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Recent Online Poker Log Blog Entries

From the Poker Blog for Danizme

February 4, 2010, 7PM: Played 6 hours, Made $600.00 at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I did a terrible job logging this session. Aside from first hand, I didn't type anything down. So its all from memory, and is probably at least partially incorrect. And for some reason, I can only remember hands that happened when I was on the button.
The session was pretty decent. I bought in for $100, and was getting nothing decent to play whatsoever at the start. I'd play speculative hands like 45s, sometimes even raising preflop, but I'd never flop anything and be forced to ditch.
I was down to about $40, so I put another $100 chip onto the table. I then started to hit some hands, and take some pots, when this one came up.
KJ hearts on button. 6 limpers to me, so I limped too. sb completes, bb checks. flop: K68, with 2 hearts. checked to me, i bet 10 with top pair and flush draw. I get 2 callers. turn: Q offsuit. we all check. river: 7 hearts. MP bets 15 and makes comment on how river has been making a winner out of loser, other player folds, I raise ai to $50 instantly, defiantly saying I don't care. He calls, more because he has to, rather than wanting to and shows Q3 hearts. I drag the pot.
AQo on button. a number of limpers to me. I raise to $12, SB calls, as do 2 others. Flop is A34 rainbow. checked to me, so I bet out $25. only SB calls. turn is A, making 2 spades. SB checks, so I bet out $35. SB raises to 90, and I raise ai to $121. He snap calls, and shows AJ. river is blank, and I rake a huge pot.
Dealt 99 on button. everyone limps(not even 1 fold), so I do too. we play a family pot, with flop: QQ4, UTG bets $5, and gets 6 callers. turn is 4, LMP bets $10, gets 1 caller plus me. river is 9. LMP bets out $25, and I raise to $85. He pushes for $110, and I snap call. He shows A4, and seems really pissed to see my boat. Makes a fuss about me calling down to the river, but everyone explains my side, how cheap he made it, and I had to call.
dealt KQo in SB. 2 or 3 limpers, and I raise to $12. BB calls as does LP. flop: J72 rainbow. I cbet to $20. LP calls. turn: 10 offsuit. I checked my oesd, and LP bets out $50. I re-raise to $135. LP folds.

Last Update: February 5, 2010, 7:58AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for 1st-Degree12

February 4, 2010, 4PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Made $4.00 at
$0.10 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (3rd out of 360 Players)

I'm still blocked from playing on stars for 4 days, which is OK, since I excluded myself a few nights ago. I took over for a friend late in a SNG and lost. Played again and won (see previous entry) and this one came next. I got lucky and finished in 3rd place after being down to 1100 chips with 2 tables left. From there was able to build my stack first with A/K suited second Pocket Jacks vs pocket aces hit a jack on turn Whew. Then Once again with K/K eliminating 3 players. The rest were just small pots both win and lose. Needless to say I love winning 40 times the buy in, whatever the stake! Thinking about trying a different site, other than poker stars and full tilt. Will see ....
Pro Shares Winning Strategy

Last Update: February 4, 2010, 3:39PM | Permalink (1 Comment)

From the Poker Blog for dnshy

February 3, 2010, 10PM: Played 1 hour, 57 minutes, Lost $7,360.00 at full tilt rush
$0.25 Pot-Limit Omaha

ran really shitty in a couple key pots...the main one that kills me I have AA6x and flop 6 6 7, guy puts me on the AA and shoves over me with something like 4 4 5 8 and rivers the 9 to take a big pot from me.  I really am disappointed with a couple calls I made preflop with hands like 9 10 J Q.  Never was ramming them too hard myself but called a couple 3 or 4 way pots for 10 or 15 preflop when I could've easily got away.  I obviously bricked with them, but preflop calling is a huge leak of mine right now.

Last Update: February 3, 2010, 10:17PM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for 1st-Degree12

February 1, 2010, 10AM: Played 30 minutes, Made $1.80 at
$1.20 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (3rd out of 9 Players)

No big surprise, another 3rd place finish with a total gain of sixty-cents. Big Deal! Still I rather be up .60 then down 1.20, so no reason to dwell on the negative. Last night I logged another 20 "wins" to complete the total games I've won since playing under the name 1st-Degree12, or at least 98% of them are now accounted for, not including MTTs just SNGs. Happy New Month everybody! and Patrick still waiting for round 2 of 3, hope you did not forget, let me know when you feel froggy! hehehe c-u
Funny! Dario Minieri interview

Last Update: February 1, 2010, 9:54AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for 1st-Degree12

January 31, 2010, 10AM: Played 45 minutes, Made $1.80 at
$1.20 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (3rd out of 9 Players)

Again I end in Last ITM position, And again I held first place 3/4 of the time, after playing my first hand AA was min-raised with one caller I pushed, raiser called, caller folded, I won to his pocket Jacks. Then final hand pocket Js, one pre-flop raise, I reraise, get called flop comes 10 6 3, and another raise, I push remaining chips in pot hoping my over pair would hold up. Show down opponent has Q/10 turn comes Q - River was no help and my game ended. You see I play tighter than anyone; folding everything but AA KK AK QQ and may consider JJ and 10s. If not one of these 4 possibly 6 hands I insta-fold. If I do flop a premium hand I will call or push depending on the situation, if I dont hit or improve on flop and get raised, (raised meaning bluffed) I will fold. Until ITM. by then I'm hanging by a thread with about 3 chips :) which I push on anything better than 7/2 or 9/3, I either hit or miss. This time I did hit but still missed at the turn. It's just gotta get better than these weak finishes. A f-ing joke!
Las Vegas Nevada a.k.a "Sin City"

Last Update: January 31, 2010, 9:40AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for Danizme

January 30, 2010, 9PM: Played 6 hours, 45 minutes, Made $121.00 at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Overall a very bad session, despite the win. I went up huge early, and basically got blinded away over the next 4+ hours. The last hour or so I was very tired, and I'm sure I was an obvious read to anyone trying to.
78s on button. utg raises to 10, 6 ppl see the flop including me. Flop: J56 rainbow. OR checks, and a mp bets 10(ridiculously small bet with ~$60 in the pot, so it's either an attempt to buy the pot right there, or its a small jack or 6, trying to feel where he is.) 1 caller between raiser and me, I call, and utg calls. Turn: Yatzee! a 5. no chance of a flush. MP bets only 20, I call trying to look like I'm still on my draw, everyone else folds. river: 4. UTG bets $60 into a $140 pot. I push for my last $110, knowing I'm getting a call, and about to get shipped a huge pot. He snap calls, and shows 67 for 7 high straight, but my 8 high straight takes it, as i more than double up to $330
All in all, this was a very bad session for me. In the first hour or so, I had some good hands(and really good hands, see above), won a number of pots, without much wrong happening to me. The worst was when I called a shortie's all in on the flop with bottom set, to see he was open ended, and hit it on the river.
At 1 point I was up to just over $400(I'd bought in for $100), but I went utterly and completely card dead. For the next 2 hours, I did not see a hand that was worth committing more than a $2 limp. Often when I did limp, I'd get raised off anyway, or I'd raise with a speculative hand like 9s, or A10s, then when it gets raised and re-raised I'd have to dump it.
I tried a few plays in the last hour+, trying to make up some of my profit that I had lost...but I either tried to bluff the wrong person, or chose the wrong hand, or gave off some kind of tell, cause nothing I tried worked very well at all.
The only play I was able to make successfully after the first 2 hours was in my last orbit. I was UTG+1 with K10s. utg limped, and I raised to $11. Got 2 callers including UTG. pot was Q high, with 2 babies, 2 diamonds. UTG checked, I bet out $25, just UTG called. Turn was a blank, utg checked, and I decided to stop and look confused with the hand. UTG was looking right at me(he was sitting right next to me), so I started to look right back at him. I then put my small stack of red chips ontop of my $100 stack of red chips(I was sitting with about $148 or so at this point), the took my white chips off my cards and put them on top of the big red stack. I made it look like I was really agonizing, and then I checked. River was another blank, but didn't complete a flush. And there are no obvious straights out there. UTG checked, and I thought about checking it down and giving up, but instead i pushed that big stack in, almost right away. He started to agonize, saying why so much(there was less than $80 in the pot at this point) He showed me a king of diamonds, I can only assume he had a pair and a flush draw on the flop. He eventually folded, but he knew I was stealing that pot, and he vowed next time he wouldn't fold.

Last Update: January 31, 2010, 7:43AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for dnshy

January 31, 2010, 4AM: Played 3 hours, 8 minutes, Lost $72.92 at full tilt rush
$0.25 Pot-Limit Omaha

not even sure where to start, this was a brutal session.
I have AAxx reraise preflop to 3 something, 3 way action, flop is J 5 5 rainbow, I have a 5, I pot it, get shoved over the top by K K 3 4, turn K.
I have AAxx raise it pre, flop is A J 9, pot it and get raised by A K 9 8, turn Q river 10.
one of my favorites...I have AAxx raise it preflop, get called by sb, flop is A 8 4, we get it in on the river when a 4 hits, yes he has 4 4.
have KKxx, flop is K 9 7, I pot it for 7 something get called, turn 4, pot it for 22, guy shoves on me with J 10 8 x and hits the Q, such a bad play after the turn, he was begging to give me money there.
call a raised and reraised pot pre with 8 7 6 5, flop comes J 5 6, I raise the pot bet by preflop reraiser and we get all in heads up, he of course has naked AA, turn J.
I have AA double suited, raise pre, get repopped, come back over and get shoved all in by QQ double suited, flop is Q high all black, both my suits were red.
I flop a wrap with K Q J 7 double suited vs. preflop raiser, comes down 10 9 4, turn Q, pot over the bet on the turn, he calls like 14 bucks with AAJx and finds the 3 out K on the river. 
I guess the site hates me again.  Just brutal the beats.  I fully expect the miracle puker to hit them, doesn't even phase me anymore.
well, was stuck about 220 at max, went on a nice heater, including a sweet 3 way pot where I have AA and it holds for about 100.  I had a shot at getting very close to even, one of last hands I play is a huge kick in the balls.  I have 8 9 x x, flop is J 10 6, I am prepared to fold but it's checked around and the 7 turns bringing me the nuts...the sb leads at it, I pot it, she repops and has about 12 total, I put her in, she rolls over 8 5 4 3 for the wrap DRAW to the ignorant end and an 8 high flush draw that of course hits for the moron.  Yeah, I hate poker.

Last Update: January 31, 2010, 6:32AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for 1st-Degree12

January 31, 2010, 6AM: Played 1 hour, 15 minutes, Made $1.80 at
$1.20 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (4th out of 18 Players)

Man, this game SUCKED so entirely bad, in every friggin' way possible. Bluff fck to my left, blind thief to my left, all in every hand to my right, and me chip leader in the middle. needless to say I rather win the tourney than the hand which is a bad way of playing, and why i can fold suited AK JJ 99 88 66 KQ, yeah, i folded all them in order to hold on to my life and not die to any punk-ass-pussy-bitch. BTW FUH-Q Treasure3. I've played ur loser ass 3 other times you never survive, and in response to your come get me girl "threat" I wouldn't "come and get you" - if I was your mother. Good Luck losing!
 I really should watch my language and be nicer when posting these entries. I just need to vent. I'm still happy to be ITM all 60 cents of it! :/
Goodbye and
Good Riddance to Bad Luck

Last Update: January 31, 2010, 5:46AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for 1st-Degree12

January 30, 2010, 11PM: Played 1 hour, 15 minutes, Made $0.20 at
$0.10 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (35th out of 360 Players)

Had to at least try to make-up for the minimal leader board points that I'm way lacking this week, due to the small number of people in each SNG. The points do absolutely nothing for me other than allow me to measure my own progress, and when I see 25 I get scared. :| Considering I range about 250-400 a week, I guess its from playing these 360 ppl. Also according to stats I win more than lose (not games but $) at these 10 cent tourns. Yippeee! Biggest Loss By far are ALL/ANY 45 player SNG. So maybe I shouldnt play anything else. yikes!
Never, never overplay King/Jack!

Last Update: January 30, 2010, 10:38PM | Permalink (0 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for rubytide

January 26, 2010, 2PM: Played 11 hours, Lost $167.00 at Crown - Melbourne
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

this is like 4 sessions rolled together. really bad sick hand: i have about $350 starting the hand. some joker blind raises to $10 utg. its not a straddle, just a blind raise, so he has no option. 5 people flat call $10. i have 34d in the sb and make it $55, knowing that i'll probably get one caller at least but just trying to get all the shit hands out like the people that play any 2 suited cards. 2 people call, the bb who is a tight very solid player and some old guy donkey who overvalues his hands and doesnt know how to lay down anything he hits. $185 pot, flop 2d4s5d. i flop middle pair with an openended strt flush draw. and nobody can put me on this hand. beautiful. as i'm thinking about check raising here, i notice the bb next to me immediately begins looking at his stack and for some reason, i just know he has a set of 5s. i dont really want to get it in vs a hand that strong here, so i decide that if i lead out as a blocking bet, he will slow play and i can see a turn card. so i bet $80, he calls, other guy folds. $345 in the pot, turn is Ac. wonderful. i made my straight. time to get the money in. he slightly has me covered. most people would instacall if i shoved here for $220, but this guy was as tight as they come and i'd seen him make big lay downs. i dont wanna run him out, so i bet $105. to my surprise, he puts me allin and i cant call fast enough. i show my cards, everyone is surprised. blah blah blah. river pairs the 2. he shows 55 for a full house, i lose. i feel like my only mistake in this hand was taking a risk from the sb with 34d, but i feel as though i played the rest of the hand pretty much perfectly.

Last Update: January 29, 2010, 2:31PM | Permalink (0 Comments)

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