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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

March 2007 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for RebelMisclick

March 28, 2007, 7PM:
Deposit Problems...

Well, as many of you know, depositing to online sites is not as easy as it once was. Neteller used to be great to use, but that is no longer available of course. My new method of depositing is Moneygram. I spent tonight talking to both Moneygram support via phone and UB support via online chat. Since I have no poker news, here is the end of my chat with UB support:
Anyway - the online version of moneygram doesn't work the same as the walk-in stores do. So, I will have to wait until Friday to get to one of the Moneygrams to make my deposit. My other plan not discussed in my last post was that I will be starting out on UB until I hit 1/2nl. At that point, I am going to have to get a friend to open up a rakeback account with Full Tilt (I stupidly didn't get rakeback when I signed up for Full Tilt over a year ago) and play there. I am also still interested the poker stars option. I have only logged about 10k hands there before, but its another option.
Will keep you guys posted - thanks for the comments so far.

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From the Poker Blog for hammerman

March 25, 2007, 12AM:
Getting back in the game

Decided to play for fun for a while to see if I remembered how to play online tourneys before reloading my acct.  Although they were just play money tourneys, I did get some good info about my game from them.  First, no matter how much the entry is, I still have a tendency to do stupid things in early position.  At least I found out now that I still have this problem, and will be aware of it when I resume playing for real. 
    Secondly, I still play fairly decently for not playing much in the last year.  Sometimes it helps me to take some time off.  The move has forced me to take some time off and I found out that it was fun to play again.  At the end in Spokane, I had lost some of the enjoyment of playing.  This, in turn, led to playing in the wrong frame of mind.  I was thinking of other things instead of making the correct plays and analyzing opponents.
    I am not one to offer a lot of advice, but if you find yourself in a poker slump take a break and remember why you started playing in the first place.  Nobody started playing to feel miserable.  Enjoy the people, conversation, competition, and most of all, the game itself.

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From the Poker Blog for eojonescb

March 23, 2007, 5PM:
I joined a forum

I just got on 2+2, and Ive already learned a few more things I didn't know. I think this is a good addition to my study. I'll be hanging around there for a while I think....

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From the Poker Blog for eojonescb

March 21, 2007, 4PM:

Ive been stuck for months now and its starting to irritate me. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe I've been playing less optimally, but I don't think so. I've been playing pretty well, but I'v been seeing a ton of bad beats lately... more than the fair share. When I get a bad beat, it don't phase me. I move on. So its not like I'm going on tilt and thats the reason why. It just seems when I do get a bad beat, its when alot of money is on the line. Omaha8 and Stud have " been said" that they are way less crazy than holdem, with less variance, and better BB/hr ratio. Its not like I dont know what Im doing either. Ive noticed alot of HORRIBLE play in HORSE, but I keep getting fucked in it. Ive studied for a long time about games other than holdem before venturing into them.
Anyone who looks at my winning history will see that I'm not a losing player, but I definitely aint a great winner, either. Sure, I got leaks in my game but I dont see anything great happening for the last few months. No progress at all, I might as well be playing playmoney. Whats the deal? I think I'm going to join a poker forum, I think it'll help out alot. 
All I want to do is see myself making progress again. Thats all. none of this win one day, then lose the next over and over. Just consistent progress. Maybe Im getting bored with the game, maybe i need a break. I just figure that theres something Im doing wrong and Im desperate to find out what the hell it is and correct it soon.

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From the Poker Blog for rubytide

March 12, 2007, 12PM:
suck outs

I just went back and added it all up and the results are shocking. i quit doyles room at the end of february and started on fulltilt at the beginning of march. since that time i've played 19 single table or 2 table sit-n-gos. of those 19 tourneys, i put my money in good/dominating and lost for all or most of my stack in 15 of them. 15/19! many of these are 2, 3 and 4 outers. i'm not talking about someone outdrawing me. thats not bad. if some goes with a draw and hits it, then fine. i'm talking about pushing with AQ and losing to A7. flopping a straight and a 2 pair making a full house. KQ losing to Q4. AJ lose to K8. AK to 7-4. what else can i do? now, granted, some of these situations it was mathematically correct for these players to call with inferior holdings cuz i was short stacked, but mostly these raises were very big and allin. shouldnt i want these people to call with worse hands? i'm at the point now where if i move in, i never expect to win, no matter what the cards turn out to be. 12 days of bad beats. TWELVE DAYS! AAHHHH!!!
 okay, i'm done venting. thanks for listening.

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From the Poker Blog for NateDawg

March 12, 2007, 9AM:
Picture Uploads

I think it's great that OPL implemented picture uploads on the sight. Being able to see pictures of players makes the interaction great. It also helps put a face to a name. Then again, I could of done without seeing the homeless dude with no teeth... lol.
This is a picture of me on the job up in Twentynine Palms, CA. Isn't life great?

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From the Poker Blog for WhatsNew

March 8, 2007, 2PM:
Image Uploading

Courtesy of DeCodingDobber we now can upload images to our accounts.
To do so click on "my account",
then click "upload photo",
click "browse",
then "upload photo"
Your image will be displayed on your home page, when you leave comments and on the "entries with recent comments page".
At this time only one image will be displayed and stored.  In the near future you will be able to have more than one image and choose which one to be displayed.
You do not have to leave a face picture and are more than welcome to upload images of whatever you choose.

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