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Poker Blog for WhatsNew

March 2006 Log Entries

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March 20, 2006, 2AM:
Poker Glossary

One of my favorite things about poker has always been the lingo.  That's why I added a glossary.  Every damn site in the world has one, but as with everything else on this site, the Online Poker Log Glossary will be driven by the users.
As with everything else I add to this site, there's about 20 things I *wish* I could put in there (cross-linking definitions, allowing for designation of synonyms, auto-hilighting glossary words in others' blog name a few), but I think I have enough to make it interesting.  At the very least I hope that people will be able to use it to figure out what others are saying.
I myself have no clue what the "cutoff" is...and the abbreviations I've seen so far make my head spin.  Hopefully it will get easier with this glossary.

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March 6, 2006, 2AM:
Hand Histories

Hand histories work now.  If you upload your Party Poker HandHistory directory (as a zipfile), the site will chop up those histories into "sessions", which can be "attached" to your blog entries.  All this is found in the "Manage Hand Histories" link off of your main Poker Log page.
I uploaded a bunch of mine (all losses) and attached them to the DeDobber blog.  Check it out.
There are a couple greyed-out "actions" for the uploaded sessions.  "new" will eventually take you to the Add Entry page and will automatically attach those hands to the new entry.  I sort of don't want to half-ass this, so I'll wait to work on this until I have time to extract location, hours, time, gain, game, etc. from the hands to help you create the entry.  The other is called "split", and is more important.  This is for when the site has a problem grouping your hands and you want to attach part of a group to one session and part to another.  Again: just takes time -- hopefully I'll get to it someday.
One thing to note: The site will replace the online name in the hand with your username.
I have a feeling that as soon as I get this feature all cleaned up, most people will be interested in privacy features, then online hand analysis does it feel to want?

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March 4, 2006, 11PM:
Online Play and New Reports Added

Many people were requesting a very basic breakdown of reports, so I have scaled back my ambition and given people what they want.  I realized after all the planning, I forgot to put a checkbox on the site for distinguishing beteween online and live play.  So that was the first thing I added.  You will notice it next to "Location" when you add an entry.
As for the reports, they can be found by clicking the "more stats" link under "ALL-TIME STATS".  You will get a breakdown of online vs. live, tournament vs. cash game, and bonus (if you track that).
Enjoy the new feature...hand histories will be able to be attached to sessions any day now...

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