Poker Log Entry for Mordillo_98 - December 25, 2008, 12PM
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Poker Log Entry for Mordillo_98

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December 25, 2008, 12PM: Played 3 hours, Broke Even at Niagara Casino
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

What an experience.  I don't play often live, and my confidence level has been low.  But not this time.
1st, I stopped shaking when taking chips.  My nerves were at all time low.  That helped.
2nd, I had a 300$ bankroll for the table, max 100$ buy-in.  So, if needed, I can go all-in with somebody without the fear to go broke and leave the table.
So here it goes.
My 1st playing hand was KK.  Everybody limps, I'm on the small blind.  I raise 10$, got 2 callers.  Flop is 2 2 3 flush draw.  Bet 25$, got one caller, and a raiser to 75$.  At that point, I said to myself: "Crap.  He called me with a 2, and the other one has aces?".  I was right, and I didn't listen to myself.  I went all-in, 2 callers with AA and 2 4 suited.  Got married to my Kings, should have known better.  I don't do this mistake online anymore, I guess I'm learning in person.  So I lost 100$.
I limped in on position with 5 6 suited.  Flop is 4 5 6.  High pair with straight draw, but no possibility of flush.  They all check, I bet 10$, got one caller.  The turn is a Q completing a flush.  Somebody checks, I bet 15$ to see if he completed his flush (mistake, should have taken a free card), he calls.  At the river, he checks, me too since I know he has flush.  Shows flush with J 6 suited.
I lost twice with the same guy.  He seems to play lots of funky hand, so I have to be careful.
My 3rd lost was me limping on the button with K 10 suited.  Flop is K 8 3 rainbow.  Everybody checks, I bet 10$, got one caller.  On turn, he checks, I bet 20$, raised 50$ more.  At that point, I though he had 2 pairs since we all limped in, and folded the best hand has he shows me 8 2 (he was on the big blind).  He tells me he had to try somebody since he lost already 700$ at the tables (he joined in like 10 mins ago on that hand).
So I lost 150$ around on all those hands.  Here's the good news.
- Got 10 5 suited on big blind.  Got flush draw on flop.  I checked call until river and got flush on turn.  Got 35$.
- The guy who took my 100$ with 2 4 suited raised 10$ pre-flop.  Got A K on small blind, called.  Flop A K 4.  I fired 20$, 40$, and all in on river.  He folded only on river, so got 60$ on that one.
- Limped with 8 6 suited.  Flop is 8 8 K.  I bet 10$, got one caller (the guy who re-raised me with mid pair while I had King high).  Turn an 10.  I bet 20$, he calls.  River, and 8.  Got quads.  I did a little bit of Hollywood on that one by stalling that I don't like that card.  I bet like I had the King or something since the beginning, and since he bluffed me off a pot, he might that he could do it again.  So I check.  He fires up 45$.  I try to look discouraged, but re-raised all-in with 55$ more.  The players cheered on that one on the table because they really liked the fact I wasn't being bullied again.  That was nice, but unexpected.  He folds.  I was kinda hoping he had the King though.
At that point, I was break even, 4am, and decided to go back to my hotel and sleep a bit before driving home.
Great experience.  Can't wait for it to happen again.

Last Update: December 25, 2008, 1:10PM

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