Poker Log Entry for mdelagarzaonline - February 23, 2011, 4AM
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Birthday: August 27, 2010
Location: San Diego

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Total Entries: 5
Total Won/Lost: -$298.85
Total Hours: 30
Earnings/Hour: -$9.78
Biggest Win: $339.30
Biggest Loss: -$329.70


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Poker Log Entry for mdelagarzaonline

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February 23, 2011, 4AM:

after playing a fairly long session, i'm still hungry to play. my internet's been acting like a bitch but its okay. any way so i was looking at my USD > EV for the month and saw that out of the money I lost for the month (33k hands thus far), I have lost -$618 off of AK and QQ flips. and at times it's not even a flip its just straight up domination.
with that being said i'm going to better pick my spots to spew in (such as maybe spewing in the HJ CO BTN SB BB only). I also looked at my biggest won pots for the month and I saw no AK and no QQ for winning a single stack! now thats just sad. with that being said, my AK play definitely has to slow the fuck down. any way my game is getting a lot more deeper and better due to table decraseage(sp). I'm excited to see with what tomorrow leaves me to learn.
few things I learned today:
-play no more than 8 tables
-slow down
-think before you act on every single decision
-don't auto muck anymore
-observe a persons vpip have to be in order for you to be getting value off 3 bets
-have intentions of taking the hand down every time you play a hand.
-when making a huge decision pre flop, look at the persons PFR and position
Questions to ask:
What do the persons stats have to be in order for you to want to get value you preflop with 99-QQ
UTG play?

Last Update: February 23, 2011, 7:08AM

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