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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

June 2008 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

June 30, 2008, 7PM:
Poker Tournies on FT

Hey all,
Just an idea that I had.  Maybe dumb maybe cool.  I don't know what you all will think. 
So like many people do for the WSOP I thought it could be cool if we all did some kind of weekly/monthly tournament, etc buying in for $10 or $20 where the winner would take all and try their luck at a $100 or $200 tourney.  Obviously would need about 10 people for this to work. 
Any thoughts???

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From the Poker Blog for the_jester

June 30, 2008, 4PM:
aa v's 22

OK i know the numbers and all but i honestly think there is an argument to be made for 22 being better than aa. how many times do you win a huge pot with bullets unless you manage to get it all in preflop? And if you do get it all in preflop how many times do they get cracked? now think of all the times you just couldn't trow them away and ended up losing a fortune or worse yet busting out of a tourney. it can seem like you never win hug with them but always lose huge. i mean unless you hit your ace you've only got one pair and how often do you win a massive pot with only one pair? if you do hit your ace its pretty unlikely anyone else as one so failing them hitting two pair or maybe a lower set your not going to make too much off the hand cause of that ace on the board. you only have a 1 in 8.3 chance to hit the flop so you pretty much have to make up your mind there and then how much you are actually willing to put out here.
But if you flip that around i've never heard of anyone with a drop of skill not be able to trow away 22. you have to same chance to hit your set but if you do who is going to be afraid of that 2 on the board? im probably wrong and i have obviously had a bad night with aces which is what leads to this rant but it just seems like they are giving too much weight. i hate getting them cause i know how im supposed to play them but i don't want to cause it means me putting faith in a hand i hate.
oh and use the code power1 on full tilt for a 100% bonus on you're first deposit up to $600. nice way to start off your bankroll!

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

June 29, 2008, 1AM:
Gettin Backed

Jaspinal sent me some money to play bigger buy in tournaments and today I played some.  I played 4 $10 mtts and a $5 mtt.  I only cashed in one and it was a tiny one in Midnight Madness, and I was down 38.60 for the day.
I ran like shit like which continued in the 2 smaller mtt's I played with my own money.  I decided not to log those tourneys since each individual tournament isn't really affecting my bankroll.  After I get in several more (if he doesn't pull the plug) I will log any profit I have in the end. 
Nice cash tonight in the 50-50 by the way Jasp.
EDIT: nevermind...I ran bad, dropped 50 and felt bad (even though Jasp runs good and wins enough to cover all that anyways) and sent him his money back....i have no problem grinding my micros

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From the Poker Blog for dnshy (private)

June 27, 2008, 8PM
I have nothing to say...

...but that certainly never stops me as those of you who know can attest to.  I am finally feeling back to myself after suffering for most the last 12 months with a ruputred disk in my back.  The surgery went well and I am on my way to a full recovery and hopefully back to having something to log on this particular site.  It was nice of Jesse to take time out of his vastly busy schedule in Butte for 2 weeks to stop by and see me one time in my weakened condition.  Maybe if he visits for a month next time we can actually have dinner or a drink, what a treat that would be.

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From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

June 15, 2008, 7AM:
OPL Tournament

Just wondering if there is going to be another OPL tournament...

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From the Poker Blog for Eekky

June 1, 2008, 3PM:
Start of the Blog

I’m starting this blog as a record for myself. Each post will contain what I have achieved and what a plan to achieve. The following isn’t very entertaining, its just my history and plans. I’ve played poker since June 07, starting in a home game with little Mark, Carrie, Tash and a few of their mates. Played a couple of tournaments at the local Grosvenor casino (one £5 rebuy and freerolls). Started playing online in October 07 at Titans. Moved to Party with $160 and built it up to $600, then cashed out at $350. Made most money at .10/.25 cash and $6 50 man SnGs. Moved to blue squ where I’m not sure if I’ve made or lost money at cash but made $540 coming 3rd in a $5 MTT and $580 coming second in a $5 MTT. Played a bit of cash of Everest as well, no great wins. I currently have just under a $500 bankroll. 
After this summer, I’m going to invest in Pokertracker and maybe PAH and concentrate on my cash game. I will start with a $400 bankroll playing at 20 or 25NL FR cash tables, playing 2 at a time and maybe moving to 3 or 4 once I have and can use PT properly. I want to run this to $1000 with a winrate of at last 5BB/100 before moving to 50NL. Once I reach 50NL I will grind at that level until I feel happy to move up. I’m not sure what site I will do this on. I may look at rakeback offers before making a choice. In PT3 there is a HUD that at the time of writing is limited to stars, FT and party, so this may influence my decision.
Another $100 of my bankroll will go in a separate account on another site which will be used as a tournament account. This will be used to play $1-$5 MTTs with a limit of a $10 loss each week. This is to keep track of my tournament play separate from my cash. Tournaments will be side lined to concentrate on cash, but I like to play them, so I will only play a couple a week. If I have a win similar to my previous $500 cashes, I will move my limits up. The reason my bankroll isn’t over $1000 already is because I had to spend the money on car insurance and surviving being a penniless student. 
Once I have PT and start playing cash, I will try and plan each week when I want to play and for how long. These planned sessions will be reviewed hand by hand in PT to analyse my game. I will also start posting more on 2+2 strategy forums with my interesting hands that get me into trouble and I will comment on other people’s hands. 
I have a subscription to PokerPlayer magazine and my friend Rory has inside poker. I will read all the strategy in these magazines and if time permits, write out summary sheets which I can quickly review in the future. Books I want to read:
Harrington on hold’em, v3
Tournament poker for advanced players
Harrington on cash v1/2.
Professional NL hold’em*
*need to buy
Some of these will be read when I’m in Oz. I would like to reread Theory of Poker and Every Hand Revealed. ToP needs to be summarised.
Check list:
Read books/mag and make notes if useful
Buy PT
Decide which sites to use for the 2 accounts and look at rakeback offers.
Timetable sessions in for the week starting Sunday evening.
Post/Review hands on 2+2
Qualify for a live event*
*Most packages are $2000+ and this money would be more useful as a bankroll, but the Virgin Festival is only a $200 main event, so I may put some money aside for trying to qualify for that, depending when the next one is that I can make it to.
Only other live poker I play is a £5 double chance SnG with mates, which are rare and the biweekly university run tournament. These cost £3 and are donkey luck fests. I’ve never cashed! Made 1 final table but lost with AK vs 77 and AT vs AK. Latest one my King high flush lost to a straight flush, tilt!! Money used for these tournaments wont be recorded in my BR as they are small. Any winnings should be stored and used to play future live tournaments. 
Background and targets done. These are all for when I get back from Oz on the 23rd August. I also have a half marathon to train for when I get back.
Will record any other play before leaving on the 21st June, then will record progress once I get back.

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