Poker Log Entry for Perfectiming - January 16, 2013, 1PM
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Location: LA

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Total Entries: 2
Total Won/Lost: $99.00
Total Hours: 2
Earnings/Hour: $45.62
Biggest Win: $95.00


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Poker Log Entry for Perfectiming

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January 16, 2013, 1PM: Played 40 minutes, Made $95.00 at The Gardens
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

Work was an 8 hour bust so I decided to play cards in hopes to go home financially satisfied.
I only played 6 hands during my 40min session.
TITLE: Hit and Run
Seat: #6
1st: JJ :: player to my right :: T9 suited(SB) makes it $10, I shove all in ($40) and nearly double up with a call.
2nd: JJ !! The very next hand !! :: 2-3 players limp :: seat #4 makes it $10 :: still feeling the lucky high from the previous hand I shove once again ($70-75) :: he calls :: AA :: and I'm left with $26 and the lucky high fades.
3rd: AQ :: don't remember position, at this point I'm short stacked I shove ($16) and loose to one caller, pocket 22 FML
Re-buy ($40) "feeling like an idiot"
4th: AQ :: (SB) $2 pre-flop (3handed) Flop 2 5 8 :: I bet ($10) :: guy shoves all in ($18) :: I call and take it down. He didn't show his hand at showdown.
5th: AK Suited (BB) $4 pre-flop (3handed) Flop 9 7 5 :: I check :: seat 9 bets ($8) other player snap calls :: I pick my chips up in one stack with one hand:: I make it look as though I'm contemplating on going all in then drop cut the $8 to call. Before the dealer puts out the turn I shove all in, in the dark. They both fold. To my surprise a K came on the turn.
6th: JJ (BB) :: I call a ($8) pre-flop raise. (3handed) Flop T 2 7 (Rainbow):: I bet ($8). 1 call then my old friend seat 4 goes All-IN :: this is the same guy that had AA and killed my JJ last time. I call time. Put my other ear bud in as I'm listening to Wham! (Careless Whisper). Going through my head of what I've learned from this guy in the short time I had been playing him (35min) :: I observed he's as tight or tighter of a player than myself. In fact I think I played more hands than him. I'm putting him on AT, QQ, KK. He's playing exactly how I would so I'd assume he has the cards. :: I grab my stack with one hand and roll it onto the felt.. I'm All-IN.. I roll my JJ over and he makes a Ooooooo sound. I stand up and say your good.(I said fuck it in my head before I ever called). He shows KT. 😳 he cant catch and I make out with the money he gut from me earlier. Now I know why nobody likes JJ, they're a roller coaster.
The table breaks after the hand. I leave to head home. I'm tired but extremely happy. Cash out $175 ($95 profit)

Last Update: January 16, 2013, 2:18PM

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