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Poker Session Entries with Recent Comments

Below is a list of blog entries that other users have recently commented on. Feel free to add a comment of your own. This will help everyone in the poker community to become better poker players.

From the Poker Blog for Steveinho

February 1, 2008, 3PM:

This game is still in play, I'm curious for a reaction or two.
Seat 1: Steveinho (1,805)
Seat 2: MAMU13 (1,805)
Seat 3: BastianBooger (1,315)
Seat 4: ZCHIPMAGNETZ (1,140)
Seat 5: cocofran18 (1,465)
Seat 6: maiore (1,470)
Steveinho posts the small blind of 20
MAMU13 posts the big blind of 40
The button is in seat #6
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Steveinho [8h 9h]
BastianBooger folds
cocofran18 raises to 80
maiore folds
Steveinho calls 60
MAMU13 calls 40
*** FLOP *** [7s 4h 5h]
Steveinho checks
Now, let me just open by saying that I was hoping for a continuation bet here, because I planning on semi-bluffing with a big raise, and committing myself if anyone else came over the top.
Gutterball straight-draw in addition to my flush draw seemed lovely enough to get my money involved with.  Best case scenario, all fold... worst case, I'm in with a pretty damn good drawing hand.
MAMU13 has 15 seconds left to act
MAMU13 checks
cocofran18 checks
*** TURN *** [7s 4h 5h] [Tc]
Steveinho checks
MAMU13 checks
cocofran18 folds
Steveinho calls 320
Okay, it was a pot bet... I'm putting him on a pair of 10s.  I'm just looking for my draw to hit at this point.  It might not be a good money play, but it was too temping to lay down now that I was open-ended.
MAMU13 raises to 1,600
ZCHIPMAGNETZ calls 740, and is all in
Steveinho has 15 seconds left to act
Steveinho has requested TIME
My process is, if I hit my hand... it is definitely the best hand... if a 6 or a J hits, my straight is best... and I don't think either has a flush draw... so I'm saying to myself that, at best, I have 15 outs... at worst, a heart or a jack are gone... I'm thinking that, worst case, I'm looking at 12-13 outs.
I know the raise has to be a set, or a straight... I leaned towards straight, but didn't put set out of the equation.
So, it's still the same thing, hand hits... I win... hand misses, I lose.
I put the money in to get a huge stack early.
Steveinho: god, i'm behind, but i'm getting odds
Steveinho raises to 1,725, and is all in
MAMU13 calls 125, and is all in
Steveinho shows [8h 9h]
MAMU13 shows [3c 6d]
ZCHIPMAGNETZ shows [9c Td]
*** RIVER *** [7s 4h 5h Tc] [Kh]
Steveinho shows a flush, King high
MAMU13 shows a straight, Seven high
Steveinho wins the side pot (1,330) with a flush, King high
ZCHIPMAGNETZ shows a pair of Tens
Steveinho wins the main pot (3,500) with a flush, King high
MAMU13 stands up
Now, I'm not saying I played this hand well... I'm not sure.  Turns out, with his 3-6 straight made, a 2-1 dog, while the retard with 10-9 is drawing dead.

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From the Poker Blog for bboy594

January 27, 2008, 11PM: Played 6 hours, Lost $1,000.00 at Napa Valley Casino
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

This pot was the biggest pot I've lost at this location.
I limp with QQ utg and the button (Nick) raises to $45, the sb calls (Jesse), and I call.
The flop comes Q24 with 2 hearts. Jesse checks, I check, Nick bets out $85, Jesse calls, I reraise to $300.
This is where it doesn't make any sense. Nick folds and Jesse puts me allin. He has about $5100+ in front and I have over $1800 total. Of course I INSTACALL!!!
turn was a 7, river was a 5 of HEARTS!!!, Jesse turns over 78 of hearts. I love the action but always hate the results.

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From the Poker Blog for scorpioeyez

January 30, 2008, 6PM: at Absolute Poker
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (420th out of 7170 Players)

Tournament started pretty badly but I managed to slow play through the first hour without taking too much damage and winning a couple of pots to keep myself competitive. After taking down a couple of big pots I was able to start playing a big more aggressively staying near the middle in terms of rankings.
The table I was at really let me get away with murder though for a lot of the second hour. No one wanted to call any of my pre flop raises which led to my stack doubling within just a few minutes.
I lost the final hand because I was stupid though. I openly admit that I just plain screwed up and it cost me my stack.
Blinds were at 600/1200. In late position I called the big blind with As5s. Flop came down [9s 5c 2d]. Three players in the pot. Check to me, I checked, last player bet 4800. We both call. Turn is [8d], once again check to start so I figured that my fives with A kicker were probably good since no one had bet more than the big blind (ya see why I called myself stupid?). I tried to steal by betting $4800 of my $16465, got called all around and went all in when the river came [3s]. Called all around again and first player flips over pocket KK.
I had it coming, it was a monumentally stupid play especially after I had seen her slow play AA just a couple of hands earlier.
Lesson learned I think.
Still, I placed in the top 500 out of over 7000. That's a decent showing for someone who is still trying his best to improve his game and earlier this week I placed 91th out of a field of over 7000. I admit that isn't really impressive since they're freeroll tourneys but it's a start.
Do have a question for anyone who is reading this... what are your opinions on rebuys? Do you use them? do you not use them? when do you use them or why don't you use them at all?

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From the Poker Blog for scorpioeyez

January 9, 2008, 7PM:
Full Tilt Poker

So, after a few bad showings last week I stepped back from poker for a few days to think about my game. For a long time I played really loose at the tables (read: badly) then I started to tighten up and noticed some good returns. This strategy served me well in tournaments for awhile but I was finding that there were far too many nights where I just wouldn't get any good hole cards which would lead to me getting blinded out or playing too loose when I finally did get to play. Just gotta start finding that happy medium when I'm in tournaments I guess.
After a lot of research, I have finally decided that I am going to do some playing over at Full Tilt Poker. From what every single review I've read says, the competition there is a little tougher which I think will be a great way to improve my game. If I'm playing against good/tight players constantly plus playing my regular tournaments and S&G's plus watching pros play (always wanted to watch Mike Matusow play... don't particularly care for his style of play, but he's still slightly entertaining) I should see at least SOME improvement in my own play.

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

January 28, 2008, 6PM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes, Made $1.06 at Full Tilt
$1 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (191st out of 2585 Players)

shoved from SB with K9 when it folded to me, i had 10x the BB even...i think i could have maybe looked for a better spot but with the big antes he only needs to fold 75% of the time for this to be profitable and given his stack not being much more than mine and being a fairly tight player, i think that he would fold at least 75% of the time there.  instead, this time he woke up with KK and i lose
the only thing that makes me think i could have waited was that i was in 5th of 9 at the table so i could have come over the top of smaller stacks and maybe been more successful but i think the play is +EV i am going to post on the forums and see what they have to say
edit: the forums overwhelmingly said that this was an obvious shove, so i guess that makes me feel a little better.  it's just been so long since i have had a good score i am starting to question my own play.  i've looked through hand histories and don't find any glaring mistakes but maybe just gamble a little more to get bigger stacks so that i am not looking for a good spot with 8-12x the BB for such a high percentage of the tournament.

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From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

January 28, 2008, 8AM: Played 3 hours, 12 minutes, Lost $536.00 at California Grand
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

Wow, they really tested my patience tonight!
They just would not fold and drew to eveything.  Nothing was a safe card, value betting the river was only if you had the mortals..  they loved to call down like donks and check raise the river with two etc.
Picked up when the action stopped, no way I would get back my money and didn't want to drive myself mad fighting over small pots.

Last Update: January 28, 2008, 8:32AM | Permalink (1 Comment)

From the Poker Blog for gfro

January 26, 2008, 2PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Made $202.00 at bd
$20 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (1st out of 36 Players)

didn't lose a hand i was in all the way to the river. played smarter than normal

Last Update: January 26, 2008, 2:49PM | Permalink (1 Comment)

From the Poker Blog for edmicetor

January 25, 2008, 8AM: Played 5 hours, Made $300.00
Texas Hold'em

Been playing Sit n go tournaments online and doing pretty well.  I think the problem for me is changing my game up between online tournaments and live cash games.  You have to be agressive in tournaments stealing the blinds while in cash games you have to wait for the big hands...must learn!!

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From the Poker Blog for eyehatepoker

January 23, 2008, 9PM: Played 7 hours, 30 minutes, Made $8.00 at Northern Quest
$3/6 Texas Hold'em


Last Update: January 24, 2008, 1:14PM | Permalink (1 Comment)

From the Poker Blog for rubytide

January 11, 2008, 2AM: Played 1 hour, Lost $300.00 at Gold Strike - Tunica
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

won several pots without a showdown, but had the best hand each time. table thought i was just some agro asshole, so i didnt get any respect later. had top pair with KQ and some guy check raised me allin. he had a naked flush draw and hit. doubled him up. then raised with AA, got 2 callers. flop J88, guy leads into me, i smooth call. turn is T. he check calls my bet. river is another T. this time he checkraises allin. i know he doesnt have a ten in his hand. did he just have a big jack? no way a straight is possible. when he led out on the flop, i originally put him on an 8. but to checkraise allin that river card with bottom full house just doesnt make any sense. i couldnt put him on a hand that beat me, so i called. he has 7h8h. jeez. what i terrible play that is. sure i could have folded, but his play made not sense whatsoever. and yet hes the one with the money. shitty

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