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Birthday: Prefer not to say
Location: Austin Texas

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Total Entries: 309
Total Won/Lost: $2,540.66
Total Hours: 318
Earnings/Hour: $7.98
Biggest Win: $380.00
Biggest Loss: -$140.00


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Poker Blog for aceofaustin

January 2015 Log Entries

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January 17, 2015, 2AM: Played 1 hour, Made $6,486.00 at Poker Stars Net
$1,000 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (20th out of 924 Players) (Play Money)

Almost won got caught with customers and I had just won 156,000 chips then caught AQ and went all in, srarted BB 12,000, tournament chip leader called and sucked out two pair. Out in 20th

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January 14, 2015, 3AM: Played 5 hours, Made $20.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.25/0.50 Dealer's Choice

Such bullshit once again. I took everyone out very early with in an hour. I should had cashed and went home. Instead I wanted to continue playing so I gave out 3 loans one to Paul $30 one to Danny's $20 one to Anton $20. Somehow I lost an Omaha hand $3 bet pre flop 6 callers. I had Ah 9h Kc Jc, flop was 10h Qh 7c. I raised $10 Paul and Jake called. Turn was 5d. I raised $12 Paul made it $20. Jake folded , I reraised all in $65 more. Paul thought he was getting cheated $3 from the pot because he took change at some point. He got made and called he was holding 10d 5s 7s 3s. He had me covered. He would had folded easily but was being a donk. He also won later hands with 6 3 , 5 2 , J 7 all unsuited and he raised every time pre flop. My brother sucks at picking starting hands , but gets so fucking lucky. He plays good otherwise. At some point I was up $280. But ended up losing 4 or 5 big hands before cash out time expired. Bought in for $30 ended up with $50

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January 12, 2015, 5AM: Played 6 hours, Made $75.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.5/1 Mixed Games

Longer game than usual. Paul cashed $100+ , I cashed $100 Danny cashed with $50. It was Omar Danny Paul Matt Jake Anton and Myself. I played steady.

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January 9, 2015, 1AM: Played 2 hours, Made $6,949.00 at Poker Stars Net
$1,000 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (8th out of 495 Players) (Play Money)

Made one bad move

Last Update: January 10, 2015, 9:10AM | Permalink

January 9, 2015, 1AM: Played 1 hour, Lost $10.00 at Thomas's Home Game
$0.25/0.50 Dealer's Choice

Thomas , Weddo ,Mike ,Anton , Paul , Myself , I fucked em all up Anton started catching cards about the same time I was going to put the game out of its misery , u had chip stack $100+ and Anton won the next Five hands heads up , I finished with $10 in my stack after the last five hands , bullshit damn Anton caught lucky 3 hands with but flush , a full house and a strait to close out the night.

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January 7, 2015, 5PM: Played 1 hour, Made $6,412.00 at Poker Stars Net
$1,000 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (30th out of 1140 Players) (Play Money)

Online Play Money

Last Update: January 7, 2015, 11:28PM | Permalink

January 5, 2015, 1AM: Played 2 hours, Lost $50.00 at Mike P.'s Game
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Not a good night buy in $100 lost half at the end , caught a cooler I was up $180 then I ran into AA and KK two big hands big pots

Last Update: January 6, 2015, 1:38AM | Permalink

January 3, 2015, 5AM: Played 3 hours, Made $132.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$1 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Bad Beat Quad 3's over Quad 10's , bought in for $10. I found a new game in town guys are starting to pick up the pace , medium size games are becoming more abundant , new game is at a Hooka spot min buy is $80 max $500 , they are trying to keep it friendly. I hope to bring all my poker friends together soon for a locals tournament , maybe a big prize like wsop entry or something ...

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January 1, 2015, 1AM: Played 3 hours, Made $121.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$1 No-Limit Dealer's Choice

Happy New Year !
 I didn't feel like playing tonight. I was dragged out the house to play by my brothers Paul and Matt. tonight it was Myself , Danny , Mike , Paul , Matt , Jake , Omar and Anton in attendance. Mike busted early and left , about that time Jake and Anton showed up. I was chip leader early on. Paul took a big chunk KQ over my KJ , the pot was around $45. It left me a little short stacked. I tried to grind it out for a hour tgen lost the last of it squeezing an Ace. I rebuy once for $20. I then take back what I lost with interest in a pot a few hours later on in the game. That one went down like this. It was an Omaha game, I was delt Ad 6d Jc 7c and end up in a duel with Paul. I was second or third from BB and raised the blinds .50/$1 family pot thus far to $4 and I get two callers. I was first to act after the flop Kd Qs 8h rainbow I checked. Paul raised $5 whoever else was in the hand called the $5. I reraised to $20 Paul called and the other guy folded. The turn was a 5d. I checked Paul raised to $10 I called quickly , the river was a Qd. I shoved all in for my last $17 and Paul called he turned over a Jd 8d. I got my earlier lose revenged.

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