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Total Entries: 2
Total Won/Lost: $12.80
Total Hours: 1
Earnings/Hour: $7.11


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January 2006 (2)

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January 25, 2006, 1AM: Played 1 hour, 30 minutes, Made $1.80 at Stars
$1 Buy-In No-Limit Texas Hold'em Tournament (6th out of 45 Players)

I had to play tight due to the fact I was sitting inbetween big stacked maniacs. By the final table one of the stacks was sitting at a relaxed 40k when the avg stack was around 7,000. I made a sweet double up with KK, In a previous round I picked up QQ when I was around 1k under the avg and bet only 4BB's preflop, I just picked up the blinds. When I picked up KK on the button it was min raised with 3 callers so I decided to take a risk and flat call. Fortunately for me the big blind called also, The door card was the King making my set and the BB top and bottom. He lead out for 1000 straight I had 2,500 left of course I pushed it and he calls.
My friend still wonders why I play in these 1+.20 MTT's with a bankroll around 250. It's probably because I don't play many 5,10,20 dollar MTT's so these little 45 man's keep my game sharp.
The other day I cashed in a MTT with 820 players, I'm guessing I could have made it to the final table seeing as I had 40,000 (3rd overall) when I picked up QQ and ran up against KK and I didn't improve. That had me down to 17,000 and I was able to build it back up to about 31,000. My fateful hand that tourney was KK up against a big stack who had pushed me all in. I felt like he could have had something as bad as AJo or ATs but def not a big pocket pair, I was wrong up against AA and again I didn't improve! I busted out 26th and picked up like 50 bucks. That's poker!

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January 25, 2006, 12AM: Played 18 minutes, Made $11.00 at Stars
No-Limit Texas Hold'em

I played a short session, I was having a hard time focusing due to my weird sleeping schedule of late. I was reading an article about jetlag and the effects,ie, loss of concentration and motivation. This has really been me since I cashed in the MTT on stars, My sleeping schedule has been really out of whack. I lose concentration so fast right now, granted I was only playing 10 max but I need to work on a better sleep schedule and focusing more on other players.

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