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Poker Session Entries with Recent Comments

Below is a list of blog entries that other users have recently commented on. Feel free to add a comment of your own. This will help everyone in the poker community to become better poker players.

From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

July 26, 2015, 11PM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes, Made $35,000.00 at Poker Stars Net
$1,000 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (2nd out of 657 Players) (Play Money)

I haven't been playing since January , caught someone cheating at the local cash game. Classic cards under the table and up a sleeve. I lost my job at The Best Wurst , dude fired me for working my butt off after SXSW , the showcase was rained out the main night , concert canceled , I worked 75 hours that week , we were stuck with 150 boxes of sausage , not my fault rain and bad owners fault lol any way , I started working for the family again. So I have some cash to bankroll my poker once again. I'm looking into circuit tourneys in Oklahoma. Tonight I'm going to Blue Moon cafe for a Freeroll , I missed Nates game Saturday , because someone over slept fuckin Omar , its been so long I forgot the gate code and address. This last online MTT was good I felt confident making all the moves biggest chip count was 456k for 1st place lead with 16 remaining. I lost because I folded a bad read I think I was winning the hand and I folded a A high. With 280k in the pot gave EXO the chip lead of 600k never recovered the chips , game went on for about 30 more hands. Final hand was anti climatic , I don't remember other than he won with low pair. I shoved with A something. I hope we can play live online poker in all of America once again some day soon.  Maybe moving back to Vegas soon , I have to get on the tables some how , I'm losing my mind not playing poker , going broke without it. Good luck on the felt

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From the Poker Blog for teekteek

May 22, 2015, 7PM: Played 3 hours, Made $451.00 at Caesers Windsor Ontario
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

J7 clubs . Flop KC 9c 10h called 20 . 9 on turn pfr shoves for 55. Called 55 int
J7 clubs . Flop KC 9c 10h called 20 . 9 on turn pfr shoves for 55. Called 55 into 180 with FD gs he had no pair j for the win
Raise pre aq suited . Flop Gs and bdf with j107 flop one diaond . Bet 25 . Turn
Raise pre aq suited . Flop Gs and bdf with j107 flop one diaond . Bet 25 . Turn k diamonds bet 35 . River 5 off . Bet 155 . Called 610
Out 600 . Up 450
66 hand bs 99 . Raised on the turn to get q out . Loose q3229
Qq pre fold . 6 / 20 / 60 fold fold
96 in bb
called utg raiser after 5 other calls . 96 diamonds. 6-1 on call of 8 total.
flop 974. He leads for 12 . I raise to 25 after everyone folds . Turn q clubs. Bringing clubs. Check check . River 7. I chck he bets 22. I think he has ak . Figures he would have reriased 10s plus on flop and bet a q on the turn. He's pretty polarized and had just been bad beat 2 times in the last 10 mins. Called he mucked
10 x comps day
Start 145 . 5 handed
Slots up 125 . Fox machine

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From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

January 1, 2015, 1AM: Played 3 hours, Made $121.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$1 No-Limit Dealer's Choice

Happy New Year !
 I didn't feel like playing tonight. I was dragged out the house to play by my brothers Paul and Matt. tonight it was Myself , Danny , Mike , Paul , Matt , Jake , Omar and Anton in attendance. Mike busted early and left , about that time Jake and Anton showed up. I was chip leader early on. Paul took a big chunk KQ over my KJ , the pot was around $45. It left me a little short stacked. I tried to grind it out for a hour tgen lost the last of it squeezing an Ace. I rebuy once for $20. I then take back what I lost with interest in a pot a few hours later on in the game. That one went down like this. It was an Omaha game, I was delt Ad 6d Jc 7c and end up in a duel with Paul. I was second or third from BB and raised the blinds .50/$1 family pot thus far to $4 and I get two callers. I was first to act after the flop Kd Qs 8h rainbow I checked. Paul raised $5 whoever else was in the hand called the $5. I reraised to $20 Paul called and the other guy folded. The turn was a 5d. I checked Paul raised to $10 I called quickly , the river was a Qd. I shoved all in for my last $17 and Paul called he turned over a Jd 8d. I got my earlier lose revenged.

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From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

August 16, 2015, 8AM: Played 3 minutes, Lost $50.00 at Nate's Place
$1/2 Texas Hold'em

I arrived at 2am i was anxious to play. I jumped in for $50. The table was full i was delt in first hand pocket 99. Guy beside me called $5, i eaised to $15 the guy after me made it $35 everyone else folded 3 way action,The guy before me called and i shoved all in for all my last chips. The they both called of course. The flop was 387 rainbow , check check the turn was a 10 , the guy before me bet $50 at a pot if $150 and the third wheel folds. I show 99 and he shows pocket 88 for a set. I had a open ender and a miracle 9's but the river was a little ol' 4. I busted out my first hand then left. Everyone at the table had well over $500 stacks i was just there to come up on $50 that didnt work out so i will try again next weekend.

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From the Poker Blog for aceofaustin

January 14, 2015, 3AM: Played 5 hours, Made $20.00 at Danny's Retarded Game
$0.25/0.50 Dealer's Choice

Such bullshit once again. I took everyone out very early with in an hour. I should had cashed and went home. Instead I wanted to continue playing so I gave out 3 loans one to Paul $30 one to Danny's $20 one to Anton $20. Somehow I lost an Omaha hand $3 bet pre flop 6 callers. I had Ah 9h Kc Jc, flop was 10h Qh 7c. I raised $10 Paul and Jake called. Turn was 5d. I raised $12 Paul made it $20. Jake folded , I reraised all in $65 more. Paul thought he was getting cheated $3 from the pot because he took change at some point. He got made and called he was holding 10d 5s 7s 3s. He had me covered. He would had folded easily but was being a donk. He also won later hands with 6 3 , 5 2 , J 7 all unsuited and he raised every time pre flop. My brother sucks at picking starting hands , but gets so fucking lucky. He plays good otherwise. At some point I was up $280. But ended up losing 4 or 5 big hands before cash out time expired. Bought in for $30 ended up with $50

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From the Poker Blog for GAMBLEsleepGAMBLE (private)

April 18, 2011, 3AM
Day 1

Tomorrow will be my first entry of live play. I've learned a lot lately. I need the mindset of being the best player at the table at all times. Even if you think someone is "just as good as you", you still need to regulate and play straight forward. I've learned that I should isolate the shit out of fish, even if i'm depicted as the 'dick' or conservo punk at the table. I need to have intentions of taking down hands whenever i'm in one! I will take 3 BI's tomorrow and a destiny.

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From the Poker Blog for ManiMuscat

November 9, 2010, 6PM:
OK, here we go!!!!

Well...I have just signed up to Online Poker Log to start my own poker blog. I guess only time will tell how proficient and committed I am to posting, but it is something I have been thinking about for a while.
Some history....
I have been playing poker for a little over 12 months. I was never interested in the game at all as I found it hard to comprehend hand values, when to bet, how to play etc..
But then a friend invited me over to his house for a friendly home game. Due to a dramatic mistake on his part (he thought his cards were mine and went all in, my cards were great...his were not and he ended up losing) I had my first big win....a total of $40.
Well that was all I needed to get me interested. The feeling of winning was awesome and I just couldn't get enough. I started playing online whenever I could and it actually dominated all of my spare time for quite a while. I soon realised that spending every spare minute playing poker was probably not healthy, so I have eased off quite a bit lately.
Over the last week in particular I have decided to play quality poker, rather that quantity and it is starting to pay off a little.
Although I have not invested a huge amount of money over the last year I am still down and I am keen to turn this around so I can actually build a profitable bankroll and eventually afford to enrol in some serious live tournaments.
I have read a few poker strategy books which have helped me understand the intracies of the game, although I would still consider myself to be a novice. I think my biggest obstacle is the fact I don't have a lot of spare cash so playing bigger tournaments or higher stakes games can at times be difficult.
So come and visit my blog from time to time and I will try and post some interesting and humerous insights into my play.

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From the Poker Blog for NoRuffles

January 24, 2013, 7PM:

gunna start changing my posts from individual wins/losses to just session totals. i think it will be easier to follow and more accurate...

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From the Poker Blog for mdelagarzaonline

February 23, 2011, 4AM:

after playing a fairly long session, i'm still hungry to play. my internet's been acting like a bitch but its okay. any way so i was looking at my USD > EV for the month and saw that out of the money I lost for the month (33k hands thus far), I have lost -$618 off of AK and QQ flips. and at times it's not even a flip its just straight up domination.
with that being said i'm going to better pick my spots to spew in (such as maybe spewing in the HJ CO BTN SB BB only). I also looked at my biggest won pots for the month and I saw no AK and no QQ for winning a single stack! now thats just sad. with that being said, my AK play definitely has to slow the fuck down. any way my game is getting a lot more deeper and better due to table decraseage(sp). I'm excited to see with what tomorrow leaves me to learn.
few things I learned today:
-play no more than 8 tables
-slow down
-think before you act on every single decision
-don't auto muck anymore
-observe a persons vpip have to be in order for you to be getting value off 3 bets
-have intentions of taking the hand down every time you play a hand.
-when making a huge decision pre flop, look at the persons PFR and position
Questions to ask:
What do the persons stats have to be in order for you to want to get value you preflop with 99-QQ
UTG play?

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From the Poker Blog for mdelagarzaonline

February 22, 2011, 3AM:

Ok so it's 3:36 AM and i'm currently getting ready for bed. i decided to start up this whole log thing again because I feel that expressing my thoughts can help me get a lot off my chest. As of today I have written down some key guidelines that I go by everyday:
-Better your bankroll management!
-Every hand has a purpose (zone in)
-DO NOT ever look at cashier or HEM enless you think your under 3 BI's, look @ graph before hand.
-Don't let your hands get cracked. protect.
-Play on your 'A' game at all times
-Accept the facts(variance, ego).
I feel that the biggest flaw in my game is not understanding the concept of, "poker is a slow come up but a quick down fall" -JJ (my bro). Poker is as well an egotistic game. I really shouldn't play with regs that are just as good as me or better. I will try to post in this thing everyday to once a week. Just to say one thing I learned for the day. Thank you for following.
'time to grind a 15k hand week!'

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