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Poker Session Entries with Recent Comments

Below is a list of blog entries that other users have recently commented on. Feel free to add a comment of your own. This will help everyone in the poker community to become better poker players.

From the Poker Blog for jfrostman

March 31, 2008, 6PM:
Private Tournament

So I just signed up for the private tournament and saw a few names I'm not familiar with so I figured we could post our Full Tilt names here so we know what's up ;)
My name on Full Tilts is: playtimeishere. 
Who are the rest of you???

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From the Poker Blog for jaspinal

March 31, 2008, 7PM:
OPL Online Tourney

Just thought it would be cool to know who I am playing with in the OPL tournament on FT if you all want to add who you are.
Jaspinal = King Raj

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

March 31, 2008, 12AM:
Thoughts on hand?

Blinds 40-80
Player A stack = 3450
PLayer B stack = 2000
Folds to player A in SB and he limps.  Player B makes it 240.  Player A raises to 720.  Player B shoves for 1280 more and Player A quickly calls with 22.  Player B had AJ.
How well does Player A play this pot? Only info I had as I watched this hand is that it is a big buy-in tourney and that Player B had not gotten out of line.
Who Player A is isn't important, but I am curious because Player A berated player B after the hand...and I thought the 22 was played a lot worse than Player B who was the aggressor on the all in.  Just curious.

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

March 24, 2008, 12PM:
Private OPL Tourney?

Just a suggestion...
I don't know what Deiyuo and the rest of the guys working on this site want for future users or growth, but I remembered that on Full Tilt (maybe other sites too?) there are tournaments under the "Private" tab that any user can create.  I found a post at describing how to do it:
"To set up a private tournament, simply send an e-mail to with all of the following information regarding the tournament you want set up:
Tournament Name:
Tournament Date:
Tournament Time:
Game to be Played:
Buy-In and Entry Fee:
Expected Turnout:
That's everything, but here are a few other things to be sure to watch for:
The tournament's name can not exceed 25 characters.
The time you choose is clear (If you want a tournament at 4 PM, don't just write 4:00, write 16:00 SERVER TIME). All unlabeled time zones are interpreted as SERVER TIME, which is US ET.
The entry fee must be at least 10% of the buy-in.
The password must be all lower case letters without spaces.
If you want a tournament with something other than a nine player minimum, make that clear in your e-mail."
You can also advertise for the tournament in the forums.  If you make the tournament a private tourney rather than a public/open tourney you could make people come to OPL to find the password.  There are probably a few options you could play with to benefit the site most, but again, just thought this might be a cool idea if it is something you OPL elites would be interested in.  :)

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From the Poker Blog for TELESCOPE

March 29, 2008, 10PM: Played 2 hours, Lost $10.00 at Full Tilt Poker´┐Ż
$0.25/0.50 Texas Hold'em

cooler in the first 3 hands 25 vs J5 on a 955 flop with 2 spades
worked up about about 40 dollar profit and won back the 50 i lost in that hand
then lost it all and then some in a huge pot
i had AQ on button and made standard 1.4x raise
sb flatted as he tended to do with a huge range of hands
flop came KJ9 all cubs and i had A of clubs
he checks and i make my standard continuation bet. of 2 dollars and he doesn't something he has never done before he check raise me to 15$ up until now he has been check raising minimum with both strong hands and draws.
well i snap shove not realizing i have no fold equity which might make this shove profitable long term with all my outs to the nut flush or straight
his range has to be made flush looking to chase away A of clubs drawing cheap, 2 pair, straight, or set. the only hands of these he might fold is 2 pair, but even that is a stretch heads up and i had been more on the aggro side then passive side lately
he called with KJ and my 43.74% didn't come. i guess if i have a 1 in 10 chance he folds here the play is profitable, but i cant find a hand he check raises for 7.5x on that board unless it was a complete and total bluff.

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From the Poker Blog for TheWerm

March 27, 2008, 9PM: Played 4 hours, 12 minutes, Made $1.92 at POKERSTARS
$0.25 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (28th out of 4069 Players)

long grind for .25 just having fun...turned into 4 hours of intense focus

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From the Poker Blog for berkeleyanders

March 26, 2008, 10PM:
How to handle yourself after hours of looking into the computer screen???

I typically just play live limit hold 'em but found several dollars on one of my online accounts. I won a seat to the sunday million on pokerstars and played in the tourney. I ran extremely well and played somewhere near my A game for just over 6 hours and then I decided to torque off all my chips with a below moderate hand. Just curious how other people handle themselves after extremely long periods of looking at the computer. I'm not used to the continual grind of such a long tourney.

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

March 26, 2008, 8PM: Played 3 hours, Made $2.01 at Full Tilt
$3 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (18th out of 236 Players)

close but no cigar again.  the main thing i thought was that he rarely has AQ or AK here because that is often a reraise.  also i thought he could have a smaller these small limit MTTs they will flat out of the blinds in that spot with A2 cuz they just can't fold an A.  however, it may have been optimistic thinking.  other than that i was pretty torn, kind of awkward stack sizes made me say what the hell.  anyways don't know what else i really think about my last hand right now....opinions welcome as always.
Full Tilt Poker Game #5797702139: $3 + $0.30 Tournament (44022752), Table 10 - 400/800 Ante 100 - No Limit Hold'em - 23:54:18 ET - 2008/03/26
Seat 1: bbui11 (27,630)
Seat 2: Little Hoot (39,230)
Seat 3: PokerDude6942 (13,607)
Seat 4: Bob Lee (13,342)
Seat 5: jsyankey (6,195)
Seat 6: zzyzx_o (5,588)
Seat 7: NutsChamp (14,110)
Seat 8: skrysty (25,835)
Seat 9: PapajBones (17,150)
bbui11 antes 100
Little Hoot antes 100
PokerDude6942 antes 100
Bob Lee antes 100
jsyankey antes 100
zzyzx_o antes 100
NutsChamp antes 100
skrysty antes 100
PapajBones antes 100
PapajBones posts the small blind of 400
bbui11 posts the big blind of 800
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to NutsChamp [Th As]
Little Hoot folds
PokerDude6942 folds
Bob Lee folds
jsyankey folds
zzyzx_o folds
NutsChamp raises to 2,000
skrysty folds
PapajBones folds
bbui11 calls 1,200
*** FLOP *** [6d Jd Ah]
bbui11 checks
NutsChamp bets 3,400
bbui11 raises to 6,800
NutsChamp has 15 seconds left to act
NutsChamp has requested TIME
NutsChamp raises to 12,010, and is all in
bbui11 calls 5,210
NutsChamp shows [Th As]
bbui11 shows [6s 6c]
*** TURN *** [6d Jd Ah] [7h]
*** RIVER *** [6d Jd Ah 7h] [8c]
NutsChamp shows a pair of Aces
NutsChamp: nh
bbui11 shows three of a kind, Sixes
bbui11 wins the pot (29,320) with three of a kind, Sixes
NutsChamp stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 29,320 | Rake 0
Board: [6d Jd Ah 7h 8c]
Seat 1: bbui11 (big blind) showed [6s 6c] and won (29,320) with three of a kind, Sixes
Seat 2: Little Hoot folded before the Flop
Seat 3: PokerDude6942 folded before the Flop
Seat 4: Bob Lee folded before the Flop
Seat 5: jsyankey folded before the Flop
Seat 6: zzyzx_o folded before the Flop
Seat 7: NutsChamp showed [Th As] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 8: skrysty (button) folded before the Flop
Seat 9: PapajBones (small blind) folded before the Flop

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From the Poker Blog for EightFive

March 24, 2008, 7PM: Played 2 hours, Lost $2.25 at Full Tilt
$2 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (36th out of 237 Players)

got super lucky a couple times early to build a nice stack.  my table approaching the money (30 people) was full of big stacks and I had 9500 with 150-300 blinds.  The guy on my left was the chip leader of the tourney and was playing super aggressive.  he had reraised my cont. bets several times and was pounding everyone at the table.  I raised with AT from the CO and he called (as he had done all 5 times I raised at that table).  The flop was AJ9 and I led for about 1600 into a 1900 ish pot trying to induce a bluff....he shoved, I called and he flipped up the QT of spades...he hit the spade on the river.
Can't complain about losing what was basically a coin flip but it hurt a little bit after havin this dude pound me for the first 30 mins i was at the table.  owell, could have easily been out early when i was a 20% dog :)

Last Update: March 24, 2008, 7:33PM | Permalink (6 Comments)

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