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Recent Online Poker Log Blog Entries

From the Poker Blog for EightFive

April 13, 2008, 11PM: Played 3 hours, Made $2.57 at Full Tilt
$2 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (14th out of 193 Players)

I have a decent stack half way through and my table is super super aggressive...gonna stay patient and look for a big one because they have already shown that they don't know when to slow down.  should be fun.
Got really lucky and won an AK v AK to double and then picked up a few small pots and now were on the bubble with 19 left.  I am blinding off a little bit and there are 4 super short stacks so one should lose in a minute.
fuuuck...AA v KJ for a mediumish-big stack and 13 left.  Flop=KQJ.

Last Update: April 14, 2008, 1:53AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

April 13, 2008, 8PM: Played 2 hours, Made $4.50 at Full Tilt Poker
$5.50 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (4th out of 15 Players)

Won a little from the bounty.  Helped he wasn't there so I just played the pots where it was likely that he was all in on the blind.  The first table was really easy as almost no one was there except for fluffi or they were really tight so I was just able to steal most of the time.  Some big hands that I had...flopped full house against fluffi with JJ on JKK flop but was only able to get a small turn bet by him out of it. Other big hands included QQ when yobresal goes all in for ~170, grlgs calls, I raise to ~600ish I think, Deiyou calls then grlgs calls again.  Flop is AKT and I have to fold.  Other big hand had KK all in pre against yobresal's 55 and he sucked out with a flush on the turn.  Hand I went out in I had A7 with a ~8x BB? BB minraises to 800, yobresal folds, grlgs calls and I decided to push.  I figured fluffi (BB) wasn't going to call because he was folding to my all-ins and was raising with some pretty weak hands but was worried about grlgs because he hadn't done anything like that and had also limped into my BB with Ace High according to him then folded so I thought he might call.  He did with snowmen and the flop came A78 so I could have won with an A but didn't fill up.  At least I beat nutschamp and thegoodlife was too scared to play.

Last Update: April 13, 2008, 8:58PM | Permalink (4 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for DeDobber

April 13, 2008, 3PM: Played 2 hours, 40 minutes, Made $17.00 at Full Tilt Poker
$5 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (2nd out of 15 Players)

How pissed am I that I came in second to Jesse.  I had him at like 20k to 2k disadvantage and he came all the way back and beat me.
It was a lot of fun playing with the OPL folks.  I think my showing here proves that many people might be fibbing about their results...just kidding.
I got a decent stack early on, and I play well with a good-size stack.  I'm sure most people do, though.  Nobody ever reraised me though, so I had a very easy time of it.  I think that people were playing a bit too serious, and were perhaps off their game?

Last Update: April 13, 2008, 3:56PM | Permalink (0 Comments)
269 Hands Attached to this Entry | View Hands
Played with 11 players (# of hands): King Raj (190), DeiYuo (180), yobresal (167), grlg (114), Vanchee (105), nbouvet10 (102), Grand Nux (86), playtimeishere (69), mtcarddealer (58), CLock71 (41) | View Hands to see all 11 players.

From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

April 12, 2008, 10PM: Played 3 hours, 15 minutes, Made $134.20 at Full Tilt
$26 Buy-In Pot-Limit Omaha Tournament (7th out of 178 Players)

10 Handed made a brutal mistake.
Defended BB with KKxx vs early pos pre raiser who I labled as tight.  I just felt he did not have AA and went for it.
If I fold there I would have had 30+K to work with and we just needed to lose one more player until final table where I could use my stack to work up the spots, where the money is better.
Instead I'm now crippled with 10Kish and the blinds jumping up to 2K/4K.. I manage to make the final table and lose 2 players as well.
I make another intersting decision on final table... AAAK no suits early pos with huge stack in BB.. I dump it, giving up all shot for 1st in exchange for $65 more bucks...  I was 100% certain the BB would call; and against any random 4 I actually think I could be a dog.  Will have to run it and see, plus I may have gotten multiple callers, like the SB and BB.  Didn't feel the chips were worth the risk as I already was past the point of no return short stack boy so why not wait and get another round out of it.
Alaways would like to have finished higher but content with my play.
I would change my short handed play 10-18 players left as I was a bit too tight not raising enough to maintain/grow my stack.  Then again doing so could have busted me.. it is a fine line to walk.

Last Update: April 13, 2008, 10:39AM | Permalink (2 Comments)
264 Hands Attached to this Entry | View Hands
Played with 33 players (# of hands): d1sk0stu (203), thefistsofgod (164), Call4All123 (146), Alex Piccirillo (117), rileylark99 (112), takeurtime24 (94), Schooler (82), Werkle (76), SulyT (71), D1NamiT3 (60) | View Hands to see all 33 players.

From the Poker Blog for hammerman

April 12, 2008, 10PM:
Tourney Frenzy

I will post what I remember of my little turney frenzy here as I played 8 MTTs over the last 4 hours.  3 money finished including 1 win.  The games covered limit holdem, NLH, limit O8, PLO8, Razz, and PL HA.  Only made one mistake forgetting which table was which.  During this time I also made 4 books for my kids and their friend.  So it was a pretty productive few hours
The only "mistake" was trying to play Razz.  It took way to much time and was generally annoying.
Nearly placed in both of the Daily Doubles.  My KK got crushed by A2 when he rivered a wheel 20 from the money in "B".
Jesse made $18.93 off me, as we exchanged 10% of the tourneys we were in together.  Of course the only tourney he moneys in is the one I forgot to join.

Last Update: April 12, 2008, 10:48PM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for EightFive

April 12, 2008, 1AM: Lost $2.25 at Full Tilt
$2 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (24th out of 125 Players)

In a spot where I needed to get some chips...had about 3500 at 150-300 blinds.  The button and the SB limp and I check the BB with T6.  Flop comes A65.  SB checks.  I bet 2/3 the pot and the button just calls (2 hearts on board too).  The SB folds.  The button also was kind of short...barely had me covered.  I didn't put him on an A since he limped an unopened button and didn't reraise me with his short stack on a board that had draws.  So, the turn came an offsuit 4 and I stuck it in for about the size of the pot.  He took about 15 seconds and called with nice slow roll...just can't believe how slow he played the hand either and don't mind my play because I was convinced he didn't have the A.  I don't notice A's limping an un-opened button hardly ever (as they probably shouldn't) so it made it very difficult to put him on that. more tourney left tonight maybe I can get a good finish.

Last Update: April 12, 2008, 1:12AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

April 11, 2008, 8AM: Played 13 hours, 17 minutes, Lost $738.00 at Poker Stars
$7.50 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (4th out of 10 Players)

These are all my Step Tournaments for Stars I will consolidate the entry for simplicity.
Played in 128 Step 1's so for.
Top 2 - 32
3rd's - 16
4th's - 19
5th's - 21
6th's - 13
7th's - 10
8th's - 12
9th's - 8
I have;
1 WSOP Step 1
I have;
10 EPT Step 2's
6 APPT Step 2's
0 PCA Step 2's
7 WSOP Steps 2's
1 LAPT Steps 2's
Played 12 Step 2's
Top 2 - 3
3rd's - 1
5th's - 2
6th's - 3
8th's - 2
9th's - 1
Played 0 Step 3's
I have;
3 WSOP Step 3
1 EPT Setp 3
*playing one of them at a time yeilds best results*
*Turbos suck ass and turns into a crap shoot but I have perfected them :)
Done with step 1's for now.. will play down my step 2's and will only return to step 1's if I start placing low in 2's.  Will spend a max of 1k on the step system for now.

Last Update: April 11, 2008, 10:13AM | Permalink (4 Comments)
6186 Hands Attached to this Entry | View Hands
Played with 1035 players (# of hands): BongBob (247), hickl (171), jbrother2 (144), ddasmike (125), kaiser420 (123), Texas Joe (116), la talpa (110), butch1942 (109), dymarko (101), VanZant212 (100) | View Hands to see all 1035 players.

From the Poker Blog for tdawg077

April 10, 2008, 1AM: Played 1 hour, Made $16.00 at Full Tilt
$10 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (2nd out of 9 Players)

Listened to Lil Rob-Barley Gettin By on my iPod as I was gonna get off.  Thought about it got back to basics and got into this tourny...  Now how it played I hit trips on the first hand against aginst AA and busted him out 2nd hand i made another 1000.  Im sittin in first right now with 8 people left.  Still playing as im typing... Just got a monster in the small blind got delt JJ raised 450 had 2 callers made em both fold left them short stacked with 8 people left still chip leader...  Discovering that slow music on the iPod keeps me focused lets me play better...i got 4410 2nd place has 2100 playing realy well... Just got another small pot... doubled up a play still in first got 2790 on a coin flip had 66 she had a 10 off... after a couple bad plays im down to 1685 in 4th still 7 people in... 1 more person out down to 6... 1 more down 5 left im in 4th out of 5th... got delt aa on the button player in front of me went all in i doubled up now im in 2nd again with 2950... one more out on the bubble after lossing another coin flipp me 55s vs a3 suited and he hits his suite on the flop then gets take out next hand...  4 left me low stack with 1940 the bubble blind 120/240... made the money tonight damn right...  low stack again though... im in 2nd busted the dude out... Heads up is not my strongest and miss played a hand and lost...

Last Update: April 11, 2008, 12:56AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for rubytide

April 10, 2008, 10PM: Played 4 hours, 30 minutes, Lost $300.00 at BJs
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

this is gonna be very shhort cuz i'm so mad right now i can barely even see straight. this is how i got my money in all night long and lost to double up shorter stacks until i was the one broke:
asked if he wanted to run it twice. he said no with only a draw. who only runs it once with a draw!? turn is Ad, i lose.
he limps, i raise big, he moves allin. he wasnt setting me up. hes just that dumb. river is an ace, i lose.
i button straddle. its the same guy. he has given away all the money he had luckily won from me. he moves in for about $40. i of course call. flops a queen, i lose.
same idiot limps, i raise $15 more from bb, he calls outofposition with nobody else in the hand. i start to bet but he beats me to it, so i checkraise allin. its about $60 more. how could he lay it down?! he has a pair! i brick off.
my bankroll is gone. i can no longer play live. since january i've taken about $4000 worth of bad beats. this is no exaggeration. this is literal. i dont know what else to do except quit. i'm totally defeated and right now feel absolutely worthless as a person.

Last Update: April 11, 2008, 12:23AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for EightFive

April 10, 2008, 8PM: Played 50 minutes, Lost $2.25 at Full Tilt
$2 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (87th out of 203 Players)

I am MP with 1400 at 30-60 blinds.  UTG+2 raises to 180.  I reraise to 490 with AK.  Guy on my immed. left shoves for 1780.  Guy immed on his left calls lol!.  Initial raiser folds and now I am facing a call of my 910 chips into a 4320 pot.  As you guys have said lately on some of my posts (and jaspinal and I talked about today)...these players kinda suck and I give them too much credit a lot of in a spot where I have to call regardless I called here not even as worried as I normally would have been and sure enough they have 77 and what a good spot! bricked out though.

Last Update: April 10, 2008, 9:02PM | Permalink (2 Comments)


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