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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

July 2006 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for bukivail

July 29, 2006, 7AM:

lost 150 bucks in 2 days. this is not good.
have lost all money on fulltilt, party, and now platinum.
i have about 185 at pokerroom, this is the last of my online money-i've cashed everything out.

Last Update: July 29, 2006, 7:55AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for darylsuds

July 28, 2006, 10PM:
On the clock entries

I have been thinking about starting a new user name for my OTC entries.  I find myself playing different, and I should figure out how much I am winning and losing while on and off the clock.  Does anyone have any opinions on this?

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From the Poker Blog for WhatsNew

July 28, 2006, 12AM:
Enhanced Reporting

Now when you click on "more stats" on your log (or any user's log for that matter), you can enter a date range.  This will give you a report on that user's performance for that specific date range.  This should be very helpful to see how you did in a particular month or year, or just recently.
In addition, if you click on the graph, you will see a much larger and more detailed graph.  This can help you ascertain exactly when things started going wrong (or right) for you.  In my case, that would be about 10 years ago.

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From the Poker Blog for bukivail

July 27, 2006, 5AM:
account totals

ok, so my stats have been fixed, i was missing 200 bucks for a few days that made my totals off...
my goal in the short term, is i want to get above 1350 so that when i use my 320 ticket, i'll still be above 1000 on my artificial bankroll.
might go hit up live games at the casinos.

Last Update: July 27, 2006, 6:00AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for bukivail

July 25, 2006, 7AM:
account totals

this is weird, couple days ago, when i hit for 350, my total went above 1100. since then, i've lost 50 or so total, so i should be at 1050. but it says i'm at 950. this is abit of a big deal cuz when i use that 320 ticket, and possibly/probably lose, my balance is gonna plummet to below comfortable threshhold. realistically, i can look at it like i have 600 left now... which means my daily max is 50....

Last Update: July 26, 2006, 4:31PM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for bukivail

July 22, 2006, 11PM:
daily limits

some pro on fulltilt said it's a good idea not to put more than 10 percent of your bankroll into play on a given session. since i play mostly tourneys, i'm gonna set my daily limit at that. so-for right now, i'm gonna set my bankroll at 1000 bucks, which is less than i'd like but i've spent much of my bankroll, plus it's better to be conservative at this stage. so my daily stop loss is gonna be 100 bucks, no fact, i think i'm going to keep it at 80 bucks per day.

Last Update: July 22, 2006, 11:27PM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

July 18, 2006, 3PM:
My graph pointing the wrong direction

It is very upsetting to see my graphs all screaming downward.
It is part of the game to ride the up and down waves.  I can't be any more patient or disciplined and still nothing is going my way.  Am I "running bad"? I don't know.  I don't care.
Just wanted to point out that sometimes no matter what you do you will lose and you can't do anything about it.

Last Update: July 18, 2006, 9:19PM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for darylsuds

July 15, 2006, 5AM:
Trip to WYO

Hi everyone! I am off to Wyoming today.  I will be out of the loop for a week.  I think Wyoming has 5 total computers! Anywhos, good luck to everyone while I am gone.  And especially, good luck to my boys down at the Series!

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From the Poker Blog for WhatsNew

July 13, 2006, 7AM:
No Limit Hold'em All-In Odds

I finally got around to building a page that compares hands and odds for hold'em all-in situations.  It is pretty cool and you can learn a lot.  I know I did building it.
All-In Odds
I hope to do this for Pot Limit Omaha as well.

Last Update: July 13, 2006, 7:20AM | Permalink

From the Poker Blog for WhatsNew

July 11, 2006, 11PM:
Add Images to Posts

You want to link to an image? You can use:
[image Description]
for example:
[image Ace of Spades]
will get you:
Ace of Spades
...I had to add this in a hurry because of DeiYuo's brush with fame.  At some point I will expand this so that you can upload the image to the site, then link to it.  For now, your image better be hosted on the internet somewhere.

Last Update: July 11, 2006, 11:32PM | Permalink

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