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Poker Cruises - Poker Vacations

I have been on my fair share of poker cruises. If you have not done one, I must say, for Card Players, a Poker Cruise is really a Great Way to Enjoy a Vacation and Meet New People from all over the country.

World Poker Solutions - Poker CruisesWe are hosting a Poker Cruise October 7-14, 2007! It will be a 7 day Poker Cruise Sailing out of Los Angeles, California. We will stop at the Ports of Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Cabins start off at $667 Per Person, Singles are more than Welcome to join and we will find you a cabin mate. $700 sounds like a lot but it is Less Than $100 Per Day, this Includes your Stateroom, Travel Insurance, Entertainment, and All You Can Eat Food and Dining.

Poker Cruise ShipAll Day there is Something To Do. The Poker Room is Always Open except while at port and at dinner time. You can take breaks to Watch a Comedy Show, Participate in Contests or Play Bingo. Bingo sounds lame but it's something Social and Fun we do in groups, sometimes pooling our money to shoot for the Grand Prizes.

Dinner is another Special Time of the Day. We all eat at the same time in the dinning room area. We get to Eat as Much Good Food as We Like and are Served like Kings. If you feel like a little privacy you can call Room Service, order the same dinner and Enjoy it Over a Movie in your cabin.

On port days there are many Shore Excursions and Activities to participate in. It is a time to really get off the ship, Get some Sun and Enjoy the Day.

Sea days we will have a Morning Poker Tournament(10:00am at the earliest) and will have plenty of opportunity to not only play poker but Enjoy the Ships Amenities, like the Pampering Spa, getting some Sun on the Pool Deck or just Lounge in the Bar with an Oceanside View.

I like the nights the best. We gamble our hearts out and get Midnight Snacks delivered to us. Then we usually end the night over a drink or two at the disco or bar with the other passengers.

World Poker Solutions - Poker CruisesA poker cruise is really a great time and I invite you to join us! If you would like more Poker Cruise Information or to Reserve Your Cabin visit our Poker Cruise Website. If you have Any Questions about poker cruises please send me an email at , and I'll be glad to answer them.

Hope to see you soon,

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