Poker Log Entry for TheWerm - February 12, 2008, 2PM
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Birthday: May 23, 1985
Location: WA

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Poker Log Entry for TheWerm

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February 12, 2008, 2PM:
ONLINE POKE-------ME up :(

i guess i was not ready for the online poker. I mean that i play all the time online but not with real money. I noticed a great deal of difference between play and real money online poker players. They are a different type of tight in those small cash games i think. Almost crazy/tight you know....or maybe it was the table i don't know but i was just wondering why i got murdered when all i was doing was playing super tight/aggressive with good hands. maybe a bad run or players quickly picking up on my play or not the right type of play for the game... aghhh maybe some advice. Not persay "advice" but tactics for these online games. reload.....???? also im thinking of only playing tourneys with 300 ppl or more and only try to grind them out for the big money wins..Y or N instead of cash games, tourneys only?? i seem to be better at tourneys (controlling my play)

Last Update: February 12, 2008, 2:44PM


February 12, 2008, 4:14PM
Posted by EightFive

Natepringle said something about running bad....I don't really run bad ever but if you tend to then I think what he said is good advice.  sick holds FTW!

February 12, 2008, 4:10PM
Posted by DeiYuo

Online tactics - Pay attention and take notes, mental or physical.  Don't let your experience with live interrupt your learning process with online, they are two different games.

February 12, 2008, 3:41PM
Posted by NatePringle

I would suggest trying to beat the lowest NL limits before jumping up to .50/1. The reason I say this is that the level of play online is WAY better than that in the live scene. I've been recently playing a lot of .05/.10 NL 6-max tables and the play in these micro-limits is similar to the 3/6 limit play that I have encountered in the live scene in terms of playing styles. I've also played plenty of $20-40 live tournaments and the $1 and $2 tourneys online are at about the same level in terms of the play of your opponents.
Personally, I like to play cash games, tournaments, and sit and goes. I think it's important to play a wide variety of games because when you are running bad in one, you can go play another with a clear head. It's all about personal preference though. Good luck.

February 12, 2008, 2:46PM
Posted by EightFive

If you are trying to decide between tourneys or cash game, simply choose the one you enjoy more and feel most comfortable with.  Personally I get bored with cash games, and really have to fight to not make mistakes.  It's something I hope to improve on some day but for now I am more happy if I just stick to multi-table tournaments.
If this sounds like you I would possibly give that a shot.  You can play a ton of $1 and $2 tournaments and get lots of experience with out risking too much money.  Even the lowest cash game tables you probably sit with $10 where as you can play 10 $1 tourneys and any one mistake may only cost you 1/10 that of a big mistake in a cash game...kind of obvious, I know but it does help to worry less about losing the money and focus on improving your play.  Plus I think there is more of a competitive feel to a tourney than a ring game and that can always make it more fun.
If you really still have the itch to play cash games I would say give it another try though and maybe find someone to talk over hands with to make sure you are on the right train of thought...I know there are some good cash game players on this site that would probably be willing to comment on hands if you were to post them.
Otherwise, if you want to play tourneys, you can always let me know and maybe I could watch while I am on sometime and talk over will help my game too I am sure.  Good luck with the decision.

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