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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

April 2008 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for jfrostman

April 24, 2008, 7PM:
May 4th!

So poker people it appears that someone, I'm guessing Jesse, has set us up with a new tournament.  It's at Full Tilt.  Looks to be May 4th, a Sunday, at 11am Pacific time.  Get your asses signed up! Here's your chance at getting me back for that 65-35 hand rubytide ;)

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

April 21, 2008, 10PM:
Weight Loss Bet

Recently there has been a running joke about how I have gained a fair amount of weight this year among my friends.  I think about a year and a half ago I weighed about 160 lbs.  Right now I weight about 183-185 lbs.  The biggest reason is probably how bad I eat.
Well I was talking to Jaspinal tonight and he bet me $20 that at the beginning of next school year (September 1 being the official weigh-in day), that I would weigh at least 25 lbs. more than him.  He weighs about 160 lbs. right now, or so he tells me.
He runs a lot as it is and want to get in better running shape.  He says he want to get down to about 150 lbs.  My guess is that he only gets to about 153, meaning I need to get to 177 to win.  This is definitely something I think I can do.  I definitely want to get in better shape and stop the snowball before it gets rolling.

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From the Poker Blog for jonelcordero (private)

April 21, 2008, 6PM
Seperated Bonuses from Play.

Was talking with a friend of mine who has noticed that I have been playing a lot more. He asked how much I'm up/down since I started playing and at the time I proudly stated that I was $600 up from the last couple weeks of plays that I started really playing/keeping track. He then told me about how proud he was of his winnings but then realized that a lot of his winnings were from bonuses and jackpots. I had never separated my actual winnings from poker and winnings from hitting bonuses and jackpots. I realized how much actual came from bonuses and now am more determined to improve my game, measuring my earnings more so that way, playing with that knowledge I believe will help my game much more.

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

April 20, 2008, 10PM:
WSOP Fantasy League

I realize that in posting this I give away what a loser I am, but oh well, I had fun with it.
Today I came up with a World Series of Poker Fantasy system where my friend and I pick a "team" of players much the way you do in other fantasy drafts.  I came up with a list of players using the chip counts from the WPT Championship that is going on right now, and a few other players I thought of.  This competition will be between RyanMo6707 (used to post on here) and me.
I also picked out 41 of the 55 WSOP events this year that will count toward the "league." I didn't include ladies, senior, or staff tournaments.  I also didn't include a few of the stud hi lo small buy in tournaments that take place on the same day as higher buy in no limit tournaments.  This was because 90% of the players in the draft pool will be playing the NL tournament, making the stud tournament much weaker.
The next step was to develop the scoring for this little competition.  A cash is worth 100.  A final table is 300.  3rd=500, 2nd=700, and 1st=1,000.  I also weighted the tournaments based on buy-in.  All tournaments under 5k will be scored with the previously mentioned points.  Points for 5k buy ins and 1k rebuys will be multiplied by 1.5.  For 10k buy ins multiply the points by 2, and for the 50k HORSE, multiple the points by 3.
I ranked roughly the top players that I want to draft.  Players near the top include: Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Allen Cunningham, Phil Hellmuth, Erik Seidel, Barry Greenstein, Mike Matusow, and JC Tran.  Obviously these are players with a proven track record, and they also (with the possible exception of JC Tran) all know how to play all the games well.
I also would want to take a a few players like Isaac "Mr. Menlo" Baron, Michael Binger, Jonathan Little, Scott Clements, David Pham, Gavin Griffin, and Michael Mizrachi, because while they may not play all the games, they put in a huge volume during the WSOP.  Hopefully they will be able to rack up a lot of points.
I am not sure how much money we will have on this, but I will keep you guys posted (mostly just because it's fun for me lol) on how badly I am beating him.

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

April 16, 2008, 6PM:
4th Set of 100 Tournaments

Normally I have a bigger write up about these, but I lost track of where I was and this is probably MTT's 300-410.  I am 100% for sure down money-wise this set and only had two final tables...a 7th and 4th.  By far my most disapointing set.  I didn't always play great but I think for the most part this was due to losing big pots in spots late in tourneys that I was winning during the first 300 MTTs.  No big deal, just waiting for it to turn around soon!
I have two easy papers due Friday and an exam Tuesday the 22nd and then its a summer of poker!

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From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

April 16, 2008, 9AM:
OPL Private Online Poker Tournaments

Hey.. I'm going to schedule another OPL tournament.
I think we all would like to see at least a monthly tournament.
I will schedule it again for a Sunday but this time at 11AM Pacific time unless I get responses back with a better day and time. 
Please let me know what time works best for all of you.

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From the Poker Blog for TELESCOPE

April 15, 2008, 12AM:
gg bankroll

fucked by epass rklgjkljgkljfsdkgjkjkljsklfjgasnm,gnf.nm,sngm,.ncb,m,n jlkenjfbjkef ds ,jker bafdv,mjkfnbjk.n;erjng.amv bjfadkv.m adgsnjkmv ;;ghnvlarg;fjnvkafdklnfd
gg bankroll online
looks stars and ub from now on

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From the Poker Blog for TheWerm

April 14, 2008, 6PM:

i wanna play this time

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From the Poker Blog for hammerman

April 12, 2008, 10PM:
Tourney Frenzy

I will post what I remember of my little turney frenzy here as I played 8 MTTs over the last 4 hours.  3 money finished including 1 win.  The games covered limit holdem, NLH, limit O8, PLO8, Razz, and PL HA.  Only made one mistake forgetting which table was which.  During this time I also made 4 books for my kids and their friend.  So it was a pretty productive few hours
The only "mistake" was trying to play Razz.  It took way to much time and was generally annoying.
Nearly placed in both of the Daily Doubles.  My KK got crushed by A2 when he rivered a wheel 20 from the money in "B".
Jesse made $18.93 off me, as we exchanged 10% of the tourneys we were in together.  Of course the only tourney he moneys in is the one I forgot to join.

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From the Poker Blog for Dargan

April 11, 2008, 3AM:
Playing Friday Night...finally

I haven't played in...forever online.  I've played a few times live in the past few weeks, but haven't had the time to grind out a tourney online.  School has been quite hectic recently, but this weekend I'm going to be home so my slacker time I can hopefully devote to poker...We'll see how it goes.

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