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Birthday: Prefer not to say
Location: las vegas

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Total Entries: 20
Total Won/Lost: $173.00
Total Hours: 36
Earnings/Hour: $4.81
Biggest Win: $323.00
Biggest Loss: -$324.00


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September 29, 2009, 1AM: Played 2 hours, Made $323.00 at imperial palace
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

i've found a good way to maximize value with a winning hand when playing drunks...  bet small amounts on every street.  3-bet when you think they will call, but min-raise if you think they wont. it works too if you add in some BS like "dude, come on you dont have anything, just fold already".  it puts them on the spot and threatens their ego so they call and then most likely lead out betting on the next street.  in their mind, they think of it as a $15 bet here, a $15 raise here, a $20 bet there, etc instead of $55 total. 
i caught some good cards, but i really maximized the value of them.
my implied odds test paid off tonight.  a few days ago i was debating weather or not i should call a medium-large sized preflop bet with a small pocket pair.  i figured out you should if you think your implied odds will pay off. 
monday nights after midnight arent too bad here at the imperial palace.  there was a full table, everyone was drinking, and everyone had at least $150 or $200 infront of them.  not one other local was there either, it was all tourists.
one thing i accidentally found was this...
i sat down at the table and some drunk guy asked me "are you drunk? because you need to be drunk at this table, no sober people allowed".  i told him i had a few shots before i got here (hehe) and when the waitress came, i ordered a beer but just had it infront of me.  if i would have said "no, i dont drink when i play poker", then i probably couldn't have gotten max value out of my hands.  i dunno, just a theory...

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September 28, 2009, 11PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Lost $109.00 at flamingo
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I was walking from casino to casino looking for a rich-action game and came to the flamingo... the table i was eye-balling was pretty appealing... 7 people had beers infront of them. all of them had at least $150.  but the table was full.  so i decided to take a seat at the other 1/2 table and request a table change, only the table change never came.  i slowly lost money...  i hit a few good hands but wasnt able to maximize the value of them because there werent any callers.
so i sat around and slowly lost money at a dead table while i was waiting for a table change that never came.  ugh.  dont do that again.  i've been reading through my losing sessions and almost every losing session i started, i knew it wasnt a good idea to sit at this table.  choose your games wisely.

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September 27, 2009, 2AM: Played 1 hour, Made $25.00 at Palms
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

If I'm gonna play at the palms, I need to get here a few hours earlier.  The drunks were just starting to leave when I got here.  One guy was so drunk when he left the table that he had to get his friends to help him carry his chips away. 
I haven't been to the palms in a while, I forgot that the drunk factor is 10/10 and everyone has at least $300 in front of them.
I just gotta remember to play conservative here and maximize value on the hands I know I'll win.

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September 26, 2009, 11PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Lost $21.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Typical Saturday night.  This reminds me I need to play weekends more and weekdays less...  One girl was drunk and making huge bets every hand.  I was waiting to isolate her but she ended up getting in a fight with her bf and losing all her money to him.  LOL, security had to escort her out because she was making a scene.
Even the skilled player I played with last week was there and was making bad plays...  It just goes to show that most people are playing bad on weekend nights. 
I didn't play very well but I didn't play bad either.  Just an average night.  I could have lost a lot of money if I wasn't playing smart.  I don't think i really made any big mistakes when I think about it.
Just tone down on the continuation bets on weekends because people tend to turn into calling stations.  Let them bet into you.

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September 24, 2009, 9PM: Played 2 hours, Lost $324.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Omg bad bad bad...
I didn't win 1 single hand....
After I was down 200 I added another 100 to my stack. Big mistake.
The last hand I made a terrible choice.  I had a lower end of a straight and the other 2 players both ended up having thre higher end. I lost about 185 on that hand.  Bummer. Maybe I was a bit off tilt.  I just gotta keep it in my head that its a possibility that other people have good cards.
Try again some other time and play a little tighter maybe.  Also play later, there weren't any donks at the table.
Learn to throw away your hand if you know you are beat.  I had the lower end of the straight draw and there were 2 others in the hand, i should have thought about it more... i should have noticed that it wouldnt have been a gut shot for them to call it and there wasnt much preflop betting so one of them was bound to have a 7 to complete the straight.
I could have saved almost $200 on that hand :-/

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September 23, 2009, 10PM: Played 3 hours, Made $148.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

This game was crazy.  There were 2 AZNs there that were betting enormous pre-flop bets and continuation bets.  As long as you were the first to act, you could steal the hand from them.  With people like this you just need patience and tact.  They stuck to the same strategy the whole time and probably lost $1500 between the two of them.
After they left it was a calmer game.  One hand I did good at was the last one...  I had k10, flop came and i hit a pair of 10s.  there was a straight draw on the board but i read my opponent well enough to tell he didnt have it.
im playing fairly well lately.  i should try to practice more advanced moves though.  try to get better at continuation bets and experiment with a float play?

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September 22, 2009, 7PM: Played 1 hour, Lost $119.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Tuesday nights before 9pm are really dead here. There were only 3 people drinking out of 40 or so. Tight players with good bluffing skills. I got my ass pwned because I'm used to playing donks.
I lost about 50 on 1 hand where I was chasing a flush with the correct odds but just missed. I had a baby flush draw but I got a good read on the opponents and my read was correct at the showdown between the other players after I folded. That one would have paid off big. I gotta think about the long run....
I gotta only pick fights I know I can win. 
I had a feeling it was a dead game when I got there... I should have left sooner.

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September 21, 2009, 7PM: Played 2 hours, Made $309.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Did pretty good ... made some good calls.  I thought things through, knew my players, left when I started to get distracted, didn't get lucky, I just had a combo of ok cards and good decisions.
I almost folded my winning hand to a few big bets but I knew my players well enough to make the right choice.
Be careful chit chatting with people though because it distracts u and u can't see who bets what.
Talking poker and saying things that proves ur a local helps give u respect when it comes to bets. Just don't abuse it.

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September 19, 2009, 9PM: Played 1 hour, Made $40.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

played pretty good. i got a mix of good cards and a mix of bad cards.  in the beginning there was a full table and people were drinking so i was doing pretty good.  studying my players, recognizing peoples betting patterns, etc.  after a while though i started to get a little distracted and found myself asking questions like "who raised preflop?".  at that point i should have taken a break or left.  if i would have left then, i would have been up $110.  but instead i stuck around and lost a few bucks here and there slowly.  the table shrunk, only 5 players and nobody really had money.  i should have left there, it would have saved me $60.

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August 28, 2009, 7PM: Played 3 hours, Lost $160.00 at mandalay bay
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em


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