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Recent Online Poker Log Blog Entries

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

January 14, 2015, 3AM: Played 5 hours, Made $20.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.25/0.50 Dealer's Choice

Such bullshit once again. I took everyone out very early with in an hour. I should had cashed and went home. Instead I wanted to continue playing so I gave out 3 loans one to Paul $30 one to Danny's $20 one to Anton $20. Somehow I lost an Omaha hand $3 bet pre flop 6 callers. I had Ah 9h Kc Jc, flop was 10h Qh 7c. I raised $10 Paul and Jake called. Turn was 5d. I raised $12 Paul made it $20. Jake folded , I reraised all in $65 more. Paul thought he was getting cheated $3 from the pot because he took change at some point. He got made and called he was holding 10d 5s 7s 3s. He had me covered. He would had folded easily but was being a donk. He also won later hands with 6 3 , 5 2 , J 7 all unsuited and he raised every time pre flop. My brother sucks at picking starting hands , but gets so fucking lucky. He plays good otherwise. At some point I was up $280. But ended up losing 4 or 5 big hands before cash out time expired. Bought in for $30 ended up with $50

Last Update: January 14, 2015, 7:00PM | Permalink (58 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

January 1, 2015, 1AM: Played 3 hours, Made $121.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$1 No-Limit Dealer's Choice

Happy New Year !
 I didn't feel like playing tonight. I was dragged out the house to play by my brothers Paul and Matt. tonight it was Myself , Danny , Mike , Paul , Matt , Jake , Omar and Anton in attendance. Mike busted early and left , about that time Jake and Anton showed up. I was chip leader early on. Paul took a big chunk KQ over my KJ , the pot was around $45. It left me a little short stacked. I tried to grind it out for a hour tgen lost the last of it squeezing an Ace. I rebuy once for $20. I then take back what I lost with interest in a pot a few hours later on in the game. That one went down like this. It was an Omaha game, I was delt Ad 6d Jc 7c and end up in a duel with Paul. I was second or third from BB and raised the blinds .50/$1 family pot thus far to $4 and I get two callers. I was first to act after the flop Kd Qs 8h rainbow I checked. Paul raised $5 whoever else was in the hand called the $5. I reraised to $20 Paul called and the other guy folded. The turn was a 5d. I checked Paul raised to $10 I called quickly , the river was a Qd. I shoved all in for my last $17 and Paul called he turned over a Jd 8d. I got my earlier lose revenged.

Last Update: January 2, 2015, 7:59AM | Permalink (54 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

December 17, 2014, 1AM: Played 1 hour, Lost $50.00 at Thomas's Home Game
$0.5/1 Mixed Games

Blah !!! Tried the music drown out thing again. I think I started with the wrong tunes, It must be metal only , because Cool and the gang , Dianna Ross and Michale Jackson did not do ut for me. It was slow going couldn't make a hand or get nice hole cards all but a few times , at least I didn't have to deal with Weddo calling every hand to the river , Weddo ended up taking down $100 off the table , Caleb took $80 and Mike $40, $180 to Paul and $30 for Matt. Thomas and I did not cash. Best hand of the night was Non existent my best was a Omaha hand that gave me a double double Kd Qd Ks Qs ,Matt nearly pulled off another Royal Flush , but hit his flush but missed the royal , it would had been his third one.

Last Update: December 18, 2014, 7:28PM | Permalink (54 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

December 17, 2014, 12AM: Played 2 hours, Made $117.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.50 No-Limit Mixed Games

I put on my headphones and zoned out to some heavy metal , didn't let Wedd's stupid play bother me he proceeded to call everything , I followed the action and made all the correct reads without the drama and noise , I think I might switch to a headphone look at the poker table to help me focus, I felted everyone. I'm saying my game was on point while wearing headphones , I didn't smash big at cash out but I did play well , I maxed my value every hand , and kept them hoping for a miracle , I was able to used my other sences to get the info I needed to make moves and see the stuff my ears were hiding. I like the headphones and will continue to try other methods to improve

Last Update: December 17, 2014, 8:52AM | Permalink (55 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

December 10, 2014, 12PM: Played 2 hours, Lost $25.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I lost its been a while since I didn't cash out , I was down to $5 and made a run up to $120 then ran into Wedo and his unstoppable run , he hit straits and flushes chasing river cards , I lost with rockets three times to Wedo's bullshit chasing ass , he called everything I couldn't get him to fold , All in didn't even do it , I doubled him up five or six times I hate sloppy players chasers without skills who catch lucky over and over and think they are great , truth is keep it up and you will be felted
New Facebook Group For Austin TX Poker Players for networking
 Austin Texas Local Poker Network

Last Update: December 12, 2014, 2:11AM | Permalink (61 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

December 7, 2014, 5AM: Broke Even at Austin Area Home Games
$1 No-Limit Dealer's Choice

Today is my birthday I'm 39 years old in 20 minutes , ahh !!! I have been playing nearly daily , I have not been recording my sessions , not enough time in the day I guess , 8 hours of work then poker till 5am... grind , I have been working 7 days a week at a downtown food trailer then I grind all night, most nights maybe some keno too. since my last entry five months back I have earned about $5000 on poker and another $2000 on keno , nothing to write about really , but just in case someone is watching , I'm still dreaming big. Some recent happenings I crushed a table with quad A's last night cashed $213 bought in for $40, we were five handed , Dealers Choice we played Omaha , holdem , five card draw , Cleveland, and Watermelon. Watermelon is a sick stupid game that changes variables multiple times because you get five hole cards and then discard two after the flop during your C/R/F action , then you lose one more on the turn , you are left with two cards , now you get holdem rules you must use at least one hole card to make your hand , I hate watermelon. I think its retarded but everyone enjoys the change and gamble of it , I enjoy the stupidity of the others to easy to take their cash

Last Update: December 7, 2014, 6:05AM | Permalink (106 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for ndlinck

September 8, 2014, 7PM: Played 1 hour, 45 minutes, Made $13.36 at Carbon Poker
$4.95 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (2nd out of 10 Players)

First game in awhile. Got way up early on and rode that until we were heads up. Made very few errors in the beginning. Knocked out 3 of the 9. Went into heads up about a 2:1 in chips. Lost a big all in with AQ os against KK. Won a big all in to put me back on top when I pushed in with AK s with an A on the flop. Got called by A2 os and rode it out. Lost on a bad read and called a pot raise on the flop and called his all in. I had 88 and he had K9 and flopped another K. Game ended on my K4 os vs. 6-10 os. I bet pot when I flopped top pair and he called with bottom then hit his second pair on the turn.

Last Update: September 8, 2014, 10:01PM | Permalink (65 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

July 18, 2014, 1AM: Played 2 hours, Made $48.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.25/0.50 Dealer's Choice

Stupid games dealers choice, Running the FTR twice, and then he plays five card Omaha that he calls Montana, if i would had know we were going to Danny's I woukd had stayed home, he doesnt mind making big bets and bad bluffs but with running the FTR twice its near impossible to felt him or anyone, second chances and bad play keep the loosers in the hands to see the river, I never scooped all night, thats how bad a game he holds at Danny's place. Hi/Lo 5 Card Pot limit Omaha and run it twice, 8 handed. Plus Danny cheats, bottom dealing and switching hole cards for discards. I will not be doing that again

Last Update: July 21, 2014, 5:30AM | Permalink (67 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

July 10, 2014, 1AM: Played 3 hours, Made $86.00 at Thomas's Home Game
$0.25/0.50 Dealer's Choice

Everyone got in for $20 to start 9 handed nearly everyone rebuyed for $40 more, I caught Fatboy Danny Cheating Switching his hole cards and called him on his bullshit he got made because he got caught, I actually caught him twice and called him out the second time I saw him switch cards as a dealer, fat asshole. Before that I was not in a single hand and my $20 dwindled to $10, I started playing aggressive and busted dudes left and right, we called it a night around 1am, it was Thursday night and some of them guys had to work in the morning. These guys are trying to bluff more but I see through their tells like a sliding glass door, no one had been able to bluff me, I'm proud of that, I'm also calling out their hole cards like magic, I have left them speechless and scared to get in a hand with me unless they think they have the nuts, I am developing my skills every day. I still want to play in the big games, I just need my shot and about $15k then no more poverty and heart ache.

Last Update: July 12, 2014, 6:30AM | Permalink (66 Comments)

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

October 10, 2012, 3AM: Played 4 hours, Lost $140.00 at Terribles Casino
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

I was anxious to play I had been here nearly a month without playing a hand I had won a keno the day before 5/5 for .50c $419 dollars so I decided to have a few drinks after work and ended up at Terribles playing limit against locals I played well just got unlucky on a few hands deeper pockets prevailed, lost with AK, 77, TT had breakfast and left. 
 So if anyone was actually reading these here is a short bio of what has happened since Oct. 10, 2012
 I had picked up and moved to Vegas to peruse poker I arrived in August and went about getting familiar with the town with in a few days I landed a job telemarketing, it was the first job offered I took it, three weeks later I was fired for not being very good at it, I found a casting for promoters, I talked my way into that gig, I worked for the now defunct Doohans Cat House inside Luxor, I worked for them till mid November, at some point a fight broke out between club bouncers and some hip hop stars bouncers, it spilled out into the casino guest got sprayed with pepper spray, the next day the club was evicted from luxor, I didn't know chit had happened I had left around 1am or so, so when I showed up the next morning a guard was posted, I was informed that the club was closed and evicted, I never got paid for those two months of work I performed it was something close to $17k dollars Cat House filed bankruptcy, I was struggling while living in las Vegas, the only time I was able to hit the felt was when I hit the keno and went to terrible's, I returned to Austin Christmas eve I left all my belongings, because the dude I was staying with was tripping so I just split with the intention to return in a few weeks now it's May 2014 , I'm afraid my stuff is gone the way of the Las Vegas curb side goodwill, so I moved into an apartment in Austin and started working for Gourdough's Donuts on 6th St. I guess I am unlucky for now, I'm getting more experience in the food truck scene I just took a job with shawarma point, I am going to open my own food truck to finance my poker

Last Update: May 27, 2014, 11:29PM | Permalink (67 Comments)


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