming to me in rakeback soon.
***EDIT*** OH SHIT, I almost forgot to mention this...
Snapple Iced Tea is the most disgusting thing I have ever drank in my life. If there was any more sugar in the bottle, I would have gone into a coma (no, I am not diabetic).
Arizona Diet Green Tea w/ Ginseng FTW!

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April 1, 2007, 4PM: Played 10 hours, Made $250.00 at Ultimate Bet
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Well, I did the one thing I never thought I would be able to do. After taking a hit to the bankroll, I moved DOWN in stakes. Oh god it was boring, but I am kinda proud of myself for showing a little self-control for once. I started after I posted my last entry and you can see from the graph and stats how it ended up. For some reason, my PT database missed about $50 in profit. If any of you have ever used Poker Tracker with Ultimate Bet by using Ultimate History - you will know that it is easy to miss hands. I would have been up an extra $75 on the weekend if a major fish hadn't kept me at the tables tonight about an hour and a half longer than I wanted to. I was on his left at 4 tables and on one we both had over 300BB, so as you can imagine I wasn't going anywhere. We tangled on one perticularly big hand when my nut straight hit his back door flush for a big pot. Oh well, he got lucky, and I am pretty sure, he was going all in with 1 pair on the river even if the flush didn't come. Next time. I will keep this thing updated and hopefully I can punch out another $150 in the next couple days and get back in the green overall online.

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March 31, 2007, 7PM: Played 5 hours, Lost $400.00 at Ultimate Bet
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em
I am pretty pissed and almost speechless... Some was probably tilt, but damn, this is a toughie as I start. I just couldn't get going for the first 5500 hands at all. I guess the only problem with discipline that I had was not stopping .25/.50 when I had $300 left in my account. After I dropped the first $200, I also started playing some short handed and HU, which didn't go well (one guy hit quads twice on me in 30 minutes when I had a big hand). I still believe in myself, but this is a major kick in the balls (right click and see the image's name).
Down to .10/.25... trying to keep a good attitude.
Maybe I will full ring this shit and nit it up...

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March 31, 2007, 12AM: Played 8 hours, Made $0.80 at Ultimate Bet
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Absolutely horrible session. I think my favorite was my AK losing to 10-6s all in pre-flop... I 6-tabled though and feel like if I run remotely hot, I will be fine in the future. I am going to get some good sleep now and then get stuff updated tomorrow. I also need to learn how to get UB hand histories imported correctly into Poker Tracker. I used to be able to do it without a problem, but I am getting an error today.
Instead of being down $220 like previously mentioned, I pulled a late night rally and dug myself out of the little hole I created earlier in the night (only 4-tabling this time). Not a bad feeling, but considering I made 10 cents an hour, tomorrow better go smoother.
Stats for tonight:

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