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June 2010 (4)

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June 26, 2010, 10AM:
Great day; took down three tournaments!

Definitely my biggest success so far.
I started off with around $40 and managed to build it up at PLO. After a few hours, I started to tilt and entered a few tournaments, one of which was a $5.50r PLO. After losing the rest of my tournaments and money, I was left with only the PLO tournament, but managed to take first place for around $230.
From there the day got better and better. I decided to enter the $10.50 HU Knockout tournament and took down 1st place in that too. I think I got around $220, plus all the $5 bounties.
 A few other $10.50 HU Knockout tournaments I profited in although didn't make the money (just profited from bounties)
 I then entered the $10.20 H-Turbo HU tournament and got 1st place for a little over $1,000.
My Heads Up game has improved alot lately, and I've started entering the medium SnG's.
I managed to overcome my degenerate mode and actually withdrew!
Hopefully my success will continue, and good luck to all of you!

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June 11, 2010, 2PM: Played 1 hour, 54 minutes, Lost $11.00 at PokerStars
$10 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (1,538th out of 4891 Players)

Started off as I normally do in tournaments; folding almost every hand.
Hand #23
I call a 5xBB raise with 77. Flop is 66A, so I'm not too happy.. when he bets the flop, I decide to peel off another card, turn: K. He bets very low so I call again. When the river comes a Q, he only bets 160 into a large pot so I put him on 88-JJ and raised to 1160 and he folded.
Hand #29.
I have AJ on small blind. Someone in EP raises to 150 and there are 2 callers, so I limp in.
Pot 650. Qh10c4h
I check, original raiser bets 300. 2 folds, I call.
Pot 1250. Qh10c4hAs
I check, guy bets 600, I re-raise all-in for 2260 and he calls. He has 1010.
(I'm left with 1105)
Hand #42
There's a min-raise UTG and I insta-ship all-in with AK. It's folded round to raiser who calls with A10. I hold and go up to 2390. (Put a note on player saying he'll call light)
Hand #48
There's a 4xBB raise and a call by player in hand #42, I have KK so shove OTT taking the note into consideration.
As expected, initial raiser folds and noted player calls all-in with 6c7c.
Nice 3QK4Q board gives me it. (3990 chips)
Hand #55
I'm BB with A5. 3 limpers, I check
Flop: AQ8. Everone checks
Turn: AQ8A. Check, I bet half-pot. One caller
River AQ8AQ. I put him on Qx, so decide to over-bet to try to get paid off as a bluff- bet 960 into 640. Opponent calls and shows QJ.  (5230 chips)
Break (5230 chips)
..really uninteresting 25 minutes after the break..
Hand #88
What can I say, I got bored and did a stupid play. Was really unlucky the way the flop was, but still.. BAH. (1786 chips - 12BB FML)
..Winning a few small pots certainly helps. 21BB stack..
I'm at a lowstack table. Tour. Avg is around 9k and my table avg is around 5.5k. Lots of limps and min-raises.
Nothing happening at all - down to 10BB with $125/$250 30ante (Hand #125)
83... J2... Q3...
Ship with 77. Called by JJ.
On the whole I played okay. I tried to bluff in spots that looked good but turned out bad.

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June 11, 2010, 11AM:
First session since joining

Okay, so today I played my first poker session since joining and it was successful!
I started off with 210FPP and entered a Sunday 1/4M qualifier and placed in top 6. With the $11, I decided to enter a few $1.75 w/18 players. I started off okay, and felt I was running decent compared to my latest form. I made a good call-down with A-high (much to my opponents disgust).  Another tournament I raised big with AK and laid it down when it was raised then called - they had AA and 1010.
At the end of my session, I started running really bad at the worst times; some times I was just in the money and doing well before the bad luck, and others I was just outside the money. Anyway, I decided to stop and ended +$23.69.  I'm kinda wanting to finish 100 games by Sunday 'cause I think I have a chance of making the Battle of the Planets Leaderboard (although the bad run at the end may've dented my chances)
Played a very long session multi-tabling the microstakes.
Happy with performance. 

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June 10, 2010, 7AM:

Hello, I'm new here and just thought I'd introduce myself before complaining about all my badbeats. ;)
I've been playing poker now for around 3 years with varying success. To begin with, I was too young so would enter freerolls etc which didn't lead to anything. At the age of 18 I joined PokerStars and did relatively well, although not knowing too much about poker and bankroll management, I blew my whole roll in less time than it took to build it - and that's really been the story of my whole poker life.
My tournament results have been good overall, both at the casino and online (only have to be 18 to play live in the UK, woo!) but I'm a big fish at cash games; something I've been trying to improve upon for a while now - and probably why I always result in going broke.
Anyway, I feel I have a decent knowledge of the game and skills and motivation to make it big as a poker pro, but right now I have no bankroll and waiting to start my new job, so it may take a while.
This will probably be one of very few "life-related" posts, as I'm sure most of you just want to hear about poker. I feel keeping a journal of my progression will both help keep me from tilting, but also let others see what it's like in someone else's shoes - the ups and downs of poker.
That's all for now. Good luck at the tables!

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