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Poker Session Entries with Recent Comments

Below is a list of blog entries that other users have recently commented on. Feel free to add a comment of your own. This will help everyone in the poker community to become better poker players.

From the Poker Blog for EightFive

May 26, 2009, 9PM:
Long Time No Post

Came back tonight trying to find my old posts about last year's WSOP bet I had with my friend Ryan.  I wanted to use the same format again this year but am having trouble finding it.
Anyway, it has been forever since I posted here.  I can't believe I have played almost no poker since last September.  Reading some of these old posts gets me in the mood to play again.  The competition/strategy is what I was so addicted to, not just the "gambling" side of the game.  I was crazy busy during this last school year.  I was student teaching which was awesome but left me with no time at all to play.
Now that it is summer again I am finishing three online classes to officially graduate, working at the same old summer camp, and looking for a teaching job (nearly impossible in Michigan).  Long story short, I may start playing a little bit again.  Hopefully I still have a slight idea how to play.
Hi to everyone that used to comment: deiyuo, grlg, natepringle, jaspinal and others.  Hopefully I will have some tourneys to post soon.

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From the Poker Blog for just_mo

May 17, 2009, 1PM: Played 9 hours, Lost $190.00 at Full Tilt
$20 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament


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From the Poker Blog for dnshy

May 17, 2009, 8PM:
set over set online

do any of you folks run into flopping set over set only to have the one outer ruin you.  this happens to me VERY frequently.  it's kind of annoying because it's the type of hand that forces you to lose money.  I am actually not betting top full like I did in the past as I have gotten gunshy.

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From the Poker Blog for bcb50708

May 11, 2009, 11AM: Lost $3.00 at Fulltilt Poker
$3 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (71st out of 90 Players)

not to far into the tournament, i get AK. flop is 2 A K so i pair both of them.  first to act bets 810, i call.  number 3 goes all-in.  first guy calls, i call.  guy one has 34, and 3 has A Q.  river is a 5 to give the first guy a straight to knock me out. 
I am getting sick of playing on fulltilt.  when i have the better hand, i expect to lose because my opponents catch cards on the river or get runner runners to beat me. . . . ALL THE TIME! Is it like that on all the other online websites?
It just makes me sick.

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From the Poker Blog for hammerman

April 24, 2009, 7PM: Played 4 hours, 30 minutes, Made $264.65 at FT
$10 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (4th out of 298 Players)

Best tourney I had played start to finish.
Started slow ands laid down KK on 4th hand in sb when an A flopped with 4 others. 
Other big hand was when I had about 15xbb vs aggro and got 33 in middle position and pushed. It held against his KJ.
Played solid and worked my way through the tourney.  My position was anywhere from 1st to last after we hit 27 players.  I was playeing for top 3, so didn't worry about the early money steps.
Last hand I hand I have ATc in sb and folded to me.  We are all within 4bb of each other and I push.  BB picks up AJs and flops a flush. 
Overall I don't believe I played more than 3 hands badly in the entire tourney.  I would do the same thing again on the last hand as the bb would have had less than the blinds when they came around to him again if he would have not had a premium hand.  It would have moved me from 4th to 2nd in chips.
Shit happens.  Good tourney for me.

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From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

April 24, 2009, 4PM: Played 4 hours, 54 minutes, Lost $315.00 at Wild Horses - Pendelton
$315 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (109th out of 324 Players)

I could not have played any better.
Just ran bad in two critical pots.
Q9 vs A5 with board of 359 Q.. got donk to commmit stack on turn
AA vs KK vs TT all of us in pre.. T spikes :(
Composure was held.
Time was not important
I was focused on the players and nothing more
Leave cell phone off!

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From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

April 10, 2009, 2AM: Played 30 minutes, Made $65.00 at Belgrade Lounge
$2-$10 Spread-Limit Texas Hold'em

Stopped in after my game broke as my ride was there working.  Played a few hands until I ran into someone I had not seen for like 7 years! Chatted with her at the bar for the rest of the night.

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From the Poker Blog for yobresal

February 8, 2009, 3PM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Made $70.00 at San Pablo Casino
$3/6 Texas Hold'em

Stopped by here after work. It was my first time. This place was pretty cool. A lot of stupid players. It was great. I made my money and left. The guy to the right of me kept folding out of turn and it was pissing me off but none of the dealers said anything. Also some places have Big/Small 3/2 this place had Big/smaller/smaller 3/2/1.

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From the Poker Blog for KevinCMW

January 11, 2009, 3PM: Played 1 hour, 15 minutes, Lost $25.00 at Legend's
$20 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (6th out of 10 Players)

$20 Buy in get's 3,500 chips, $5 add on for an additional 500 chips.  Everyone bought the add on.  20 minute blinds starting at 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 200/400.
1st time trying this place out.  Small crowd, the 7 PM game is supposed to have more people.  Seemed like most people knew each other and were locals. 
Notes picked up during game:
Country Boy was loose and aggressive, people said he will push all in a lot with any 2 cards.
Young Guy seemed to play tighter with better hands.
Both ladies seemed really tight.
Mustache man was loose and talked a lot.  Seems like he will say he has a piece, to scare people when he has a small piece of the board.
The brothers both seemed to know what they were doing.  One next to me mentioned that they play every week in a bar point tournament.
I played tight taking in the game and people.  At this place you need to win early and often to combat the doubling blinds.  Have to play looser next time.
Really didn't get much in the way of hands at 1st.  Played a few drawing hands at minimum and didn't connect.  Had 4/4 but it got raised to 1,200 so I folded.  Flop came A/A/4.  Would have been able to get all in against two others.  Had 7/7 and 9/9 next two hands and folded when it was raised preflop before me.  Would not have connected either hand and would have lost, but might have been able to pick up with a pre-flop all in??
Had Q/Q, raised preflop and got called by country boy.  Flop came 8/8/K.  He pushed a lot of chips in, I ended up folding and he showed an 8. 
Got taken out by young guy, I had K/J as BB and didn't raise.  Flop came 6/K/? and he bet 500, I just called hoping to suck him in.  Checked next card and he did too, I should have pushed after his 1st bet or here.  River came a 6, he bet 1,000 and I pushed my last 500 on top of that.  He had the 6 of course.
I screwed up by letting him off easy when I didn't check raise all in after his flop bet.  Next time I will play a lot looser and try to accumulate chips early.

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From the Poker Blog for DeiYuo

January 12, 2009, 12AM: Played 2 hours, 23 minutes, Lost $33.00 at Poker Stars
$33 Buy-In HORSE Tournament (25th out of 96 Players)

Not paying 50% attention.. not in mood to play.

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