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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

March 2006 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for superdonk

March 22, 2006, 2AM:

total, 3 step 1s, one step 2

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From the Poker Blog for superdonk

March 21, 2006, 4AM:

Played 2 step 1s.  Dominated the whole way! At PP by the way! Took second in both of them, got a free roll out of each!

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From the Poker Blog for WhatsNew

March 20, 2006, 2AM:
Poker Glossary

One of my favorite things about poker has always been the lingo.  That's why I added a glossary.  Every damn site in the world has one, but as with everything else on this site, the Online Poker Log Glossary will be driven by the users.
As with everything else I add to this site, there's about 20 things I *wish* I could put in there (cross-linking definitions, allowing for designation of synonyms, auto-hilighting glossary words in others' blog name a few), but I think I have enough to make it interesting.  At the very least I hope that people will be able to use it to figure out what others are saying.
I myself have no clue what the "cutoff" is...and the abbreviations I've seen so far make my head spin.  Hopefully it will get easier with this glossary.

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From the Poker Blog for PokerCop

March 13, 2006, 8PM:
Why I started using this site...

to be updated...

Last Update: March 13, 2006, 9:36PM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for PokerCop

March 9, 2006, 12AM:

Usually when I put something in quotes, and it corresponds to the word or phrase preceding or following the Acronym in Brackets, or vice versa...  Eventually I will make a list of the ones I use and only use them for speed and ease of note making and blogging, so if you want to know what one means, you can look it up...  I might start using { } instead, so as not to KornFuZe too many Donkeys, so I can use ( ) for what they are meant for, or vice versa... probably the latter since i have more ( ) with acronyms in it rather than what I would put in ( ) normally...  Now I'm KornFuZed...

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From the Poker Blog for WhatsNew

March 6, 2006, 2AM:
Hand Histories

Hand histories work now.  If you upload your Party Poker HandHistory directory (as a zipfile), the site will chop up those histories into "sessions", which can be "attached" to your blog entries.  All this is found in the "Manage Hand Histories" link off of your main Poker Log page.
I uploaded a bunch of mine (all losses) and attached them to the DeDobber blog.  Check it out.
There are a couple greyed-out "actions" for the uploaded sessions.  "new" will eventually take you to the Add Entry page and will automatically attach those hands to the new entry.  I sort of don't want to half-ass this, so I'll wait to work on this until I have time to extract location, hours, time, gain, game, etc. from the hands to help you create the entry.  The other is called "split", and is more important.  This is for when the site has a problem grouping your hands and you want to attach part of a group to one session and part to another.  Again: just takes time -- hopefully I'll get to it someday.
One thing to note: The site will replace the online name in the hand with your username.
I have a feeling that as soon as I get this feature all cleaned up, most people will be interested in privacy features, then online hand analysis does it feel to want?

Last Update: March 6, 2006, 2:41AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for superdonk

March 5, 2006, 11AM:
can't beat luck

getting my chips in with way the best hand every time.  Step 3 down to a step two, took 6th.  No more for me for a bit.  The thing is, is I am not even steaming.  I just want to win with the best hand every now and then.  I am not playing any hands wrong either.  Most people make the mistake of min. raises and reraise that trap people in.  I am iscolating and still losing all the 80/20 races! I guess time will tell!

Last Update: March 5, 2006, 11:58AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for superdonk

March 5, 2006, 11AM:
step two

made it to step two, lost a step two.  I am even for that for the day.

Last Update: March 5, 2006, 11:47AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for superdonk

March 5, 2006, 11AM:
donking off

I am losing my free rolls! Trying to bully people, and it is not working.  Settle down!

Last Update: March 5, 2006, 11:31AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for superdonk

March 5, 2006, 4AM:
step 1

3rd place step one - free roll

Last Update: March 5, 2006, 11:12AM | Permalink

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