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Hand History Uploading Directions

Step 1:

First you have to locate the hand histories that you wish to upload.

Click "Start"

Click "My Computer"

my computer
Click Icon "Local Disk C:"

local disk C:
Open folder called "Program Files"

program files
Find and open folder called "Party Gaming"

party gaming
Open folder "Party Poker"

party poker
Open folder "Hand History"

hand history
Locate the folder for the player uploading hand histories.


Step 2:

Now we will compress(zip) the file folder for the player that will be uploading hand histories.

[Right click the player folder, options should drop down. ~]

Scroll down to "Send To" and hover until more options appear.

send to
Click "Compressed Zipper Folder", this will "zip" the folder and make it available for uploading to the site.

compressed zipper folder
A new zipped folder should be created in the Hand History folder that looks like this.

zipper folder
(Optional)I click and drag this new folder to my desktop to find quicker later.

Step 3:

Upload the compressed(zipped) file folder to

Open and log into your account
Click "Manage Hand Histories"

manage hand histories
Click "Browse" in the Upload Hand Histories section.

Find and select the new zipped folder you just created.

zipped folder
The zipped folder name is now in the Hand History File box and is now ready to be uploaded.
Click "Upload Hand Histories".

The process may take a couple of minutes so be patient.
Once it is complete you can go back to your "Manage Hand Histories" page.
You are now ready to attach hand histories to entries.

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