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Total Entries: 5
Total Won/Lost: -$409.00
Total Hours: 14
Earnings/Hour: -$29.21
Biggest Win: $80.00
Biggest Loss: -$400.00


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February 2010 Log Entries

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February 28, 2010, 1PM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes, Made $3.00 at Pokerstars
$10 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (5,000th out of 35000 Players)

Haven't played the Sunday quarter mil for a long time. Been running so bad live so I decide to just play a little online.
Played pretty bad and donked off half my stack, then double back in this hand. Thought I was bluffing but I was ahead the whole time though.
Blinds 50/100. Effective stack 1400. I opened to 449 UTG+1 with KQo, SB called. Flop comes 6cAh5c, he checked I shoved. He called with Tc7c. Turn Jh, river Th, double back!
I got blinded down to 2200, then triple up when my KK held up against QQ and JJ. After that I slowly chipped up when this hand comes up.
Blinds 300/600/50. Effective stack 13k. UTG called, I called on the button with 68s, SB completed and BB checked. Flop comes T74 rainbow. UTG bet 1800 and I called with my double gutter. Turn 9! 2 clubs on the board. UTG bet 4800, almost half my remaining stack so I shoved, he is drawing dead with AA. 27k stack, 16k average.
Then this hand completely destroyed my tight image.
Effective stack ~24k. Blinds 400/800/75, I opened in MP to 1899 with 42o. SB flat, and BB folded. Flop comes 3d5Jd. SB checked I checked. Turn is 9, and he led for 2400, I called. River A! He check-called 4567 from me, I guess he had a pretty good hand. 35k stack!
Very next hand I lost 99<A4o AIPF. Kings and jacks on the board lol. I lost some small pots, then this hand crippled me right before bubble time.
Effective stack 12k. Blinds 500/1000/100, MP opened to 2000, been really active lately and folded to 3 bet. I shove with TT. He called with JTo.
Flop 78K "no nine no jack!", turn Q, "no nine no jack no ace!" River ... A.
Down to 3368 and it costs 2400 per orbit. Had to post both blinds before bubble burst. I doubled one time and finally 66<79. gg.

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February 27, 2010, 4PM: Played 6 hours, Lost $400.00 at Casino Del Sol
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Pretty bad start for a first entry, gotta try to motivate myself though. Play bad, and doesn't help when I don't catch my cards.
Tags for how I feel the way I play it: fantastic, nice, decent, bad, terrible
Memorable hands:
1. (bad) 1 limped, crazy Asian in MP (did I mention I'm Asian as well) opened for $11, tight player called from cutoff. In SB with 99, popped it to $36, crazy Asian snap folded, tight player thought about it and called. Effective stack ~$150. Flop Qc7c4, I had no club. led $40 and he called. Turn Ac, I gave up and he checked. River blanked and I checked, he bet $50, I folded. Later he told me he had JcTc. Ew.
Bad but not terrible, as there isn't much he can call on the flop. Good return for my $40 bet.
2. (nice) It's always easy when you have it. UTG picked up KK, opened for $12, button called all-in for exactly that. BB (Ted, a tight and passive short-stacker, nice guy though) called. Ted had around $65 behind. Flop comes KcQc4, Ted led for $7, I raised to $27, he called. Turn Q, he went all-in and I called. Ted had AQ. Only high point of the day.
3. (decent) MP raised to $11, I called from cutoff with AsQs, both blinds called. Flop comes KT3 rainbow one spade. MP led for $16, I called and the blinds folded. Effective stack ~$180. Turn blank and he checked, I bet $40 and he went all-in, I folded.
I did what I want to do, to float the flop, and try to pick it up on the turn. It sucks they always have it.
4. (Terrible) One of the weirdest hand ever, and I couldn't have played it any worse. I called UTG+1 with Ah6h. 3 called. Button (crazy Asian) deliberated as usual and called. SB raised to $11, BB folded and I called. Big stack called. Button now raised to $50 and we are like WTH? Doesn't make sense. SB folded, and I thought about it and called (epic terrible) with only $130 behind. Big stack folded. Flop comes 4h67, I checked, he bet $75, I shipped and he tank called with 99. Nothing good happened.
Epic terrible. As much as I'm annoyed by the re-raise, there is no way I can call that. He limped on the button then try to make a move, he might have small suited connector, but more likely middle pair and is exactly what he had. I donked off $180 just like that.

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