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Total Entries: 3
Total Won/Lost: $120.00
Total Hours: 11
Earnings/Hour: $10.91


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December 2005 (2)
November 2005 (1)

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December 1, 2005, 3AM: Played 1 hour, Made $20.00 at local game
$2 No-Limit Omaha

playd a NL Omaha turny where won 1st price lol only 20 but something.

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December 1, 2005, 3AM: Played 4 hours, Lost $100.00 at local poker game
$2/4 Texas Hold'em

played for about 4 hours of LIMIT holdem. not my best game, infact it was my 1st time playin live limit holdem. hence the loss. then we playd some 1/2 NL holdem and made some of it back but it was a dead game due to shortage of ppl.

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November 23, 2005, 8PM: Played 6 hours, Made $200.00 at Local GAme
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

played some good poker, made 2 bad plays. 1 was misreading the board on the very 1st hand of the nite. limped UTG+1 @ a 7 handed Table with KQo and was raised by CO to 12 with blinds 1/2. called the raise and saw a flop of JT6. pretty good flop as i flopped an openender. i chekd to the raiser who bet 5 into a pot of 25. bells went off and just called. turn was a 7. checked again and he checked behind me. river was a beautiful A and i bet 20. he raised it to 40 and i moved in and he instantly called me. i thot i had the nuts when i was informed that he had a boat and the turn was a 6 instead of a 7. lost my initial buy in and bot in again. then later in the nite made another bad mistake. raised from the button with AJo to 12 after 2 limpers. both called and we took a flop of AsKs5c. UTG bet 15 into a pot of 40, MP folded and i called hoping to induce another bet on turn if she was bluffing. turn brought the 6c, and she bet 30. i thot about it and made it 60 more. this is when she goes all in for 93 more. i think about it for a while. she is very confident in her decision and yet i make a crying call. shows me Kd5d for a flopped 2 pairs. river is the 7s and im down my 2nd buy in. from then on it was all uphill as i playd some great poker all in raising and reraising to come out with a profit of 200

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