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Birthday: March 11, 1987
Location: Leechburg

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Total Entries: 3
Total Won/Lost: -$378.00
Total Hours: 12
Earnings/Hour: -$31.50
Biggest Loss: -$220.00


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February 2008 (3)

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February 24, 2008, 7PM: Played 4 hours, Lost $220.00 at Oklahoma Firehall
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

Not alot to mention... Made a terrible read on a super agro player and lost about half my stack. Re-bought and ran card dead. Had AQ 4 hands straight and was in against 4 players each time... couldnt even bluff at a pot. Finally busted when i flopped Trip 5's. Of course the Case 5 was checked 3 handed right before my all in shove... he out kicked me so I lost the pot.

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February 19, 2008, 12AM: Played 2 hours, Lost $120.00 at Cheswick
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

Another bad night. Not alot to talk about, didn't play all that bad, ran into a reeeal monster. Sitting with AJ suited on the button theres a 4 dollar strattle with nearly 6 players calling to me... I bump it to 25 to go total. 3rd seat and cutoff both call. Flop comes As 9c 3h... checked around to me and i bump it another 35 dollars. 3rd seat calls cutoff folds. Turn is 7c he checks again and I peal off knowing hes probably going to call even an all in with my last 35 rivers a 10c he checks i check... he shows 3c 6c for a straight... Glad i checked down cuz im fairly certain if he called the flop with a pair of 3's he was going to call an all in bet on the turn with a club draw. pretty sweet, just my luck. Crippled with about 35 dollars left I got KhQh on the bb... same guy raises ten dollars total to go, I shove my 35 in and he calls. Shows 3h4h... flop: Q 9 4 Turn: 4 rest is history.. i lose again.

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February 16, 2008, 12AM: Played 6 hours, Lost $38.00 at Vandergrift # 2 Firehall
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

Wasn't the best of nights for me.... I originally bought in for 120, played well for the first hour or so and went up to about 180 after playing tight and waiting for a couple big hands. I was at a table with a few new players and I wanted to see a few hands they were playing before duking it out with them. After about 2 hours I lost a big hand on the river. Sitting at the big blind, I raise my AJ suited to 17 dollars. I didn't want to start a huge pot so I tried betting out what I thought no one would call. 4th position calls and small blind calls another 15. Flop comes A,J,10.. not exactly the best of flops. Small blind leads out with 20 bucks, I call 4th seat folds. I tried making a read on this guy. I honestly put him on an open ended draw. Reason 1. He is very obvious with bets, pre-flop, and after the flop. He called and i knew if he had KQ he would of bet..(he bets out with any 2 face cards). Reason 2 is even if he had 2 pair or just an ace i had him beat. The only other hand I could of put him on was a set, but there were a few other players at hte table who were talking about hitting so i figured they might of had one of hits set outs. I decided to call, turn came 4, he made the same bet and i called. River card comes and its a ten. Worst card ever. He bets another 20 and im allready in the pot for 80 bucks so i call, he turns over his full house Tens full of jacks. I should of slammed him on the flop or check raised the turn. Terrible play but a loser's a loser. The only thing good i derived from that hand was a good read =). I should of followed it and re-raised though. My own fault. Ended up re-buying for another 100. Grinded it out went all in with my last 30, won a few big pots and left the hall with 185.
Also made a few good folds...first seat sitting with QQ raise it to 12 bucks, guy re-raises me to 25... folded preflop he shows KK. Later on with the same guy had AK suited bet 16 dollars in 3rd seat he re-raised it to 40. Again folded preflop he shows AA. One other fold I made i had J10 suited... flop came J,10,6.. I bet out 20 bucks, another guy shoves all his bones in, calls my 20 and makes it another 48 for me to call. I asked if he flopped a set of 6's haha. Hes a very tight player who very rarely re-raises unless he has MONSTER. i folded my J10 face up and he dropped his pocket 6's. Felt great, even though he could of probably got more money out of me. You gotta love the obvious poker players...

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