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Birthday: October 8, 1985
Location: Folsom, CA

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Total Entries: 31
Total Won/Lost: -$1,395.00
Total Hours: 78
Earnings/Hour: -$17.75
Biggest Win: $342.00
Biggest Loss: -$600.00


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June 2007 (16)
May 2007 (15)

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Most Recent Log Entries

June 15, 2007, 11PM: Played 5 hours, Lost $200.00 at Deuces Wild
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I think I played well...  I left the session just laughing.  I took some beats.  My pair of aces got beat by running KK for trips, and my QQ got cracked by A 10.  Doesn't feel like there was anything else I could have done.  I tried really hard to play great.  Am I to good to be profitable now? This session really made me think of when I see Tony play, he sits there in pain for so long, and finally gets his money in good once or twice and gets bad beat. 
I've decided to take a week or 2 off and come back and give it another go.  Gotta decide if I want to focus on cash games or tournys.  Perhaps while I have some time off from the game I'll do some reading.

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June 15, 2007, 1AM: Played 3 hours, Lost $145.00 at Lucky Derby
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

3 hours, 3 pots won.  Brutal session.  I played very tight/solid, and only won when i flopped a full house on my BB, and w/ QQ preflop all in.  OH yea, and another walk on my big blind.  Oh well.  I have to say I'm happy that I didn't lose more, and that I played well.

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June 13, 2007, 11PM: Played 3 hours, Lost $200.00 at Deuces Wild
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I was playing so good! I got all in preflop w/ QQ v. 10's, and lost when he rivered a 10, then rebought another $100, and built back up to almost $200.  I raise in position w/ 7 4 suited, and get called by a guy who's got more chips than me, but is a solid player.  The flop comes 77Q, and we get all our money in w/ an A on the turn, I figure him for A Q, he flopped Q 7.  OUCH!!

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June 12, 2007, 6PM: Played 3 hours, Lost $65.00 at Lucky Derby
$50 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (11th out of 82 Players)

Wow.  I played this tourny so good, and got sucked out on! AA vs. KK for me to take the chip lead of the entire tourny, and He flops a K. 
I made one bad call early when I was big stacked w/ 10's vs. KK, and that cost me some chips, but I rebounded strong.
I can hardly belive I bubbled out of this thing.  I keep getting closer everytime, next time I better cash!
Key decision, after my bad beat I have $8k in chips, blinds are out at $1,000/2,000, I'm under the gun.  We are playing hand for hand with the next table, and they've completed this hhand, no one busted out, we're on the bubble.  Next hand blinds are up to 2,000/4,000.  I pick up K2 off suit and decide to move in.  I get called by 4's, and lose.  Should I have waited till next hand? Then halfmy chips are in the pot and I've gotta go with whatever hand I'm delt... I dunno.  Seems like if i'm playing to win I gotta move in, if I'm playing to cash I need to hold out 1 more hand...
Log another 200 points for the BOP!

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June 12, 2007, 3PM: Played 3 hours, 30 minutes, Lost $400.00 at Lucky Derby
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I played good, or at least I thought so.  I went up $100 rigt away, and then let it slip.  I got a couple bad beats, a couple coolers, but I don't really regret any decisions, I don't think I made any critical errors.  Just wasn't a good day for me to win, I guess.

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June 12, 2007, 2PM: Played 20 minutes, Made $25.00 at Lucky Derby
$4/8 Texas Hold'em

Eh... something to do while I wait for a NL seat, and I made money!

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June 11, 2007, 10AM: Played 2 hours, Made $185.00 at Bellagio
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Again, I just felt like home.  I bought into this game for $300, played SOLID poker.  Pulled off a big bluff.  Betting $85 on the river with NOTHING, to take down the pot and put the other player on tilt. I had him set up to pay me off with a big hand now, but he donked off his chips to someone else and left.  I didn't win a whole ton of money, but the game seemed to have dried up, and I was happy with how things were, I cashed almost $500.  Again, this game just felt RIGHT.  It felt like home, this is what, where, and how I should be playing.  This is me.

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June 10, 2007, 6PM: Played 3 hours, 30 minutes, Made $330.00 at Ceasers
$3 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Now I fel REALLY good.  This game is a 1/3 NL game, and they allow buy ins from $100-$500.  This is a really good game.  Very professional poker room, nice people, good fish int he game, too.  I played great, pulled off a good bluff or two, and go paid with real hands, it just worked out really well.  I can't say how much I loved this game, and it just felt like home!

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June 10, 2007, 6AM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes, Made $90.00 at Excalibur
No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Finally logged a winning session! I decided I needed to get serious about poker, and I sat down and played streight up.  I also learned that table talk has a greater effect when you talk less!
I hadn't said mucha t this table, and I'm in a hand w/ top pair, good kicker, but I think my opponent might have 2 pair.  He askes how much I have left, so I tell him how much, then I ask, "how much do you want?" another player at the table said, "he wants it all!", to which I replied, "how much do you think you can get?" He then mucked his cards.  If he had moved in, I would have had a problem calling.

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June 9, 2007, 3PM: Played 30 minutes, Lost $65.00 at Luxor
$55 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (6th out of 10 Players)

Got unlucky! I put my money in with good cards like 88, and just lost my coinflips, or when I was slightly ahead.  Not to bad, though.

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