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May 24, 2008, 3PM: Played 1 hour, 25 minutes at Caesars Palace
$70 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (25th out of 50 Players)

Caesars 3pm Daily, $65 + $5
Confusion at the beginning of the tournament due to the large number of players in the poker room for Caesars' invitational tournament. Originally was told I would be an alternate, so was not in room on time. Eventually asked about being called, and was told that a table had been created for alternates. Sat down after missing 5 hands to my small blind.
Started off well, being delt AA, raised 3BB from SB, got BB and 3 limpers to call. Flop came K82, bet 3/4 pot, and took it down.
Played looser than last time, picked up a fair ammount of chips before the first break, came back with 1.5x the average chipstack.
Final Hand: 20 minutes into the 3rd round (50/100/25) Chip Stack: 4500
Table was 7 handed, my BB. Action folded around the SB, who was table chip lead, and playing extremely loose. Raised it to 400. Looked down on As8c. Raised to 900, SB called. Flop came Kc8s2c. SB checked, I bet 1000. SB moved all in. Strong feeling he was trying to buy it, hadn't seen him have much of a hand in the past. Called, SB turned up K4o. Turn brought Jc, river paired the J. Out in 25(ish). Pot odds preflop was 63%, after flop 23%, after turn 28%
I think I made the right play at the end, he was trying to buy the blindes/antes, and happened to hit the flop. Good check on his part, I probably would have slowed down if he had bet post-flop. The all-in I saw as posturing since it represented about 10% of his total stack to move me all in.

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May 17, 2008, 3PM: Played 2 hours, 30 minutes at Caesars Palace
$70 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (8th out of 50 Players)

Caesars Daily 3pm
Roomate convinced me to play, sat down and played far too timid. Picked up one decent pot during the first round, but overall table was very tight and no players were elminated from our table before we broke up and moved. At the next table I was shortstacked, didn't pick up any hands and was moved again just before first break.
After coming back, continuted to get blinded off, 20 minutes into 3rd level, went all-in with Q9o with 4BB left in late position into an unopened pot. Got called by A9o, paired Q on turn, won the pot, was now up to 11BB. Next hand got JJ, player 2 seats to my right went all in on an unopened pot, I called. Raiser showed AKd, Jacks held up, was now at 24BB (just shy of initial buyin).
Attempted to play 1 hand per round to pick up antes/blindes and stay alive, ended up winning say 1 set of blindes/antes every 3 orbits. Eventually made it to the final table in last place. Big stacks raised my sb, bb and any limping, and didn't catch cards to call and all-in.
Final hand was an Q3o with 3BB left UTG. Was called by A10o and lost the hand.
Played horribly, got lucky 2 times, which allowed me to fold my way to the final table.

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