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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

July 2007 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for ThomasDayton

July 29, 2007, 3AM:

Being new to poker for the most part, I found the comments about play and the learning process in general very helpful. DeiYuo suggested READ READ READ and I'm sure that is what will be helpful. MT_TECH suggested the book SuperSystem II and I will look that up. Just reading about Steveinho hand in the blog and the comments there was of much help too. I have one book Phil Gordon's Little Green book and there is a quote in it of one of Mike Sexton's sayings "No limit Texas hold'em takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master."
There are other things in the book that Gordon talks about and one of those is being observent at the table. To watch the hands and if they are showed down to note the cards and how they were played.
Thinking on Steveinho's hand it is interesting that he prefaced the hand in question with a comment of how his opponent had been playing before in this kind of situation.
I find that a helpful lesson too.
I try to notice what kinds of cards a player tends to play and how they play them. I guess that may fall under the catagory of keeping player profiles.

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From the Poker Blog for darylsuds

July 28, 2007, 12AM:
Palm Springs and LA

Well, cant sleep like normal before a trip.  My flight is at six am, so I think I will go play cards till the flight. 
Nate and I are playing in a celebrity charity poker tournament on Sunday.  The company is giving away a cruise package, so it should be fun to mingle.
We might drink a bit too!

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From the Poker Blog for ThomasDayton

July 27, 2007, 12PM:

I'm loving this site. I'm finding it is keeping me honest by the fact that I have a record of my play. On top of that the fine members here take the time to say a word or two about play and how you can improve. That is encouraging. I chat sometimes while playing, calling my reads and such, giving what little advice I think may be usefull. Yet in the chats they just keeps saying "shut up fish" and the like. That's ok though I come across some chatters that help me along my way of learning. So it is nice to come here to keep acount of myself and to get some much needed insight. Thank you all and keep up the encouragement. Remember don't tap the fish tank! You may want me to stay in!

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From the Poker Blog for dnshy (private)

July 27, 2007, 3AM
online poker log fantasy football league

as I am completely addicted to fantasy sports to the point I play both golf and auto racing I thought I might see if you guys wanted to get a little online poker log fantasy league...anyone interested just add a comment with your email and I will start it up and add you.

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From the Poker Blog for dnshy (private)

July 27, 2007, 2AM
hey..could you guys do me a favor?

I really hate my boss and I want to open up a new if everyone that logs here would just move to butte and help me out by playing all the time that would be great, thanks.  especially you jesse, come win some diaper money! and I will even get the final table of the WSOP piped in for daryl..I know he loves that shit!

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From the Poker Blog for ThomasDayton

July 25, 2007, 6AM:
Luck vs. Skill

I was reading in a Card Player Magazine article that playing at small blinds and small buy ins the % of luck verses skill becomes more apparant. I say this because I find that as a new player, who is working on his game, when I do what I think is the right decision on any given hand I should note that too, despite any donkey play or suck out. I only look back on that hand to see if there may have been a possible better play. I'm out to imporve my play, and if at small blinds and buy ins you find more luck and more donkeys that's ok. It's my game I look at that I hope gets better, so that in time I may move up to larger blinds and buy ins hopeing to get away from the luck factor and into more of a skill factor. I have a long way to go for that. I treat myself to a $40 buy in at Atlantic City once a month or so to play a live game and to be up against hopefully more skilled players. I love the live play and the learning experiance even if that is all there is for now. So I say play and play skillfully, luck comes and goes at any level!

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From the Poker Blog for Steveinho

July 24, 2007, 10AM:
i'd like some opinions on how i played this hand

the player in question is nebrico
during the first level... maybe 9 or 10 hands in, he min-raised preflop and i called from the SB with A-5 off... flop came out 2-5-Q
i bet, he min raised, i call
i check the turn on a blank, he makes a big bet i fold
does the same thing later, gets called down and shows a strong hand
does the same thing later, gets called down and shows a bluff, but had high cards
so... we get to this hand
Seat 1: nebrico (3,810)
Seat 2: XNXICEMANXNX (4,775)
Seat 3: sauceman31 (7,455)
Seat 4: Steveinho (1,465)
Seat 5: vilydes (1,625)
Seat 6: tiledude3 (2,605)
sauceman31 posts the small blind of 25
Steveinho posts the big blind of 50
The button is in seat #2
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Steveinho [4c 7d]
vilydes folds
tiledude3 calls 50
nebrico raises to 100
sauceman31 calls 75
Steveinho calls 50
tiledude3 calls 50
loose call... i made it banking on it being a small raise and if i hit the flop being able to reel in a huge pot
*** FLOP *** [6d 9s 5h]
sauceman31 checks
Steveinho checks
tiledude3 checks
nebrico bets 400
sauceman31 folds
Steveinho raises to 1,365, and is all in
tiledude3 folds
nebrico calls 965
my logic was seeing him bet the pot again and putting him on a bluff... i'll just leave this as is for like, a day or two, and then post the results
just some thoughts on the check-raise all in semi-bluff

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From the Poker Blog for A_Sprowl

July 21, 2007, 4PM:
Well what poker is

I know you sometimes see the same people sitting at the final tables at a main event or a circuit event. But I've been playing for three years and it all comes down to the luck. The last 3 live poker tournaments around my area I have been in I have survived up until the final 2 tables and have gone in with Trips (8's, Q's) and a straight and the guy always makes a flush on the river. When I hit the trips, i bet the flop and they called. Turn is a blank, then I move all in that is about 15 grand (90% of his stack) he probably has in 10% of his stack and I know that hes on the draw) and he calls and he hits.
I know its bad beat stories, but it happens to me all the time. How am I suppose to make a profit!! Ahh!! haha..... will someone please help me through this!

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From the Poker Blog for dnshy (private)

July 18, 2007, 11AM
the final table

despite being ridiculed by certain members of poker log I stayed the course throughout the final table and saw the crowning of this Yang as our new champion.  I can't wait to see some hole cards on ESPN because I think this guy was bluffing a high percentage of the time and frequently made massive gamble calls for a lot of chips.  He basically just ran great in the hands when then money went in and if he bluffed the other times and got away with it I guess hats off to him.  I was rooting pretty hard for a pro to win it or at least someone who I respected at the final table, but the last several years it seems one person just catches a sick run and wins.  Does this mean that in a massive field that luck maybe wins out over skill? Varkoni, Moneymaker, and Gold for sure all proved that a donkey can win as none have done much since their title.  I think Hachem and Raymer have done well and were decent players that have now been given a chance to play full time and show their chops.  I guess I was anti Yang from the beginning when they had a clip of him telling about a hand where he had about 500k left late in the tournament, 2 people went all in ahead of him and he shoved in with A3 suited and made runner runner wheel to crack off the KK that was in the lead.  His raises at the final table were just ridiculous...making it 2.5 million to go with 120-240k blinds.  Then once he was involved in a pot he simply never folded.  If he put in some chips he was there til the end, making all in preflop calls with A9 for 8 million, KQ for several million, etc.  I was just frustrated watching this guy become the new champ.  What do you guys think?

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From the Poker Blog for dnshy (private)

July 17, 2007, 4PM
amatuer night

wow this final table is a joke...this yang guy is a moron and is getting so's jamie gold final table all over again...someone make a's 6 handed now

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