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Many authors of Texas Hold em poker books, famous and professional poker players and poker writers discuss specific poker theory and strategy. They teach you how you "should" play poker hands in many different tricky situations. They discuss which starting hands you should play in a No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament. What the best starting hands requirements you should have for a no-limit poker cash game. So on and so forth.

This is all excellent advice but what they all fail to teach you about are all the basic fundamental building blocks to consistently win at poker games in your local card rooms.

We've decided to take some poker advice and theory from our winning poker blog users. What works best for them in poker games, what doesn't, what poker players should be aware of and concentrate on to become consistent winners.

Poker Player Profiling - Identify your Opponents

This discussion is about getting into the habit of reading and assessing the type of poker players you are playing against and what type of behavior you should expect from them at the poker table.
Why this is so important, what to do with the information and how you can get better at identifying the different types.
  The "Calling Station", the "Maniac", the "Gambler", the "Rock", the "Unlucky-Complainer-Loser", the "Solid Player" and the "Professional".

No Limit Hold'em All-In Hand Versus Hand Odds Tutorial

Examples of hands and odds for your typical all-in pre-flop situations. Comparing hand versus hand and the expected value of each.


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