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Birthday: August 22, 1977
Location: San Jose, CA

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Total Entries: 346
Total Won/Lost: -$3,216.09
Total Hours: 383
Earnings/Hour: -$8.39


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Most Recent Log Entries

November 4, 2007, 2AM: Played 1 hour, Lost $100.00 at Napa Valley Casino
$3/6 Texas Hold'em

Played loose and gambled.  Got outkicked twice (QTh vs AQo, K9s vs A9o).

Last Update: November 4, 2007, 9:32AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

October 6, 2007, 2AM: Played 1 hour, Lost $195.00 at Napa Valley Casino
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Was very timid, since I've only played this like once before.  For example, I pick up A4o and flop comes A25 and I check...then fold to a bettor.
My big loss cam with 26 flop 35X, Jh on turn makes hearts, 4 on river make my straight.  No action until the river.  I bet out $40 and get raised $40 by the guy who made the flush.
Last hand I lost with AK vs A2 :(.

Last Update: November 4, 2007, 9:31AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

October 6, 2007, 1AM: Played 45 minutes, Lost $58.00 at Napa Valley Casino
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

This was a juicy game, but I wanted to play NL with my dad, so I moved when a seat opened up.

Last Update: November 4, 2007, 9:28AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

October 6, 2007, 12AM: Played 45 minutes, Lost $7.00 at Napa Valley Casino
$3/6 Texas Hold'em

Waiting for 6-12.

Last Update: November 4, 2007, 9:27AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

September 22, 2007, 2AM: Played 3 hours, Lost $28.00 at Napa Valley Casino
$3/6 Texas Hold'em

Feels like a $200 win with the way I've been playing.  6-7-way action every hand preflop, so of course I started playing any two cards and lost a bunch, then made most of it back.
Last hand before I get up I decide to straddle and raise myself, and am capped by a guy across the table from me.  Flop comes AK2 and I bet and get raised by this guy as he says "same hand, eh?".
I mucked when I should have reraised.  "same hand, eh?" shows a lot of weakness, in my opinion.  Whatever, you're not going to make a million bucks on stone cold bluffs playing 3-6 (I had 67o).

Last Update: September 22, 2007, 1:41PM | Permalink (0 Comments)

August 23, 2007, 2AM: Played 2 hours, Lost $203.00 at Bay 101
$4/8 Omaha Hi-Lo

Omaha is a very boring game (to me).  I thought I would get to see more flops, but I did not.  At least now I know I should stick to the holdem tables.
For the last half hour I was really pressing to get some action to get rid of my last $60 or so.  I finally succeeded.  Other than that, I don't think I played particularly bad.  I seemed to be allergic to Aces.
Had one hand where I threw way what wound up being a winner, but I think it was the right play.  I had 345J and flop came 678, I am first to act and there are four players.  I check, then bet, raise, re-raise, so I muck.  Turns out nobody was stronger than my 34 on the low.  I'm pretty sure I was right to muck there.

Last Update: August 23, 2007, 2:30AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

August 23, 2007, 12AM: Played 1 hour, Made $4.00 at Bay 101
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

Played for an hour and won $4.  Got bored and decided to try out Omaha for a while.

Last Update: August 23, 2007, 2:24AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

August 12, 2007, 3AM: Played 2 hours, Lost $111.00 at Bay 101
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

Was up abt $40 until the last 8 hands.  Just sort of played like an asshole and donked off about $140 from the button until one before my big blind (time to go).  It started with an "acceptable" loss where I aggro-played J5h and hit my flush...someone else had KQh...whatever.  Then it got really bad when I check-raised the turn 5-handed with a pair of deuces after the flush hit.
I guess those hands will make me a better player later.  $140 biggie.

Last Update: August 12, 2007, 3:04AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

June 30, 2007, 4AM: Played 5 hours, Lost $198.00 at Bay 101
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

Played too long...about three hours too long.  Was up about 140, and went a bit card-dead.  I could feel myself pressing by playing too many hands preflop trying to manufacture another rush.  Jesse will probably have a lot to say about a full house that I badly mis-played (checked the river with the third-nut hand).
The leaks in my game are fairly obvious.  One problem I have is that I tend to stay at the table too long, especially when winning.  Since I don't play often, and I win even less often, I am always tempted to just sit there forever when I'm ahead.

Last Update: June 30, 2007, 4:38AM | Permalink (0 Comments)

March 17, 2007, 4AM: Played 50 minutes, Lost $199.00 at Garden City
$6/12 Texas Hold'em

I had a plan when I walked in: get my money into the pot as fast as possible.  I was successful.  I think I'm afraid to play ultra-tight.  It's almost like I'm going in feeling defeated already.  Like, if I'm going to lose anyways, I may as well lose by playing like a donkey.
I think I need my next log entry to say "I lost because I got blinded to death for 4 hours" or "I lost becuase I hit flops and kept getting outdrawn".  I don't think I can play loose anymore.  I need to play boring, like REALLY boring, regardless of how much preflop action there is, and regardless of how predictable my play is.

Last Update: March 17, 2007, 4:07AM | Permalink (1 Comment)

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