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Birthday: Prefer not to say
Location: Boston

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Total Entries: 5
Total Won/Lost: -$106.00
Total Hours: 2
Earnings/Hour: -$53.00
Biggest Win: $494.00
Biggest Loss: -$350.00


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November 2007 (5)

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November 29, 2007, 5PM: Lost $350.00
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (10 Players)

night session
mtts:I am really going to try and mix up my game tonight
   between laggy and tag...lets see how it goes!
bust out hands: 24+2-AQ shoved 1200 chips from the button
   with 4 limpers (blinds were 40/80) got called by KT
   nice call bud>>>made a dumb bluff early in the tourney
   on someones weak lead on a paired board.  No need to
   make these bluffs especially early. 
150-55 vs AK...oh my it would be nice to win a race in a big mtt.  got short stacked way to early again.  Made an ill advised cont bet against a shorter stack who shoved ....Still figuring out if I should be laggy early or tight...again working on mixing up my play.  Tight early seems to be the way to go so you can get deep push/fold, but I was very successful
sng's: short stacked early and had to shove A8..ran
   into QQ....made a cont bet early that cost me need to cont bet much in sng's with outa
   piece of the flop, because those chips are needed fo
   rlater around push/fold time.
60-4th-lost a race on the bubble...I stop and go'd on
   someone with AK flop was T high and the board paired
   twice to cancel out my hand
60-3rd-battled to get past 88 sucked
   out on by A3 then got lucky to get back and get 3rd.
Adjustments for 2nd round...cont bet less in sng's to save chips around push/fold time
60-bad beat to death..took 2 bad beats and bye bye
60-shoved A6 short handed and lost to A7
120-shoved 17 short handed and ran into AA weeeeeeeee.
well didnt go exactly how I had expected, but I am playing the 11's on tilt and on UB so lets see how those go.  I am going to tighten up a bit early on in the mtt's again trying to tweak my game to become more successful more consistantly.

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November 29, 2007, 6AM: Lost $250.00
Texas Hold'em Tournament (10 Players)

Have a few hours off this morning so going to four table for abit..
games played:
55+5 (6handed), 110+9 (6handed), 220+16, 33+3. Total buy=
I am really going to try hard to cut down on errors around bubble time.  Really try to pick my spots and not be so laggy on the bubble unless theirs a reason for it. 
110-2nd ----451
55- 6th
mistakes: 33+3-I raisd 77 from mp..BB called. flop K62 he checked and here I should have either just made one bet ( ibet the flop and turn) or just check it down.  No need to put a lot of chips in the middle at this point.  I think the best play would be to Cont bet considering one overcard so we will have the best hand a lot of the time, but when he ch/calls the flop I need to slow way down...I sped up.
220-I just got way to short stacked short handed.  The issue was I had a HUGE station directly to my left which made it tuff to push a wide range of hands considering he was calling with a huge range.  So this caused me to wait alittle longer (which was my goal to pick better spots) but I needed to pick a spot earlier to shove even if I was behind I needed to set myself up for a chance to win.
110- I played this one the best of all.  I had a very good table with a bit of station again to my left, but I doubled early and sat tight.  I played the bubble just right...not being to overly aggressive and picking my spots to shove a lot better. In the past with a big stack I would start to shove wayyyyyy to much which would loosen the range of my opponents and I would eventually get called by a weak A or even a K and get caught. 
Back to work....stuck about 250 for this session...still need to work on my +ev, and -ev shoves.  What ranges do my opponents have.. what range do they put me on?

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November 28, 2007, 7AM: Played 2 hours, Made $494.00
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (1,226th out of 10 Players)

Morning results
4 sit and go's
buy ins-$299
Winnings- 496+148.50+148.50= $793-299= 494~~!!!
place-1st (110), 2nd (55), 6th (55), 2nd (55)
mistakes-shoved A3 on the button into two smaller stacks (less than 10bbs) and ran into AA's...I didnt necessarily need to shove here.  I little unlucky to run into AA, but this seems a bit to risky.  I had 2.8k at that point and after losing the hand I had 500 chips left.  Less risk !
Thoughts-made a tough call on the bubble in the 110...had A9 in the BB and the SB (chip leader) shoved.  I wonder if this was a great call or not, but it seemed he was shoving almost any two considering how tight I was playing at that point.  I made a bubble hero call and it worked out.  Not sure if it was the right play..will post on P5's.
Shove 77 in FP with 4 left and on very low stack into the chip leader in the BB? I am in third ..I did not sure if its right? P5's post weeeeeeee. 
My first day blogging.....Good luck!? :) up 494 for the morning session we will see how tonight go's.  Time to teach some tennis.

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November 28, 2007, 7AM:
$50/100 Texas Hold'em

4 tabling some $50-$100 turbos on Fulltilt. I have really been trying hard to clean up my sit and go game....I feel like I am understanding these sit and go's better than ever. Right now I am really trying hard to minimize my mistakes around bubble time because I think this is where my biggest leak is at the moment.  I get a little to push-happy on the bubble thinking I can run over players..when in actuality my opponents calling ranges are much wider than I realize.  I am still getting bad bead like crazy, but if I can minimize my mistakes on the bubble I will be to start killing sit and go's again.  4 tabling at the moment lets see how this session ends.  Cheers to cutting down on bubble mistakes weeeeeeeeeee.

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November 28, 2007, 6AM:
No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Alright let me start out by saying that this is my first time blogging my results and thoughts.  I have been playing poker seriously for about 3 years.  I started out grinding lower level buy-ins donking off money and trying to learn BR management and how I want to approach the game of poker in general. after going bust a few times I started grinding 20 dollar sit and go's with about a 500 dollar bank roll.  Not exactly "playing within my means" but I wasn't playing to make a living just to improve.  I started to do well...killing the 20's on UB and building up to about 2k.  I stayed playing 20's and then started playing mtt's.  I have always played mtts, but at this point I was taking time off of them because I wanted to fix some leak by grinding sit and go's.  So I started playing buy-ins 30 and under.  Winning begets winning and I started slowly getting better and learning how to beat the mid level mtt's.  My first win was for around 2k if I remember right, and I finally felt like things were coming together and they were. I started playing a few 109's here and there and I was final tabling with consistency. All my plays were golden...I was winning races and never felt better.  I won 2 seats to the WSOP (which I use to dream of back in the beginning when I was donking around on stars when I first started).  I actually was heads up about 6 times for 12k seats to the WSOP.  I was heads up 3 or 4 for seats to aruba, and starting to branch out to other sites.  At this time I was playing every tournament on the net on 4 sites (UB, FTP, PS, BD). I always seemed to do well on UB, and BD, and I think its because I was able to abuse players there because they tend to be more on the tight passive side (which fits my style being that i am AGGRO :) I am still trying to figure out FTP and Stars.  I go to vegas for the series, and succeed in partying well, partying often and donking off chips in the tournies.  Had such a blast and killed 2/5 NL But Ran SOOO shitty in tournaments.  Ran KK into AA twice in wsop events.  For the trip I finished -1k for the trip not including expenses which was good considering how much I spent on tournies at the venetian, bellagio and wsop events.  But I did party wayyyyyy to much and lived like a ballllerrrrrrr for 2 weeks and blew through a lot of money.  Got back from vegas still with a good BR online and started grinding Mtt's again (as well as sit and go's).  This is where my downfall would begin, and where I am today.  Since July I have hit a cold run of cards that I never knew was possible.  You always hear about guys going bust on rediculous down streaks, but I never thought it would happen to me.  How silly was I! I have not won a race deep in a tournament (wich few exceptions) since Vegas.  Its such a mental fuck and I have really tried hard to not let the running poorly change my play.  I have been through a lot of stages in this horendous down swing.  First I just figured it would turn around fairly soon so I just kept grinding not worrying to much considering I had been in down swings before (2-3 weeks or so).  Then my confidence started falling and frustration kicked in.  I was bitching to anyone who would listen about how badly I was running since Vegas, and if you know poker players they dont wanna hear this shit because bad beats are just part of the game we try to forget about asap and to hear someone bitch about it every day just brings us down too......its important to stay positive and have the right mindset at the tables! Next stage was realizing that the cards werent running well for me and to stop bitching about it and just play solid and not let it effect me.  So I continued to grind and watch PXF videos and whatever I could get my hands on to try and turn things around.  Fast forward to today and I believe I have fixed a lot of the holes in my game as far as sit and go's go.  In mtt's i have lost all confidence and am struggling to find my game again.  I tightened up A TON (which is not my game.. I am usually very good at mixing up my play in general).  Then as of the last week I have started getting back to my old aggro ways of trying to build a big chip stack early so I can take some beats late and not go bust.  I feel like I am back on track, but I keep running SO FUKIN BAD late in tourneys.  Final tables the 24+2 on Fulltilt and was in 3rd place with 6 left when I picked up AK, and ended up allin and ran into AA...thats fine with me.  I hate the bad luck of running into AA at a final table with such a big hand, but what drives me nuts are the bad beats that complete morons are putting on you.  Last night there were 16 left in the 20rb on FTP.  I had played very solid throughout the tournament.  I was aggro early to build up a nice stack, then just played very tight/aggro to get deep.  Pick up 88 in the BB against a laggy oponent.  I had 25k behind and the raise lagtard raises to 6k.....I decided to shove my 88 and get insta calleed by A8sooooted???!?...and obv hits an A on the river.  This keeps happening and I feel like its just such an uphill battle.  I still make my fair share of mistakes for sure, which I take note of and try to make as few as possible, but these beats are getting rediculous and at the complete wrong time.  I just find it SOOO frustrating to keep getting deep only to run like shit and have the disapointment EVERYNIGHT!!!! I come back every day ready for battle, but leave at the end of the day feeling defeated and I am not sure how to fix it.  I am just going ot keep grinding and see what poker has in store for me.  I am too damn stubborn to throw in the towel....I love this game so much, but its so demoralizing to keep gettting slammed down night after night.  Hope things turn for the better....I have to believe I can run well again and just play the way I know how and things will turn.  Keep improving and stay positive...WOW what a long post for my first.  Grinding some sit and go's this morning before heading back to work. 
-back to battle!

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