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July 11, 2007, 12PM at Sauble Beach
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (4 Players)

Misc. notes
Jeff raises 3x preflop with mid/small pocket pairs (99, 66, 55). Also raised 3x with JJ to induce an over the top from me when I was short-stacked.
Raises 2x with high pairs or high suited connectors. Also raises 2x with position (on the button or BB in shorthanded games when non-blinds fold) to keep people honest.

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July 10, 2007, 12PM at Sauble Beach
No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (5 Players)

Hand #1
Blinds: 4/8
Jon (UTG): raise to 16 with 66
Dad: call
Me (BB): call with AT
flop: AK6
me: bet 32
Jon: raise to 64
Dad: fold
me: re-raise 100 more
Jon: re-raise all in
me: fold
comments: Jon min-raises pf when he's holding premium hands; raises and re-raises aren't "plays"--they mean something
I need to slow down; should have simply called raise, or re-raised 32-48 (instead of 100)
Hand #2
Blinds: 10/20
Jon (UTG): raise to 40
Dad: call
Me (BB): call (shortstacked with Q6)
flop: AQ9
me: all in (+95)
Jon: fold (JJ)
Dad: call K6
turn: K
river: ?
comment: Jon slow-plays premium hands
misc comments:
Jon 3x raised KJ os later; Jon will stab at pots (approx. 2/3 pot) on the river when checked all the way down; if ahead of him, stab at pot before him.
Mike re-raised all in with un-hit AJ
Jeff: willing to call pot-sized bets on draws early in the game (low blinds); bets out 2/3 pot with low to mid pair
Me: I need to slow down my betting, i.e., smaller bets (in relation to pot); trap more often; check-raise more often (in early position with bettors behind me)
I get my raises called or re-raised often because I've often folded to re-raises or called them and had a worse hand. Don't re-raise without the nuts for a while--this will be a good trap.

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