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Birthday: June 9, 1979
Location: USA

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April 9, 2007, 11PM:
New Beginnings

Poker was previously put on the back burner. Mainly because sports betting was becoming a larger focus for me. Also, I think I was getting a little burned out on Poker and the laws that were recently passed didn't help that cause at all.
However, about a month ago I was talking with some old poker buddies and it renewed my interest in the game again. I re-installed PokerStars back on my computer and had found that I had about 18 bucks in my account that I had never taken out.
So I figured, I would start to play with that money. I entered into a $4 180-seat tourney and came in 5 place and that awarded me $47. I had tripled my roll in a matter of hours. But of course it could not end there.
I did not want to play large MTTs as they take too much time and my patience runs thin with them. I did not want to play SnG's as I just have bad memories of them. So I settled on the 45 seaters as it was a promising compromise.
Well, 84 games later my bankroll now has over $200 in it and I'm strolling along with a ROI of 59% and I'm in the money a good 21% of the time.
When I hit $250, I plan to move up to $5 buy ins. And I'll just keep moving up accordingly with maintaining a bankroll of 50x the buyin.

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