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Total Entries: 2
Total Won/Lost: -$33.00
Total Hours: 0
Earnings/Hour: -$66.00
Biggest Loss: -$33.00


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January 2006 (2)

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January 11, 2006, 7PM: Played 30 minutes, Lost $33.00 at Big Daddy's
$4/8 Texas Hold'em

Game at Big Daddy's is getting thin after midnight.  I played a few pots very well, but it was mostly straight ram-and-jam poker.  That style gets pricey when you're short-handed and don't have enough time to regain your losses after a few unlucky breaks before the game breaks.  My reads were pretty good - didn't get hammered in any pots based on misreads.  Just got a little unlucky.
Not to rant, but I don't understand what the point is of showing a bluff when you lied about your hand before everyone folded.  Are you proud of your skill? You didn't outplay anyone.  You lied.  Just take the pot.  It's yours.  Why rub it in someone's face that you preyed on their assumption of decency?

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January 10, 2006, 4AM:
$4/8 Texas Hold'em

Starting this thing off without tracking tonight's performance.  It's going to be increasingly critical for me to track my wins and losses considering the amount of money I'm throwing around, but after tonight's performance, I figure I'm just a hair over break even on the young 2006.  So today I start anew.  A different strategy, a tighter focus, and a more disciplined balance between "correct" play and trusting my reads. 
Every poker player says it: "You called with that? Man, I hate this low-limit shit.  If this had been no-limit, I'd have taken that pot down." And discounting the fact that they'd never be able to draw to any hand that's not already made against smart players, they're usually right.  The players who can sniff out small edges over other players, or who can spot a semi-bluff and push the bluffer off of a weak winning hand are the ones who make consistent money.
I'm developing that strength.  My reads have been uncanny of late, even so far as to peg kickers and re-draws.  But I don't play no-limit, so what good does it do me? Tonight I pissed away a fair portion of my stack raising semi-bluffers who eventually showed down the best no-pair, or who hit their gutshots in spite of my best efforts.  Is this injustice? Not at all.  It's my own fault for lacking discipline.  I constantly remind myself not to check-raise the flop against a player who overvalues any ace because he'll call it until he hits or I stop betting.  I know he's not reading me.  He's not even looking at me.  He just knows he's now been told to put in two bets instead of his original one.  But I do it anyway for whatever reason.  The satisfaction of outplaying a smart opponent, perhaps.  Or maybe the necessity of raising or folding, because calling isn't an option.  And as much as I whine at the time about the impossible call that ends up being good, I'm kicking *myself* when it happens because discipline, not skill, is the threshold between winning and losing in limit poker. 
Today was an epic disappointment.  Remember how I said that I bluffed away a bit of my stack? The rest went toward minor bad beats and epic suckouts.  In six shorthanded hours, I looked down to find KK eight times.  Absolutely amazing.  I took down two pots, and never once did I see an ace on the board.  I was smart enough to lay down a few, knowing that even that a-hole isn't going to three-bet a single pair of tens on the flop.  I bet every hand as hard as I could today.  Didn't once try to get cute with a giant flop or a miracle turn card.  And when they lost, I just pumped my next advantage a little harder.  Nothing I could do.  Except go on serious tilt, that is.  That's the other angle of discipline that I have yet to master.  But we'll talk more about that next time.

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