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Birthday: December 23, 1978
Location: Barrie


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July 1, 2010, 10AM: Played 11 hours at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

This was a pretty decent session for me. I sat down with $100 that I had to buy from the dealer cause the cage was closed. I was in the CO when I posted, and by the time I was the button, I was up over $300. I just kept winning pots, making nut straights and getting called by top two, or flopping a full house, and having someone else hit runner runner for the nut flush so he could dump all his chips on me.
The one hand that resulted in a bad result for me was when I had Queens UTG. I raised it to 12(which is my standard raise, but the table was preferring raises to 7-10), and get a couple callers including the BB. Flop is QJ4 rainbow. checked to me, and I bet out $30 and only the BB calls. The Turn is a K making 2 diamonds. BB checks, and I start measuring out a raise, and every time I grab more chips, he keeps saying I call, I call. So I started complaining that I haven't even decided how much to bet. He says he doesn't care how much I bet, he's going to call. So I say ok then, I'm all in! I have over 700 left at this point, and he has well over $300. He snap calls, and turns over 10-10! What the fuck is that shit? there are 3 cards out of 4 that are over his pair? He said he feels like gambling, and of course the river is an A giving him Broadway.
So that really hurt, and I was steaming a little bit. But I was smart, and I didn't let it get me down too much. I tightened way up, and I mixed it up here and there...but I built my chip stack up slowly, but surely to over $500, when I decided to leave.

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June 22, 2010, 3PM: Played 6 hours, 30 minutes at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

this was a brutal session. I was doing really, really well. Getting good cards, and making smart convincing bluffs when I didn't have the goods. I think I went card dead, and started making some unconvincing bluffs(or bluffing into a made hand).
I'm sure if I re committed myself to playing good, and didn't have to work the next day I could have stayed longer and won some money back.
I had aces 5 times, and won each and every time. Only once did I not get any pre-flop action.
I didn't log any hands. I think I'm going to stop doing that, and just do a recount of important hands. No one wants to read a list of hands, and how they went down. Plus this will give me a chance to add more commentary, and show what my thoughts were/are.  Here are a few important hands, and how they went down, to the best of my recollection.
J♦10♦ in HJ. its limped to me, and I feel randy, so I raise to $11. I get 4 callers including btn. Flop AK8 2 spades 1 diamond. Its checked to me, and I bet 20, btn then raises to 40(I think at the time it seems like a squeeze play), player to my right who's clearly a good player calls, and I call. Turn 4o. Checked to btn, who bets out $20. Guy on my right calls. Btn is holding his whole stack in his hand (~150) and I ask him if that's gonna be his river bet. He says maybe, depends on the river. So I decide to call. River 7♠. Player on my right checks, and I think for a bit. I decide to bet out $110, btn starts talking to himself about me making a flush, and he eventually folds. Guy on my right thinks for a little and folds too. I show my bluff, and everyone is in shock that I could do that. Btn says he had a naked ace, guy on my right says he had a K and wasn't calling any river bet.
My final hand: AQo in MP utg raises to 6, 2 callers. I flat call(why, I'm not sure. I don't think I even had a good reason at the time. In retrospect, I clearly should have re-raised), and 6 people see the flop. Flop: A♠9♠4o. SB bets 12, villain raises to 45 all in(as said by the dealer) I think about raising, but I'm pretty sure sb was trying to take down a pretty nice pot. So I just call. Everyone folds, including sb. Then villain asks the dealer if we're down to 2 players, which we are. The dealer puts down the turn card, and I flip my hand over. Villain then shoves his remaining stack, and I fly off the handle as to why I was told he was all in, when he wasn't. The dealer insists he didn't say he was all in, but the players on my right and left both thought he was all in too. He has about $90 left, so I really can't call. He could have me crushed, and just be trying to get my back up so I can call, or he may have nothing, trying to play meta games with me, trying to force a fold. I fold without thinking about it much. I can't play poker this way, and he shows AJ.
I am so steaming, that I quit after getting a few more hands that I don't feel like playing. I think I even folded A10, but I wasn't really paying attention.

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June 9, 2010, 12PM: Played 6 hours, 30 minutes at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

All in all this was not a good session for me. I wasn't feeling it most of the night, and even though I flopped 2 sets, and had the 2nd nut flush(without a pair'd board or straight possibility).
I started on a brand new table.
22 utg. I limp, sb completes, bb checks, 6 players to the flop. Flop: 1072 rainbow. Checked to utg+1 who bets 11. Folded to bb, who raises to 31. I hesitantly call, wanting to shove but I want to make sure I don't lose anyone. utg+1 folds. Before turn, I ask bb(who's been pretty friendly towards me so far) If he wants to check it down. He flat out refuses. Turn: 4 making 2 diamonds. He shoves, I eventually call, afraid of a higher set, but the possibliity he has 2 pair is too great to lay it down. He shows top set. Sb says he folded a 2. I'm down 100.
A10o utg+1.  Utg limps, I limp, 4 players to the flop. Flop:AJ8 rainbow. Checked around. Turn: 5, I bet out 10, only btn calls. River; K, I value bet 20, he calls and shows A8.
A♠10♠ utg. I raise to 12. Get 2 callers. Flop: AK10 2 diamonds. I bet out 10, get 1 caller. Turn: 4o. I bet out 25, LP calls. River: 9o. I bet 35, he calls and doesn't show.
108o utg+3. Folded to me, I raise to 12, btn calls. Flop:K62 2 diamonds. I bet 10, btn calls. Turn A♦ I bet 25, btn folds.
J♠8♠ utg+2. I limp, 3 more limpers before btn raises to 7. sb calls, I call, all 3 limpers call. Flop A♠5♠9♦ its checked around to OR who bets 15. Me and 1 caller. Turn Q♠ checked to OR who bets 20, I raise to 80, 1 fold, OR pushes for 186. 106 more to me(would leave me with 20, and I tank. There's no way he pushing a straight draw here, and with 3 spades my raise should've told him 2 pair was no good. He must have some kind of hand to raise pf, and bet out on that board. I eventually fold the 2nd nuts, and regret it the moment I did it. He never shows, and I feel tilt starting to set in.
QQ UTG I limp for some weird reason, several limpers to HJ who raises to 12. I think about raising, but decide to call. Everyone else folds. Flop Q♠2♠5♣ I check, he bets out 15, I raise to 45, he pushes and I call he has aces with A♠, and although the turn was another spade, he doesn't improve and I double up and turn a big loss into a small gain.
I don't like how I played the J high flush, I really think I should have called. While he may have had the K, with or without another spade, there are a few other hands he could have here. He could be pushing AQ hoping to force a flush draw to fold, he could even have a set. So even though I didn't see the dude's cards, I really think I made a bad lay down. Even if I call there, and he shows the nut flush I think I'd get over it quickly, as it's the right play.

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May 17, 2010, 7PM: Played 6 hours at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I started at a brand new table
First hand I'm in sb with j10o. Everyone sees the flop for 2. Flop:K73. Checked around. Turn; 3. Checked to HJ who bets 5. I call, and 1 after me calls. River: 5o. I decide to bet 12...without thinking about what I could have here, fold, HJ min raises to 25, and I fold.
24♢ on btn. 6 callers, so I call. 9 players to flop. Flop: A3J rainbow. Utg bets 5, 5 callers.  turn: A. utg bets 5, I'm only caller. River 5. Utg bets 10, I raise to 35, he calls and doesn't show.
QQ in UTG+2. I raise to 12, get CO and SB callers. Flop:AK2 rainbow. Sb checks, and I really want to cbet it, but eventually decide to check. CO checks too. Turn; 7 making 2 clubs. SB bets 12, I call, CO folds. River 4o. Sb bets 15, and I really wanna fold, but oi eventually decide to call, he shows A3
A5♢ guy to my right makes it 12, and I decide to call. I've got a feeling about this hand. Heads up, flop 892 2 diamonds. OR bets 12, I call. Turn: Jo. He bets 13 and I call. River is A, and this is when the dealer decides to tell me OR is all in. He mucks after I show my Ace.
A10♤ in LP lots of limpers, so I decide to limp too. Flop AKJ 2 clubs. I bet out 10, get 1 caller directly to my right. Turn 7o, he checks and I check. Turn 10o. He bets 25, and I make a crying call. He shows QJ.
AJ UTG+1. Utg blind raises to 6, I raise to 15. Get 5 callers incl utg. Flop J97 2 diamonds. I bet out 30, get 2 callers. Turn 3o, I push for my last 60, get 1 caller. River is 8, he shows pocket 10s for straight.

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May 13, 2010, 6PM: Played 6 hours, 15 minutes at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I bought in for $100. Was down to about $65, when I first got involved for more than $8.
Utg +2 w/ KQo. Fold to me, I raise to 12. Get 2 calers. Flop Q22. I I push for 40ish, he calls, turn is K, he shows AQ, doesn't hit A on river and I get lucky.
QQ utg. I raise to 11, get 4 callers. Flop: 792 2 spades and I have Q of spades. I cbet 35, folded to btn, who pushes for 37 more. I snap call, he shows kings.
Very next hand, I have QQ again in BB. its raised to 10 by dude who had kings last hand. I reraise to 35 he calls. Then asks if I wanna check it down. I stubbornly agree, and he shows aces. I don't improve.
QQ in MP utg raises to 7. I reraise to 22. Btn calls. Utg re-raises to 40, and he's egging me on as I agonize on what to do. So I stick it all in(~85). As utg is setting up a call, btn calls, so utg pushes and btn calls. Noone flips, and flop is A103. Turn is A, river 8. Btn turns over 99, which makes me laugh. I show my queens, before utg shows his ak.
It seems like all I had was queens, but its true. I had almost no playable hands other than these I've posted. Once I had 99 in bb, but it was a family limp to me, so no way I'm gonna get everyone to fold with a raise. Flop has 3 paint, so I fold to flop bet. A couple times I raised with aj or a10, and then made a cbet on the flop. Sometimes I took it down, sometimes not. Either way I was never above my original starting amount, and had to fight it tooth and nail just to stay afloat. If I didn't have to get up early the next day, I probably would've stayed longer to get myself back up, but I'm ok with being down $200. After all the money I've left with there recently, I can afford a slight setback.

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May 9, 2010, 4PM: Played 9 hours at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I didn't log this session, so these hands are recalled from memory. I bought in for 100, and I bought 2 100 chips that I pocketed, so I could use them if I needed. I do this often, and most of the time I never need them, this night I did. The first 6-7 hours were not good for me. I never got it all in, but I did get down to about 20(from my first 100), before I had to pull out the first black chip. The second time I was down to about 40.
Because I'm doing this from memory, insignificant cards will be displayed as IC, because I don't remember what they were.
AQ hearts. I'm in early position, raise it up to somewhere between 9-12. I get about 3-4 callers. Flop: QICIC 1 heart, no obv straight draw. I bet out 15, get 2 callers. turn IC of hearts. I bet 35, LP raises all in for just over 100. I snap call, river is another diamond, and I show my nut flush draw. He shows J9 hearts. he didn;t even have a pair.
22 UTG. I limp, as do several others. LP raises to 8, I call, and we have about 7 to the flop. flop 1082 rainbow. I checked, OR bets out 20. btn calls, and I raise to 55. OR raises all in for about 200. btn things about calling for quite a while, and comes very close to putting the money in, but i guess I did something to show I wasn't folding(I don't know what, I thought I was pretty good), and he folds(he later said he had 102). I snap call, and OR shows Aces. He doesn't improve, and I win a very nice pot.

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May 4, 2010, 7PM: Played 5 hours, 30 minutes at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

99 on CO. 3 or 4 limpers, I raise to 9. Get 4 callers. Flop: 893 rainbow. 2 checks, guy on my right makes it 13. I call, and 1 other calls. Turn J making 2 clubs. Checked to me, I bet 30 and everyone folds.
Q♣J♣ on btn. 6 limpers, I limp, sb completes, bb checks. Flop JJ6 2 hearts. I bet out 15, get 3 callers. Turn K♠ checked to me, I bet 40, get 1 caller. Turn Ao. Checked to me, I bet enough to put last player all in(~65) she folds.
99 in BB. 6 limpers, SB raises to 15(5 whites) and something doesn't feel right, not sure what. I decide to fold. 1 caller, btn pushes for 40, SB pushes too. Sb shows kings, btn doesn't show until flop is A77, he shows pocket 7s for quads.
I got absolutely no hands for the last 3 hours. I played some absolute shit, and occasionally people would fold when I bet cause they all saw how tight I was playing.

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May 2, 2010, 7PM: Played 6 hours at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

This was a juicy game. About an hour after I started playing, a Chinese kid sat down 2 seats to my right. After a few orbits, he started making crazy raises, that weren't getting called. The first time he got called, he hit a flush, and beat out someone else's set. But the cards he had weren't typical high suited cards. He had 2 cards less than a J(I can't remember what they were any more), and they weren't even suited.
Needless to say, I won 1 big pot, and 1 huge pot against him, and soon after, everyone was calling his 20+ preflop raise, knowing they'd likely get paid off if they hit. There were some crazy starting hands that were going to the flop, needless to say, Aces were in deep trouble should you pick them up and don't play them really aggressive preflop.
So while I did win those 2 nice pots, I spent alot of money trying to see a flop with my rags. Hence I'm only up $60 over 6 hours.

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April 30, 2010, 11PM: Played 5 hours at Nelio's
$0.50 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

Kevin was at this game, and he was drunk...which means ridiculously large bets/raises, and blind all-ins. I called one of his blind all-ins with AQ suited. He wound up with 82o, hit a 2 on the flop and it held up. Without that hand, I would've had won well over $250
I also busted Dan along the way. I raised it from UTG with pocket queens, got a 2 callers including Dan. flop comes down Q high, and i check. Dan bets out a fair amount, so I push trying to get him to fold. But the dummy calls with a set of 7s. And I bust him.

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April 19, 2010, 8PM: Played 12 hours, 30 minutes at Rama
$2 No-Limit Texas Hold'em

This was a very long 12.5 hour session, so long infact that I stayed until 9am. I don't have any of it logged, but I'm still very pissed about the day's before log vanishing. I will try and put some hands in if I remember them another day.

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