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This page will list the entries for users who are 'Just Rambling'. Most users are doing this to solicit feedback on their play or opinions on some aspect of poker (or whatever). Come here to find or start a lively discussion (or debate).

July 2008 Ramblings

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From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

July 31, 2008, 8PM:
$26 tourney last night

So after I little while of taking some nasty beats I've been playing pretty well.  I won into FTOPS #1 but can't play so I just took the tourney dollars.  I was deep in the $24 8 o'clock tournament tonight but donnked out.  Yesterday I got really deep ending up finishing 35th or so.  One guy sucked out twice on me which would have put me in really good position with first getting $7500. 
First hand I raise to 14k with KJ in the SB with blinds 2k/4k.  He immediately shoves for ~70k (he did the exact same thing the round before that with hand between us two).  I called and he showed K3.  7-7-10-7-10.  Not cool.
A little later in the tournament me and the same guy both have about ~60k.  Guy in late position limps, I call with QTo and BB checks.  Flop comes Q-6-4.  Checks around.  Turn 2.  I bet 15k into a pot of about 25k and he goes all in and limper folds.  I think for a little bit and he shows Q8 only to spike the 8 on the river. 
I think I would have been sitting about 10 of 35 had I won that hand.
The worst part about it in my opinion is that the guy that sucked out on those two hands which would have knocked him out is that he went on the win the tournament...

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From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

July 29, 2008, 5AM:
What's up? New Job

So I've been busy and not looking at everyone's logs like usuall.
Just curious how everyone is doing and to welcome new people.
I myself took a job managing a card room in Butte Montana while I wait on gaming paper work from this state to get finished.
It has been a few years for me since working in a poker room.  It is great move for me right now.  It allows myself to earn money working, taking all pressure off playing performance.  Plus I'm back in full action playing live on a consistant basis.
I hope everyone is well.

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From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

July 28, 2008, 7PM:
Why no one should play $3 tournies...

So I was messing around in a $3 tournament and had about 40x the BB.  I decided to push utg with AKo.  No a smart play but I don't care.  Button decides to call and BB decides to push.  I have a feeling I'm up against two big hands...42 soooted and 10 8 off.  The flop is 2 10 K and naturally I lose on the river.  Things like this piss me off and is why no one should ever play a $3.  It just messes with your head.

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

July 20, 2008, 6PM:
WSOP Fantasy League Update

**Edit**I changed the date on this so that when the WSOP rolls around I don't have to go find this log.
RyanMo6707 and I have drafted our teams.  Overall I like my team.  Ryan probably has a little more well-rounded team when it comes to different games, but a few of them don't play a very full schedule of tournaments.
My Team--------------------RyanMo6707's Team
Daniel Negreanu------------Phil Ivey
Phil Hellmuth--------------Allen Cunningham
Chris Ferguson-------------Erik Seidel
JC Tran--------------------Johnny Chan
Barry Greenstein-----------Gus Hansen
Michael Binger-------------Scott Fischman
Mike Matusow---------------Scotty Nguyen
Scott Clements-------------Howard Lederer
Erik Lindgren--------------Michael Mizrachi
Jonathan Little------------Huck Seed
I think my team has an edge in NL Holdem, because a lot of the guys will play more events and play them better.  Also, if I was torn before a few guys, I went with the guy I would like to root for the most.  That will make the 6 week sweat (or however long it is these days) that much more fun to follow.  Just over a month and I will hopefully have a points lead to post!

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From the Poker Blog for DeDobber

July 13, 2008, 8AM:

So I get a bug up my butt to go bowling with Jesse, which neither of us had done in at least five years.  I figured we'd just screw around and shoot the shit.  What was I thinking? It was fun for about two frames, until I realized that I was bowling like crap, and Jesse was beating me, which does not sit well with me.  It's very easy for us to get our competitive juices flowing, and when I lost the first game 120-93, I was determined to save some face.  I went on to win the next game 169-146, so the rubber game would decide it all.  By now, what I had expected to be a relaxing night of doing something stupid for a couple hours with an old buddy had turned into a hold-your-breath-as-the-ball-goes-down-the-lane tension fest.  Jesse tried to give that game away to me, early, then I choked late, and after 6 frames it was 83-84.  Jesse made a strike in the 9th frame to put it away and win 147-120.  Bastard.  Ten years ago, I would have been steaming inside.  I guess I've grown up a bit since then, but I did spit in his beer when he walked away later on at the bar.  Just kidding...or maybe not.  Whuteverz, I had the high game.

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From the Poker Blog for darylsuds

July 5, 2008, 4PM:
Wyo...gamble fever

Hey folks.  Been having fun fishing and golfing in Wyoming with family and friends. 
That is until I chipped a bone in my leg when we were fishing.  My whole leg is black and blue and my foot is the size of a water balloon.
So, I am stuck on the couch for a few days, and have the itch to gamble.  So I through some money into a nascar pool of all things.  Hey, at least its something!
Hope all is well for everyone! And a late happy 4th to everyone!

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From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

July 3, 2008, 9PM:
Poker, etc.

Nothing went right tonight in anything poker wise.  In better news, 2 of my friends qualified for the Olympic Trials Final in the Steeplechase on the 5th.  Go Corey and Jordan! Top 3 make the Olympic team.

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From the Poker Blog for TheWerm

July 3, 2008, 1PM:

i happen to come across a house game that my danish cousin knew about because it was his neighbor. Im still in Denmark visiting friends and family, but this house game was soooooo fun.
The players were ok but i could tell there where no true players in the game, but my experience gave me a victory in a different country... Swoop!!!!!! its crazy how different the game can be with COMPLETE strangers..
the buy in was 300 kroner... the exchange rate is 4.9 krowns to the dollar so it was about a 60 dollar buy in to play. It was fun because there were 8 players so the table was full to start.
I had to lay down top two pair three handed because he lit up like a flare when the diamond came on the river and he just cold called my flop and turn bet. Then ofcourse he sits for a second and bets huge into me....
It was so intense, but so much fun. i will be back on the 8th of july, so watch out SPOKANE.....!!!!!

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From the Poker Blog for yjbrewer

July 1, 2008, 2PM:
beginner sngs on bodog

-2.00 .5-.10 cash game nl 10 max
-2.00 .5-.10 lhe 10 max
-1.20 45 man sng(flop flush and lose to rivered boat)sick!
-2.10 6 max
-2.20 27 man sng
wtf is goin on i know i dont suck this bad

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