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Birthday: August 24, 1982
Location: san jose,ca

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Total Entries: 7
Total Won/Lost: -$405.00
Total Hours: 34
Earnings/Hour: -$11.91
Biggest Win: $800.00
Biggest Loss: -$600.00


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February 2008 (1)
January 2008 (6)

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February 5, 2008, 4PM: Played 3 hours, Lost $155.00
No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Running bad..Im in big blind and had pocket 5...i just checked to see cheap flop.  Flop is Ad 5d 3s
I bet out 25 hoping someone with Ace will raise it.  One guy raises to minimum 50.  Everyone else folds...I think about it and I knew he did not have a flush draw...most likely a Ace and good kicker or possible even a i smooth called his raise.  Turn 10h...i check and he bets out 55.  I think about it and raise him all in for about 120...thinking that no way he has a straight...he immediately calls and flips over a straight..River BLANK:
I have no idea how i could get away from that hand...I rarely ever flop a set and when i do..they flop a wheel?...what are the odds..just pure bad luck

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January 27, 2008, 9AM: Played 2 hours, Made $50.00
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (10 Players)

Just playing sit and go's heads up..
Worst beat I've ever gotten:
Im dealer..I raised with 10d4d hoping to just steal the blinds. Player calls.
FLOP: 4s4cQh. 
He checks, I come firing out.  He calls instantly.  What im thinking is that he doesnt believe I hit the flop and he has overs.
he checks..and i still fire away..i dont think that hurts my hand and he calls instantly so i put him on an ace with a mediocre kicker
RIVER: Kc ...he checks..I still fire away..and he pushes all in...HE CHECKED RAISED ME!!! so what im thinking is..he must have flopped a boat, but heads up? maybe he had Kings or Aces... i guess i have to pay him off.
he turns over 10 J ..runner runner straight hahahaa thats unbelievbable

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January 26, 2008, 6PM: Played 6 hours, Lost $600.00
No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Yeah, I agree with what you said about not bluffing in any situation unless you know the player well....its just a bad habit that I need to get off of.  A couple years ago, I made a lot of money playing poker by being patient and waiting for big hands and just playing them well...but now as I understand the game more I feel like I have to make big plays...which is a NONO especially cash games.
In this session:
Couple hands with horrible luck:
1st hand: Im in big blind position...and have pocket 6...about 5 callers...i just check to see a cheap flop hoping to flop a set..
flop comes Jd 6d 5s.  I guy fires out and everyone else folds.  I smooth call hoping to get him to bet again...turn card: 5c ....I was thinking all set..dont have to worry bout flush now...i check, he bets out and i smooth call again.  Guess what the river card was...a Jack...killed my boat
2nd hand:
Im holding QJ and flop comes Qs10sQd.....i decided not to slow play because there are too many draws out there...i come firing out..two callers...turn card: 5s ...i checked, guy bets and other guy like shit..i cant even call it i mucked. other guy reraises all in..both had flushes..both hit their 6 outers...12% chance on the turn? lol
Hand I should not have bluffed at especially againts bad player:
everyone limped on the button with 5h7h
FLOP: Ah 10c 3h
middle person bets out 25...i call...and first person called too..
TURN: 7s
first person checks, middle person fires again with im thinking i have a flush draw with a pair...perhaps i can represent two pairs and take down the pot...and also there might be a higher flush draw out there i need to get rid of, so i made it 150...first player folds..and intial bettor hesitates and makes the call. 
He checks to me..and I fired out 150. He hesitates and finally was like "Eh..  i just want to see your cards" He flips over get rid of him. ED! DONT TRY TO MAKE MOVES AGAINTS BAD PLAYERS!!S

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January 25, 2008, 8AM: Played 5 hours, Made $300.00
Texas Hold'em

Been playing Sit n go tournaments online and doing pretty well.  I think the problem for me is changing my game up between online tournaments and live cash games.  You have to be agressive in tournaments stealing the blinds while in cash games you have to wait for the big hands...must learn!!

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January 24, 2008, 12AM: Played 6 hours, Lost $400.00
No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Wow what a day..first of all, I gotta stop bluffing..especially against bad players.
Hand to analyze for the day:
Seat 3 opens up for $35.  One caller.  Im in big blind with hole cards QhQd.  I reraise to $140.  He hesitates, but calls.  Flop comes KsKcJs..i check and he pops $100...I muck... Did I make a good lay down? hmm...he shows me Ah....the only hand i can really beat is AQ..any way i mucked.
From now on, I will not bluff...back to square one.

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January 22, 2008, 6PM: Played 6 hours, Lost $400.00
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Played really lose..bluffed at too many pots...don't try to bluff againts bad players!!!
Biggest Lost of the night:
Ace with a jack kicker paired up ace, but lost to a flush draw. -250

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January 21, 2008, 9AM: Played 6 hours, Made $800.00 at Bay101
$5 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Biggest hand of the night:
Big blind raises to $35.  A couple callers. Im on the button with K8 diamonds and call.  Flop comes rainbow K 6 2.  Big blind makes it 90..everyone folds...I call..9 on the turn.  Big blind checks.  KA-CHING!!! I bet 100.  He immediately calls and instantly I put him on pocket Queens or Jacks.  River Ace...he checks and i check...He flips over Jacks =P

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